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25 hottest eu_internet_companies


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25 hottest eu_internet_companies

  1. 1. To identify the most promising Internet companies in Europe Informilo Editor-in-Chief JenniferL. Schenker asked some of the Continents most active investors to nominate companies outsideof their own portfolios. While companies copying existing business models like Zalando,KupiVIP and grupfoni are doing well we chose to spotlight innovative European technologies orbusiness models, from early to late stage. Some are well known, others are below the radar butunlikely to stay that way for very long. Read on to see are our picks for the top 25:Most Likely To Go Public or Be AcquiredGameforge (, GermanyWhat it does: Developer and publisherof free-to-play massively multiplayer online-games.Why its hot: A 2009 World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer, the company has more than 200million registered users and the games are available in more than 50 languages.Spotify (, EnglandWhat it does: Digital service used to discover and share music with friends via social tools.Why its hot: More than 7 million usersin Europe use its ad-supported or subscriber services.Yandex (, RussiaWhat it does: Internet portal and websearch service.Why its hot: A 2008 World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer, it has innovative search technologyand grabs more market share than Google in Russia.Shazam (, EnglandWhat it does: Music discovery engineWhy its hot: More than 75 million people are using Shazam to discover new songs, artists andconcert Plaine Saint Denis, France
  2. 2. What it does: Private on-line sales club.Why its hot: It gets some 70,000 orders per day and expects 2010 sales of 710 million euros. Itsbusiness model is being copied world-wide.Wonga (, EnglandWhat it does: Provides quick accessto small, short-term loans via the Weband mobile phone.Why it is hot: It is one of the fastest growing Web businesses in Europe.AVG Technologies (, the NetherlandsWhat it does: Antivirus and security software.Why its hot: The company, which originated in the Czech Republic, has more than 110 millionconsumers and small businesses in 170 countries as customers.Badoo (, EnglandWhat it does: Multi-lingual social networking.Why its hot: The service, which originated in Russia, now claims over 80 million users and ismost popular in France, Spain, Portugal and Latin America.Companies To Watch: Western EuropeCriteo (, FranceWhat it does: Pay per click personalized retargeting of Web advertising.Why it is hot: The service enables online e-commerce sites to re-engage with potential customerswho have left their website.Wooga (, GermanyWhat it does: Social games developer
  3. 3. Why its hot: The company is behind on-line games Brain Buddy and Popular Island.Layar (, the NetherlandsWhat it does: Mobile augmented reality.Why its hot: A 2011 World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer, the companys browser already hasbeen installed more than 2.5 million times, and its expected to be pre-loaded on tens of millionsof phones from handset makers and carriers by years end.Rovio Mobile (, FinlandWhat it does: Independent developerof wireless games.Why its hot: Rovio is behind the popular Angry Bird game and has developedtitles for some of the biggest names in the mobile space including Electronic Arts,Nokia and Vivendi.Soundcloud (, GermanyWhat it does: Internet platform for musicians, producers and labels.Why its hot: It allows musicians to upload large audio files, embed those tracks on websites andblogs and share them publicly or only to specified contacts. Listeners can comment on specificparts of the recording directly from the SoundCloud player.Mind Candy (, EnglandWhat it does: Social online gaming.Why its hot: Developer and publisherof Moshi Monsters a "Facebook" foryoung children that has attracted over 15 million players.Klarna (, SwedenWhat it does: Payment solutions that increase sales for the e-commerce sector.Why its hot: Klarna is positioning itselfas a key player in the $40 billion global payments market.
  4. 4. Softonic (, SpainWhat it does: Freeware/shareware for consumers.Why its hot: It is Europes leading software download site with more than 105,000 freeware,shareware and trial version software titles available with reviews written in multiple Europeanlanguages and Chinese.Fotolia ( in France, now based in NewYork CityWhat it does: Online social marketplace for creative digital stock images.Why its hot: The fast growing serviceoffers over 11 million low-priced royalty freeimages using a credit or subscription system.Tradeshift (, DenmarkWhat it does: Free invoicing toolWhy its hot: Its using the Internet to disrupt how banks and credit card companies processpayments between any kind of business.Gaikai ( in Amsterdam, now basedin Aliso Viejo, CaliforniaWhat it does: Cloud-based gaming technology that streams video gamesto any computer.Why its hot: The technology promisesto bring new kinds of business modelsand distribution methods to thegaming industry.Unity Technologies( in Denmark now based in San FranciscoWhat it does: Sophisticated development tools for interactive 3D games.
  5. 5. Why its hot: Its plug-in for web browsers allows the display of high-end graphics without theneed to download games.Videoplaza(, SwedenWhat it does: Video ad server technology used by broadcasters, newspaper publishers and othermedia.Why its hot: Its product allows content producers in multiple countries to target videoadvertising on mobile devices, tablets, digital magazines and other formatsCompanies To Watch:Eastern Europe, Turkey and RussiaGetjar ( in Lithuania, now based in San Mateo, CaliforniaWhat it does: Delivers more than 70,000 mobile applications to phones across all major softwareplatforms.Why its hot: A 2011 World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer, the company has so far generatedmore than 1 billion application ( in Turkey, now based in Wilmington, DelawareWhat it does: One-click photo enhancement tools.Why its hot: The technology allows digital photos to be easily transformed into artwork.AlterGeo (, RussiaWhat it does: Russian location-basedsocial service and provider of location positioning technology.Why its hot: It is the first and biggest location-based social service in Russia and has developedits own location positioning technology which it licenses to some of the biggest Russian andEuropean Internet companies, including Yandex and, Russia.
  6. 6. What it does: Online air ticket sales and hotel reservations.Why its hot: It is grabbing an increasing share of Russias $500 million online airline ticket salesmarket.This story appeared in a print publication Informilo produced in partnership withRaconteur Media, which was distributed at Le Web in Paris December 8 and 9.The print publication is a beta version of a quarterly on innovation,entrepreneurship and venture capital that Informilo and Raconteur Media plan toproduce in the Times in 2011.