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Hullabaloo task sheet 2


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Hullabaloo task sheet 2

  1. 1. Vincent AdrianGrade 11Hullabaloo All people are unique. However, many want to be like others. Therefore,they conform to their society and hide their uniqueness. This idea can be seen inKiran Desai’s Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard. Two significant moments in thenovel that show that Sampath is not an ordinary person is when he opens theletters in the post office and when he climbs the guava tree. This is importantbecause Desai teaches that conforming does not always make people happy. One significant moment in the novel that show that Sampath is not anordinary person is when he reads the post cards and letters. The First action thathe did is when he examined the post cards and letters that had just been broughtfron Delhi. Then he turned them over, smelled them, looked at the stamps,studied the names. we can see that this is the first time Sampath examined andopen the post card,why does Sampath open the post cards and letters ? he doesthat because when “he held them up against the light, the envelopes filled withpromise, with the possibility of different worlds”.From the Desai writing ”he hadread of family feuds and love affairs, of marriages, of babies being born, of peopledying and of ghosts returning, of farewells and home commings”. And the secondone is “He had read of natural disasters, floods and earthquakes, of small trivialmatters like the lack of shampoo”. After he read all of the post cards and letters “Sampath would imagine the cold and the clean so vividly, every hair on himwould stand on end” , what makes Sampath become unique is that when heremembered all of the post cards and letters. One significant moments in the novel that show that Sampath is not anordinary person is that when he climbed the Guava tree and decided to livethere. Happened when he grabbed a Guava fruit, then suddenly the Guava fruitexploded and that accident makes Sampath shocked and walked away from hishome and suddenly he found a Guava tree and climbed the guava tree. From theDesai writing, “Sampath felt his breathing slow and a wave of piece and
  2. 2. contentment overtook him… oh if he could exchange his life for this luxury ofstillness, to be able to stay with his face held towards the after like a sunflowerand to learn all there was to know in this orchard… Yes he was in the right placeat last . Tiredness rolled over him like a wave and closing his eyes, and , he fellinto a deep slumber, lodged in a fork in a guava tree”. That was happened whenSampath climbed the Guava tree. Sampath wants to climbed the guava treebecause “Sampath felt the marvelous emotion that had overtaken him begin tosag”. Then after he felt that, he began to find the tree and climbed the tree, afterhe climbed the tree he decided to live there. Sampath wants to lived therebecause when Sampath was in his house, he felt that he was in caged, but after heclimbed the tree, he felt the feelings of freedom and that is why he decided tolived there. I think that Sampath is quite unique, because we can know all of SampathMotive, which is freedom. First when he was working with the post office, heopened the letter and also the post cards to read people messages and problem.He did that because When Sampath read all of the post cards and the letters, hebegan to think that he can explore to another city aside from Shahkot, becausethe letter and post cards are from another city. Second when he climbed theguava tree and decided to lived there. When he saw the guava tree, he begins thefelt the marvelous feelings, so that he decided to climb the tree. Then after heclimb the tree, he can feel the freedom. Because the Guava tree is the center ofthe Shahkot city, he can see a lot of buildings. That is why he decided to live inthe tree because he can feel the freedom while staying in the tree. That is whySampath became unique. Based on the Society, if it is from the original life, being unique is not toobad, because it is some kind of specialty that God has give that to us and peoplewill be impressed of our uniqueness.But If we use our uniqueness for somethingthat is not good, than other people will considered us as a bad person or crazy.From the novel that Kiran Desai has made is that Sampath is unique and thespecial part of Sampath when he was considered as a crazy man and everyonedon’t like him, then when he climbed the guava tree and talked about something
  3. 3. in the post cards and letters that he had read, everyone started to think that he isnot a crazy man, but he is special. But in reality If there are some people whohave the personality like Sampath will be considered as a crazy man, and thepolice officer will arrest that person when he climbed a tree and talked aboutsomeone’s privacy in the middle of the town.