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Radoslav Albrecht - Bitbond: Pioneering financial markets


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Blockchain Innovation Conference 2019 - #BIC19

Published in: Technology
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Radoslav Albrecht - Bitbond: Pioneering financial markets

  1. 1. Radoslav Albrecht, Founder & CEO Blockchain Innovation Conference Amsterdam, June 7th, 2019 Pioneering financial markets
  2. 2. Bitbond is the First Ever Global SME Lender 3,300 originated loans 180,000 registered users80+ active markets
  3. 3. The problem of SMEs Insufficient access to capital Waiting time
  4. 4. Retailers Restaurants Drivers Freelancers Working capital loans up to €50k Blockchain powered payments Machine learning based scoring Approval & payout within 30 min. We finance SMEs at unprecedented speed
  5. 5. Blockchain powered and BaFin regulated
  6. 6. Low fixed income returns Difficult to access higher yield, mostly illiquid The problem of investors
  7. 7. We need something much better…
  8. 8. A high yield asset Positive returns
  9. 9. A real security Trusted legal framework
  10. 10. A digital token Radically fungible
  11. 11. Digital tokenHigh yield asset Real security Germany’s first Security Token Offering
  12. 12. BB1 Token Bitbond reinvents bonds
  13. 13. 4% p.a. plus 60% profit participation BB1 is a superior investment Approved securities prospectus Transferability via Stellar blockchain
  14. 14. Asset (SPV) Security prospectus Local online checkout Paper backed bank storage Local bank Settlement via bank escrow Asset (SPV) Security token prospectus Global online checkout Paperless wallet/custody European exchange / P2P OTC Instant settlement More revenue potential 90% less costs More liquidity 100x faster asset to fiat settlement Issuer Sales Storage Trade Asset settlementRegulation Tokenized bonds improve efficiency for issuers
  15. 15. “The first STO milestone is German: Bitbond issues the first BaFin approved security token bond”
  16. 16. Join the future of financial markets now