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Aljosja Beije - Deliver: Frictionless trade


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Blockchain Innovation Conference 2019 - #BIC19

Published in: Technology
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Aljosja Beije - Deliver: Frictionless trade

  2. 2. ÐΞLIVΞR 2 The Partners ”We are fully committed in developing new business models with new techniques and through partnerships” ”We’re a leader in creating value from data and our vision is to create a prosperous value chain for all parties involved” Industry thought leaders in logistics, technology and finance ”Innovation needs collaboration. By innovating throughout the bank and in different arenas, we’ll continue add value for our clients, now and in the future.”
  3. 3. ÐΞLIVΞR 3 invoicing platform import customs export customs insurer import terminal shipper export terminal pre-shipment inspector freight forwarder document courier importer exporter document courier importer’s bank exporter’s bank correspondent bank finance documents supplies ÐΞLIVΞR IS THE MISSING LINK IN SUPPPLY CHAINS Current trade is not transparent, inefficient, complex, paper based, fraud sensitive, time consuming, knowledge intensive, lacking transparency and trust.
  4. 4. ÐΞLIVΞRCOMPONENTS OF THE PLATFORM Ð validated data platform (powered by blockchain) value added services • notary platform • trade facilitation by electronic business standards • channel for current products and services • window of opportunity to develop new business propositions and models
  5. 5. ÐΞLIVΞR 6 Roadmap vision one-stop shop for better global trade by perfecting access to trade data and practical services
  6. 6. ÐΞLIVΞR 7 The Book Co-authored with University of Southern California (USC) professors, Nick Vyas and Bhaskar Krishnamachari.