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Edwin van Bommel - Banking for better, for generations to come


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Blockchain Innovation Conference 2019

Published in: Technology
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Edwin van Bommel - Banking for better, for generations to come

  1. 1. Banking for better, for generations to come Edwin van Bommel, Chief Innovation Offiicer Blockchain Innovation Conference
  2. 2. SUPPORT Our clients’ transition to sustainability REINVENT the customer experience BUILD a future proof bank BANKING FOR BETTER, FOR GENERATIONS TO COME Our purpose: Our strategy: Our call to action: ACCELERATING THE SUSTAINABILITY SHIFT
  3. 3. Ecosystem Banking 3 Today Tomorrow Distributed Ledger Technology = Thinking Ecosystems
  4. 4. FS Domains with DLT potential 4 Domains where financial industry sees most potential for DLT to address major pain points DLT Issue, trade and hold securities. Asset servicing, liquidity management, collateral management, margining, and regulatory reporting Securities Services Digital cash on distributed ledgers, and domestic and international payments systems Cash & Payments Optimizing supply chains across business networks. Financing of international transfer of goods and services Trade Finance Decentralized equity and debt instruments life cycle: trade capture, validation, matching, settlement and clearing Capital Markets Protection against risk of uncertain loss, underwriting and claims management Insurance CDD, KYC, AML, the representation of market participants, self sovereign digital identity Identity DLT
  5. 5. In collaboration with thought leaders in the industry ABN AMRO unburdens importers & exporters and facilitates international growth 5 OPEN ACCOUNT TRADE (non-commodity) TRADE FINANCE (commodity)
  6. 6. THANK YOU!