The Gender of Your Child May Be Affected By the Dietary Choices


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Although there are many unique factors that can decide the gender of your future child, the dietary possibilities you make may have a huge impact.

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The Gender of Your Child May Be Affected By the Dietary Choices

  1. 1. The Gender of your Child may be affected by the Dietary ChoicesAlthough there are many unique factors that can decide the gender of your future child, the dietarypossibilities you make may have a huge impact. Organic gender selection relies on a few distinctivemethods to assist improve the odds of having either a boy or perhaps a girl. Although these techniquesarent 100% reliable, most couples uncover that they do end up with the gender they wanted. At the endof the day, its a 50/50 chance, but you will find a number of points you can do to swing the percentagewithin your favor.The foods that you eat can affect the future gender of your child for a variety of different reasons.The main one is that your bodys PH needs to be at a certain level for each type of gender. The spermthat carry the chromosomes that decide gender require a different PH for a successful trip towardsfertilization.Lets take a look at the differences in these sperm to gain a better understanding of why PH levels areso important. First, the sperm responsible for conceiving a boy carry the Y chromosome. They are small,agile and must reach their destination quickly before they expire. They need an alkaline environment toreach the egg properly.The sperm responsible for conceiving a girl carry the X chromosome. They are much larger, moredurable and though they may take longer to reach an egg, they have a greater chance of living longenough to do so. They prosper in an acidic environment.Choosing the right foods to balance your PH levels appropriately may indeed have an impact on thegender of your child. Lets take a look at what foods are important to include in your diet for either sex.Eating for a BoyIf you want to have a boy, foods that contain potassium and sodium are very important. They are nonacidic by nature and will boost your alkalinity. The recommended foods include bananas, sweet corn,red meats, and even sausages. It is important however that you eat these foods in moderation andinclude a healthy and balanced diet for proper health. Having too much sodium is never recommended.Stay within proper dietary guidelines at all times.Eating for a GirlIn order to have a girl, you need to focus on foods that will boost acidity in your body. They includefoods that are rich in magnesium and calcium. Broccoli is the perfect example of a food that containshigh levels of both. Other foods you can eat include grapefruit, apples, dairy products, some fish (farmraised to avoid high levels of mercury) and leafy green vegetables.What to RememberEverything in moderation is key as well as proper nutrition. While there are other methods of selectingyour childs gender naturally, combining them with a proper diet will increase your chances for success.Ask your doctor if you have any questions about the foods that you should be eating.
  2. 2. Want to Have a Boy? Try These TipsAll-natural gender selection has been practiced for centuries and even though there are many OldWives Tales, a few of them are truly grounded in scientific reality. Naturally, there is certainly no 100%guarantee that following these techniques will lead to getting a youngster be the gender you need, theyare able to enhance the likelihood which you will.When you are attempting to have a boy, it is necessary to understand that the sperm that carry the Ychromosome, the 1 responsible for determining the male gender, are a lot different than the sperm thatcarry the X chromosome, or the a single thats responsible for figuring out the female gender.The Y sperm are smaller sized and a lot more agile, and they can reach the egg significantly quicker.Nevertheless, they do not live provided that the X sperm do and they have some limitations with regardsto coping with the PH of ones physique. Lets look at the factors that may assist the Y sperm in reachingthe egg first, resulting in a boy.Your PH Balance and Your DietY sperm require a PH balance that is more alkalai than acidic. This means that you will need to adjustyour diet somewhat. Foods that are rich in potassium and sodium are ideal if you are trying to have aboy. This includes foods like red meat, bananas, peaches and sausage.Getting Your Timing RightTiming is crucial if you want the Y sperm to reach the egg before the X sperm do. This means that youwill need to schedule intercourse as closely as possible to the day that you ovulate. The egg is viable fora period of 24 hours, and this will give the Y sperm enough of a chance to reach the egg while they arestill viable as well.Choosing the Right PositionThe position that you choose also affects how quickly the Y sperm will reach the egg. It is important touse a position that will allow for deep penetration and the man must orgasm as closely to the neck ofthe cervix as possible. Positions that allow for this include woman dominant, or woman on top as well asdoggy style or rear entry.Other FactorsInterestingly enough, if a woman orgasms before a man does, it increases the chances of having a boy.This is due to the fact of the secretions within the vagina that occur during an orgasm. They shift thebalance of the PH to more alkaline, allowing the Y sperm the perfect environment they need to make itthrough the cervix.What to Remember
  3. 3. Again, there is no 100% guarantee that you will be able to conceive a boy using these methods, but itdoes increase your chances significantly. No matter what gender your child ends up being, the importantthing is that they are healthy. Its fun to try and naturally select the gender of your child, but at the endof the day there are many different factors that will ultimately decide their sex.Trying to Conceive a Boy or a Girl? Please Click Here for more information.