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12 growth hack tools and tips for content


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Presentation I ran at DMXDublin 2017 with The Techoff. 12 tools and tips to help with your content. Use them quick!

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12 growth hack tools and tips for content

  1. 1. 12 growth hack tools and tips for content
  2. 2. The Skyscraper Technique – 100,000 views to your blog @vincenthaywood 1. Find the top post on your topic 2. Write it better, a shitload better 3. Find out who linked to the original 4. Email them with your updated post
  3. 3. Contact leads with with Sales navigator, and mailshake @vincenthaywood Search on sales navigator Scrape with Run a mail campaign with mailshake Hurry, won’t be working with LinkedIn much longer
  4. 4. Use better hashtags with Tagsforlikes and rite tag
  5. 5. IFTTT for post ideas with Feedly @vincenthaywood Add you favourite blogs to Feedly, then set up recipes on IFTTT to scrape headlines
  6. 6. Inspire content from Google questions with @vincenthaywood
  7. 7. Write better headlines with Buzzsumo
  8. 8. Duplicate your blog on slide share Slide share has 60 million users, your next blog post, create a new draft, convert to a pdf, upload to slide share @vincenthaywood
  9. 9. Find your competitors most popular tweets For example to find Tweets about Adidas with over 200 Retweets, I could search “ min_retweets:200 @vincenthaywood
  10. 10. Auto share your content to other channels with next scripts plugin @vincenthaywood
  11. 11. Requeue and Re-Buffer @vincenthaywood
  12. 12. Super targeted lists for promotions @vincenthaywood
  13. 13. Now sign up for my news letter and get more @vincenthaywood More stuff here : Twitter : @vincenthaywood Instagram : @vincenth Snapchat : vincenthaywood Website :
  14. 14. Thank you