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Jeroen Bronkhorst - Urban Farming


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Blockchain Innovation Conference 2019 - #BIC19

Published in: Technology
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Jeroen Bronkhorst - Urban Farming

  1. 1. Blockchain Innovation Conference 2019 Marcus Collins (UFP) - Jeroen Bronkhorst (HPE) URBANFARMINGPARTNERS Improving Food Resiliency & Food Security in Singapore
  2. 2. The context of the project Singapore • largest city state in the world • 6 million inhabitants • 17.5 million tourists per year 92% of all produce is imported 2% arable land Focus on self-sufficiency & sustainability Food security & less import dependence
  3. 3. The project • 12,000 m2 multi-layered cultivation area • Proven Dutch technology with high efficiency and simplicity • Short production cycle (~30 days) means great flexibility in adjusting product mixes • More than 100 product categories • Singapore organic certification
  4. 4. Proposed Product Mix Short growing cycle 100+ types of leafy veggies All organic 10-30% of the total market PM organogram structuur Boston Lettuce Fennel Thyme Radish Wild Rocket Mint Dill Rosemary Little Gem Red
  5. 5. Backed by blockchain • to track and trace food from farm to fork • to raise growth equity using a possible security token offering • to design and run a loyalty programme with rewards for distribution and marketing using utility tokens
  6. 6. Accelerating blockchain technology adoption Technological complexity • Slow implementation • Little integration • Poor performance Blockchain-in-a-box • Permissioned blockchain • Container platform • Hyperconverged system Faster results • Pre-integrated components • Standardized interfaces • Fast consensus protocol
  7. 7. Our partners PM organogram structuur