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Ggi deck gw 10.17

  1. 1. GATE Global Impact George Washington University Global Entrepreneurship Research and Policy conference
  2. 2. GATE Global Impact is a market infrastructure technology company dedicated to social impact investments.  Mission -The mission of GATE Global Impact (GGI) is to create market infrastructure that facilitates investments in organizations for sustainable social and/or environmental benefit, in addition to financial return. GGI is changing the funding paradigm by scaling new funding sources from a global society for these types of investments.  Impact investing is a progressive new investment philosophy whereby an investor proactively seeks to place capital in businesses that generate financial returns from organizations committed to social, sustainable and/or environmental goals. The growth of IMPACT INVESTING is borne out by global trends in macro /micro socioeconomics, NextGen behavioral finance, and ubiquitous social media that continues to drive participants and awareness to this movement.  Technology GGI’s GATEWAY platform centralizes the way impact investments are sourced and funded and enables financing solutions to societal challenges. The GATEWAY technology platform is a USA regulatory compliant architecture that conducts transactions in multiple currencies and languages and integrates portfolio management tools and informational content. The technology differentiates itself by offering customized impact measurement metrics, a tool to manage the performance of these types of investments.
  3. 3. GATE Global Impact leverages its market reach with collaborative global partnerships.  Prudential Financial, Inc. - New York, NY. Lead investor in GGI in 2010  TBLI Consulting (TBLI Inc.) - Amsterdam, The Netherlands. International Corporate Development • Triple Bottom Line Investing, is an organization that specializes in Environmental, Social and Governance ESG and Impact Investing. Founded by Robert Rubenstein, CEO in 1998.  Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) Washington, DC. - Partner and Global Originator • OPIC is the U.S. Government’s development finance institution. It mobilizes private capital to help solve critical development challenges and works with the U.S. private sector to build businesses in emerging markets thereby catalyzing revenues for job creation at home and abroad. The Enterprise Development Network (EDN) designed to attract capital and political risk insurance for SME’s in developing countries.  United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) - New York, NY. Partner • Launch in September, 2013 at the UNCG Leaders Summit. This partnership will connect Social Enterprise Action Hub participants to funding opportunities through a central, standardized and regulatory compliant investment transaction platform.  Indigo Group Limited - London, England. Joint Venture Partner, GATE Impact Partners (“GIP”) • Indigo is a satellite-based telecommunications provider in Africa. The partnership was created to establish impact investment capital specifically for low cost wireless internet access (“ImpactWIFI”) in rural areas of Africa beginning with Kenya.
  4. 4. The Jumpstart Our Business Startups or JOBS Act has been a growth catalyst for the democratization of global capital. Capital formation paradigm shift is underway Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act) was signed into law by President Barack Obama on April 5, 2012. The law eased onerous securities regulations to encourage funding of US domiciled and private SME’s. The law, phased in with key milestone dates, will accelerate investment and distribution of private securities for investors.  Title II. Removal of the “general solicitation ban” September 23, 2013. • September 23, 2013 is a seminal date in the history of US securities law. Title II commences private company securities advertising for the first time in US history. • Companies will create multi- media strategies including, TV, radio, and traditional and social news media outlets to solicit investors and offer securities to the public • Broader audiences of investors are available to secure funding  Title III. ”crowd-funding for securities" or access to non-accredited investors via the internet, will democratize capital formation  Title VI. will increase of the holder of record provision and accelerate the amount of unregistered securities offering in the US  Title V. or shareholders of record increasing from 500 Shareholders to 2000 shareholders without triggering automatic SEC registration
  5. 5. The market for the emerging asset class of impact investments is expected to grow to exponentially over the next decade. J.P. Morgan’s report, “An Emerging Asset Class” estimates that over the next 10 , between $400B to $1T of invested capital will be deployed in the areas of housing, rural water delivery, maternal health, primary education and financial services. The report suggests that approximately 1% of total managed funds could be dedicated to social, sustainable, and environmental impact opportunities. JP Morgan Report Impact Investments: “An emerging asset class” Nov. 2010 Source: Investing for Social & Environmental Impact ©Monitor Institute, 2009
  6. 6. The GATEWAY technology provides a global snapshot of investment opportunities with search option metrics to help refine targets.
  7. 7. GATEWAY’s core technology is an electronic trading market customized for impact investment participants and opportunities. Key aspects of the Platform include  Connectivity-- Designed for smooth interface and interaction with existing software systems and protocols  Encrypted security protocols – Imbedded protections  Transparency -- Allows for fully transparent and anonymous negotiations between trading counterparties  Regulatory compliance -- Designed to meet or exceed all USA regulatory standards  Multilingual and multi currency capabilities - Designed for global organizations with multiple global locations  Mapping technology – Designed for targeting regional interests or investments  Portfolio Management Tools – Full reporting features allows for ease of use in creating customizable reporting  Benchmarking and metric reporting – Peer group benchmarks and reporting
  8. 8. GATEWAY’s education modules provide participants with actionable knowledge through a wide variety of global traditional and new media.       Market Information Industry Data Company Profiles Research Reports Industry News Traditional Media Sources  Social Media Sources  Dedicated Blogs
  9. 9. GATEWAY is able to transact assets across the capital structure from debt to equity including new structures for program related investments.     Primary Offerings/Private Placements Secondary Trading Investment Fund Listings Other program or mission related asset structures, i.e. tax credits Equity Debt Fund Structures Tax Credits Esoteric Assets
  10. 10. GATEWAY’s capabilities include sophisticated portfolio management tools with customizable reports and metrics.  Benchmarking / Ratings  Independent Mark to Market  Metrics  Social Impact Ratings  Custom Reports  Portfolio tools
  11. 11. GATEWAY offers an end to end solution for Capital formation and secondary trading of private securities within a USA regulatory compliant marketplace An end to end solution to raising money on an electronic platform.  Manage investors and participants who have access to the project  Monitor all investor activity and actions and including length of stay on site  View and manage the impact investment opportunity and the potential funders to conclusion.  Document storage and encryption to protect proprietary data  Provide a customized web portal  Provide a GATE unique identifier for tracking activity
  12. 12. GATE Global Impact’s competitive advantages differentiates the platform among a crowded field in traditional marketplace technologies.  TECHNOLOGY • Easy user interface • Robust back-end infrastructure • Global Scale: multi lingual/multi currency • Security and encryption • Measurement metrics • End to end solution for transaction  EDUCATIONAL COMPONENTS • Global scale in traditional media • Global scale in social media • Strategic partnerships  REGULATORY COMPLIANCE
  13. 13. Our goal is to empower investors and issuers through an impact investment platform dedicated to societal needs and social movements.  Bring Transparency, Efficiency, and Liquidity to rapidly-expanding impact space by applying traditional market models  Empower investors through proprietary tools that facilitate accurate evaluation of investment opportunities and returns  Aggregate research/content/ratings/metrics to allow for more informed decisions, effective execution, and improved understanding of the value of potential investment  Standardize the impact investing process  Provide resources for professional services  Deliver Good!
  14. 14. GATE Global Impact Current Deployments GATEtrip – Tourism GATEwomen – The Impact Responsible Investment Platform Investment Platform for Women - Linking socially responsible Travel & Tourism projects with investors. - Through partnership with, all projects meet strict Green Growth indicators. Created in partnership with Prof. Geoffrey Lipman - Driving impact investment to businesses run by and/or benefiting women. - Founded in partnership with actress Maria Bello and communications pioneer Clare Munn GATE Broadband ImpactWIFI - Facilitating affordable broadband and closing the digital divide. - financing low-cost, highspeed Internet access in emerging markets. - Created in partnership with African telecommunications provider, Indigo Group & Microsoft
  15. 15. Social Media and Capital Formation Bullets
  16. 16. Collaborative Community Investors Metrics Professional Services Investments Corporations Market Infrastructure Research Agencies Exchanges /Platforms Regulators
  17. 17. Contact Us Website: