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Gas·tron·o·my [ga stron-uh mee]


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Gas·tron·o·my [ga stron-uh mee]

  1. 1. gas·tron·o·my [ga-stron-uh mee] noun1.the art or science of good and photos by: Vincent LaMonte
  2. 2. Seared Snails and Chanterelle mushrooms with roasted hearts of leek and calvados ponzu
  3. 3. Heirloom Tomato salad with Tuscan olive oil, Roquefort water and nasturtium
  4. 4. Seared fois gras with green mango Buddha hand ravioli, Szechwan pepper lemongrass gastrique and mustardseed mint
  5. 5. Braised Brussels sprout white balsamic glazed cipollini onions and Myer lemon foam
  6. 6. Seared sweetbread with chestnut spaetzle and cumin blackberry
  7. 7. Seared lamb sweetbreads with chipotle strawberry sazerac and matchstick celery root
  8. 8. Fresh almond butter pasta wrapped veal cheek and fig blackstrap molasses and vermouth pickled fresh almonds
  9. 9. Open face poached lobster smoked tomato ravioli with smoked tomato, gooseberry, scotch bonnet and English cucumber
  10. 10. Veal loin and french horn with black plum and tawny port reduction
  11. 11. Maine lobster with banana tamarind fresh shoe peg and whipped corndas
  12. 12. Snapper and pear spaetzle with huckleberry epazote
  13. 13. Pan roasted halibut with egg whites and tomato sofrito
  14. 14. Young pork belly ramp kim chee, mustard oil, miso soy and apple smoked vinegar pickled garlic clove
  15. 15. Bone marrow chanterelle truffled bordelaise
  16. 16. Smoked acorn squash gnocchi with wood ear and artichoke in caper anchovy butter
  17. 17. Snapper with date vinegar pickled jicama and jasmine persimmon butter
  18. 18. Alaskan Halibut Fresh Corn Polenta Baby Bok Choy Chesapeake Crabmeat Sauce Vierge
  19. 19. Scallop and Bluefin Tuna with mango tea chestnut butter and Cilantro pistou
  20. 20. Scallop Baby bok choy Cumin carrot Sauce
  21. 21. bay scallop nori wrapped roe with mango rose tea chestnut banana sauce
  22. 22. Poussin shank with rosemary scallion glaze
  23. 23. Crispy bass with banana tamarind scallion ginger
  24. 24. Fluke wrapped nori with pluots jalapeno scallions salted plum pure
  25. 25. Spiny lobster bleu mignon arugula fig chi
  26. 26. Veal filet cocoa squash agnolotti epazote veal glace reduction
  27. 27. Foie gras miso noodles peach miso corn dashinas and edammame
  28. 28. Sweet breads and cashew with tomato yuzu parsnip epazote