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  1. 1. } Improving Lives Through Better Careers {JobStreet Corporation BhdSINGAPORE • MALAYSIA • PHILIPPINES • INDONESIA • INDIA • JAPAN • THAILAND
  2. 2. Copyright © by SAFE HARBOR STATEMENT Information contained in this presentation may involve guidance, expectations, beliefs, plans, intentions or strategies regarding the future. All statements herein are forward looking and should not be construed as guarantee of future performance whereby actual results could differ materially from such in the forward looking statements and projections. Factors that can cause or contribute to such differences are, but are not limited to, risk and uncertainties in business competition, government fiscal policies, political instability, general economic climates and conditions as well as emerging product innovation affecting the industry. The Company is listed on Main Market of Bursa Malaysia (JOBST), governed and regulated by the requirements as set out by the law of Malaysia. 2
  3. 3. Copyright © by JobStreet at a Glance JobStreet is one of the leading internet recruitment firms in the Asia-Pacific and is #1 in SE Asia OVERVIEW COMPREHENSIVE PRODUCT/SERVICE OFFERINGS Leading provider of online recruitment services in SE Asia #1 in Malaysia #1 in the Philippines #2 in Singapore #2 in Indonesia RECRUITMENT Developing presence in Thailand Strategic investments in online recruitment firms in North Asia 104 Corp. (23%): #1 online recruitment firm in Taiwan Recruit (8%): Leading media advertisement, printing and online recruitment firm in Hong Kong Developing presence in India and Japan ONLINE PRESENCE ADVERTISING Over 130 million average monthly page views in 4Q 2010 Over 8 million jobseekers Over 530,000 job postings in 2010 Currently over 80,000 job posting per month SOLUTIONS Over 80,000 employers Over 4 million email alerts per night 3
  4. 4. Copyright © by OUR TEAM Founded and led by a highly experienced and stable management team NAME / TITLE AGE EXPERIENCE NAME / TITLE AGE EXPERIENCE CEO and Founder CFO Ex-regional director of sales and 45 Ex-senior finance manager with Astro 45 marketing with Kendall International Master of Science in Mechanical Ex-auditor with Occidental Petroleum Engineering from MIT Bachelor of Science in Accounting Mark Chang 15 years with JobStreet Greg Poarch and CPA (USA) (CEO) (CFO) 11 years with JobStreet Chief Architect Executive Director and COO Ex-system architect with Ex-head of network services 46 Sclumberger Austin Product Center 46 operations of Maxis Communications PhD in Computer Aided Engineering Master of Science in Mechanical from MIT Engineering from MIT Dr. Albert Wong 11 years with JobStreet Suresh Thiru 11 years with JobStreet (Chief Architect) (COO) Co-Founder Co-Founder Ex-Executive Director of the Maran CFO at Hotel Equatorial Group 45 Group of companies 44 Ex-Vice-President of Finance at Masters in Engineering from MIT Johnson & Johnson Bachelor of Science in Electrical Bachelor of Science in Economics Engineering and Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Applied Science (Non-Independent in Economics from University of (Non-Independent (Engineering) from University of Non-Executive Pennsylvania Non-Executive Pennsylvania Director) 15 years with JobStreet Director) 15 years with JobStreet 4
  5. 5. Copyright © by ONLINE RECRUITING PLATFORM Over 80,000 employers and over eight million jobseekers use JobStreet’s SiVA and LiNA systems respectively EMPLOYERS (SiVA) JOBSEEKERS (LiNA) Create and post job Upload profiles and ads online state individual career preferences after free registration Receive and store JobStreet filters and resumes with SiVA, matches compatible JobStreet’s resume job postings LiNA, its management system job matching system View resumes and ‘LiNA Job Alerts’ are shortlist or reject sent to users’ candidates at a click registered emails with SiVA Screen candidates by Update resume and customized online apply for selected assessment tests jobs via website, before a face-to-face email or snail mail interview Send mass Online assessment acknowledgement, tests or invited to acceptance or interviews rejection letters via email SUPPORTED BY JOBSTREET INTRANET CRM AND OSS SYSTEMS AS WELL AS DEDICATED SUPPORT TEAM 5
  6. 6. Copyright © by DEVELOPMENT OF JOBSTREET MOL Online, a successful portal JobStreet and initial parent Commenced Malaysia was of JobStreet, Established a operations in incorporated commenced presence in India; Singapore and JobStreet Malaysia operation primarily focused the Philippines wins Internet Company on JobStreet JobStreet achieves full of the Year Award IMPACT year of profitability in SiVA wins Best FY03, EBITDA of Software Application 1995 MYR4m, (4x the prior Award at APMITTA year) and prepares for 1997 listing 1999 2000 2001 2003 2004 2005 JobStreet Corporation 2006 Bhd (JCB) was 2007 incorporated and PT JobStreet 2009 listed on the MESDAQ 2010 Indonesia was JobStreet acquires a JobStreet was established as a PT JobStreet Indonesia strategic stake in Recruit JobStreet awarded LOI from JV with PT commenced Thailand, a JV JobStreet Shell for Global e- Sinarmas JobStreet Kabushiki operations with increases its Recruitment Platform Multiartha Tbk Kaisha was established commenced strategic stake in as a JV with Asian operations 104 Corp. to 23% Commission Corp. EnerPro became JobStreet achieves a wholly-owned record financial subsidiary results in FY10 6
  7. 7. Copyright © by GEOGRAPHIC PRESENCE Japan Well established network in fast growing SE Asia with market leadership JobStreet Kabushiki Kaisha (60%): JV with Asian in key strategic countries Commission Corp. Singapore (#2 in 2010) Taiwan Entered the market in mid-1999; 104 Corp. (23%): #1 Thailand achieved profitability in early 2003 (c. online recruitment firm Entered the market in mid-2009 3+ years) in Taiwan (Market India Developing presence and focused on FY10 revenue of MYR22m (19% of Cap: US$126m) India Hong Kong attracting job posting volume total external revenue) Pvt. Ltd. (100%) Recruit (8%): Leading JobStreet (Thailand) (49%): JV with Pte. Ltd.(100%) Focused on media advertisement, EnerPro (100%): Singapore-based JobStreet IMPACT printing and online recruitment agency recruitment firm (Market Cap: US$113m) Philippines (#1 in 2010) Malaysia (#1 in 2010) Entered the market in late 1999; Entered the market in 1995; achieved achieved profitability in early 2002 (c. 2+ profitability in early 1999 (c. 3+ years) years) FY10 revenue of MYR72m (62% of total FY10 revenue of MYR16m (14% of total external revenue) external revenue Sdn. Bhd. (100%) Philippines, Inc. (60%): Agensi Pekerjaan JS Staffing Services JV with J.G. Summit Holdings Sdn. Bhd. (100%) (100%): Malaysia’s first and largest automotive portal Innity (23%) : Malaysia-listed online advertisement firm (Market Cap: US$6m) Indonesia (#2 in 2010) Entered the market in 2006; achieved profitability in 2009 (c. 3+ years) PT JobStreet Indonesia (60%): JV with PT Sinarmas Multiartha Tbk Source: Bloomberg. Market data as of 4 May 2011 7
  8. 8. Copyright © by MARKET POTENTIAL SE Asia is an attractive, fast growing market with significant development potential. JobStreet is well positioned to lead industry consolidation in the online recruitment space SOUTHEAST ASIA TOTAL / MALAYSIA SINGAPORE PHILIPPINES INDONESIA THAILAND VIETNAM WEIGHTED AVERAGE Population (m) 28 5 94 234 64 88 514 Labour Force (m) 12 3 39 117 39 46 256 Addressable Labour Force (m) 11 3 26 72 22 21 155 Unemployment (%) 3.3% 2.2% 7.2% 7.1% 1.0% 5.0% 5.6% GDP (US$ bn) 238 223 189 707 319 104 1,779 GDP per capita (US$) 8,423 43,117 2,007 3,015 4,992 1,174 3,461 11F GDP Growth (%) 5.1% 5.4% 5.0% 6.4% 4.5% 6.3% 5.6% Internet Penetration (%) 64.6% 77.8% 29.7% 12.3% 26.3% 27.1% 23.3% Internet Users (m) 18 4 28 29 17 24 120 Online Ad Spending (US$ m) 26 37 31 4 9 1 106 Online Ad Spending per Internet User (US$) 1.4 9.1 1.1 0.1 0.5 0.0 0.9 OTHER COUNTRIES US JAPAN AUSTRALIA TAIWAN HONG KONG CHINA INDIA Population (m) 310 127 22 23 7 1,341 1,216 Labour Force (m) 155 66 12 11 4 780 478 Addressable Labour Force (m) 154 63 11 10 4 483 230 Unemployment (%) 9.6% 5.1% 5.2% 5.2% 4.2% 4.1% 10.8% GDP (US$ bn) 14,658 5,459 1,236 431 225 5,878 1,538 GDP per capita (US$) 47,284 42,820 55,590 18,458 31,591 4,382 1,265 11F GDP Growth (%) 2.8% 1.4% 3.0% 5.4% 5.4% 9.6% 8.2% Internet Penetration (%) 77.4% 78.2% 61.3% 70.1% 68.8% 36.1% 6.9% Internet Users (m) 240 100 14 16 5 484 84 Online Ad Spending (US$ m) 24,190 10,028 1,637 259 160 3,505 185 Online Ad Spending per Internet User (US$) 100.8 100.6 120.2 15.8 32.7 7.2 2.2 8 Source: IMF, The World Factsheet, Internet World Stats, PwC research
  9. 9. Copyright © by DIVERSIFIED CUSTOMER BASE http://www.richthofen-sy 9
  10. 10. Copyright © by COMPREHENSIVE PRODUCT / SERVICE OFFERINGS JobStreet offers employers and jobseekers a broad range of products and services in recruitment, advertising and solutions Online job posting service Provides employers with a total solution from sourcing to processing and evaluations Broad Approach – Job postings are viewed by all jobseekers Targeted Approach via LiNA – Candidates who meet set requirements receive email invitations to apply Offers value-added search and selection services Partners with Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) / Call Center companies Offers contract and temporary staffing services RECRUITMENT Caters to requirements for various IT and non-IT positions, ranging from non- executive to senior executive levels Online job posting service for non-executive or semi-skilled positions Receptionists, drivers, clerks, promoters, administrative assistants and others Job searching skills training and job fairs for jobseekers Partners with local colleges Employers who are members have unlimited access to a continuously growing database of over 12,000 JobStreet Campus participants using SiVA, JobStreet’s resume management system 10
  11. 11. Copyright © by COMPREHENSIVE PRODUCT / SERVICE OFFERINGS Jobseekers pay and subscribe for priority online job applications Highlights the subscribers’ resumes in a different color and automatically moves subscribers’ applications to the top of the list Automatic email alerts when employers view subscribers resumes Instant job application via SMS Apply using the Job Code or to employers’ email addresses RECRUITMENT Real time job alerts and short-listing notification via SMS Social networking website which allows jobseekers to post customized talent profiles online Employers have free access to talent profiles by keyword search Opportunity for social networking with other jobseekers Targets millions of working professionals via email and web-based services Corporate Branding Services via online banners and emails Promotes products and services, conducts surveys, generates leads and prospects ADVERTISING Website updates information on training courses offered by talented and experienced training consultants Offers personal development programs such as memory skills and speed reading A paperless web-based recruitment solution for employers Develop and manage employers’ career websites SOLUTIONS Enables listing of real-time job vacancies, receipt of online applications, SiVA - resume management system, and applicant tracking/archiving Responsible for hosting, system monitoring and maintenance 11
  12. 12. Copyright © by CASE STUDY: E-RECRUITMENT PLATFORM FOR SHELL GLOBALLY BACKGROUND Shell wanted a unified platform to standardize recruitment “Thanks to the JobStreet IMPACT solution, we have processes and improve operational efficiency across Shell’s a robust global talent database and management global offices metrics in place. The system has enabled us to meet JobStreet IMPACT, a comprehensive career management our global needs for a simpler and more efficient service providing end-to-end recruitment services, was the process that will deliver higher recruitment yield at solution lower cost on a globally consistent way. JobStreet competed against SAP (EMEA), Taleo (US) and NGA.Net (Australia) for the project Using JobStreet IMPACT’s feature-rich and flexible In Dec 2004, JobStreet was awarded the Letter of Intent to e-Recruitment solution, we were able to achieve all set up a global e-Recruitment platform for Shell these without comprising on our desire for retaining diversity and inclusiveness of our talent potentials. RESULT In Jan 2005, JobStreet successfully launched a global online career portal for Shell through JobStreet IMPACT We are pleased to say that JobStreet IMPACT solution has met our engagement expectations in The unified e-Recruitment platform offers services from talent terms of functionality, scalability, customer support, requisition, job posting, application management, on-boarding and cost.” to providing analytic reports Managed and maintained by JobStreet’s 7 X 24 dedicated support and maintenance team David Pappie Standardized recruitment processes offer operational Global Recruitment Manager consistency and efficiency across global offices Provides Shell with a global talent bank of c.1.5 billion Shell International BV potential candidates from over 600 e-Recruitment databases 12
  13. 13. Copyright © by STRATEGIC INVESTMENTS Operates Taiwan’s largest recruitment website ( Market share of c. 90% (Jun 2010) with over 100,000 job posting every month Strong clientele: c. 97% of Taiwan’s top 1,000 manufacturers, c. 88% of Taiwan’s (23%) top 500 service companies, c. 92% of Taiwan’s 100 financial institutions Seeking growth opportunities in China Headquartered and listed in Taiwan (Market Cap: US$126m) Leading media advertising firm specializing in recruitment advertising, in-flight magazines and printing services RECRUITMENT Recruitment advertising includes: Recruit Online: Online portal; over 260,000 members and c. 3m job applicants Online portal; caters to the China market, providing job and (8%) career development information via personalized services Recruit Magazine: Recruitment magazine with c. 120m copies in circulation Headquartered and listed in Hong Kong (Market Cap: US$113m) Singapore-based recruitment agency Specializes in placement and executive search services in the energy, resources, (100%) pharmaceutical and chemical segments Provides premium online marketing technologies and services to many of the world’s largest brands and advertising companies (23%) Headquartered and listed in Malaysia (Market Cap: US$6m) Leading pan-Asia online travel and hotel reservation service provider ADVERTISING / Network of operation and customer service offices in eight countries; offers flights OTHER with discounted airfares for all major airlines departing from 11 countries in Asia (3%) Headquartered and listed in Singapore (Market Cap: US$82m) Malaysia’s first automotive portal Web trading platform for buying and selling cars (100%) Source: Bloomberg. Market data as of 4 May 2011 13
  14. 14. Copyright © by SELECTED RECOGNITION AND AWARDS 2010 Ranked 22nd in the 2010 annual KPMG Shareholder Value Awards 2009 Ranked 21st in Malaysia’s 30 Most Valuable Brands, awarded by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents 2008 Selected by Forbes Asia as 200 Best Under a Billion for the second consecutive year Less than thirteen Malaysian companies were selected for the award in 2009 2007 Selected by Forbes Asia as 200 Best Under a Billion Only nine Malaysian companies were selected for this highly sought after award 14
  15. 15. Copyright © by PEER BENCHMARKING JobStreet has been able to achieve strong growth, while maintaining one of the highest margins in the industry FY10 REVENUE AND GROWTH RATES FY10 EBITDA / NET INCOME Source: Bloomberg. Market data as of 29 April 2011 15
  16. 16. } Improving Lives Through Better Careers { JobStreet Corporation Bhd Financial OverviewSINGAPORE • MALAYSIA • PHILIPPINES • INDONESIA • INDIA • JAPAN • THAILAND
  17. 17. Copyright © by FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS Solid track record of revenue growth before and after financial crisis REVENUE % h 27 0g rowt ’1 AGR 25% ’0 9 – ’0 6 – ’08 C Malaysia Singapore Philippines Others Note: Revenue segmentation by geography is based on revenue from external customers 17
  18. 18. Copyright © by FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS Achieved solid revenue growth amid heightened competition REVENUE (Y-o-Y) (M Y R m ) G ro w th 50.0 60% 41% 27% 22% 15% 30% 40.0 -1 4 % 34 0% 30.0 28 25 -3 0 % 22 18 -6 0 % 20.0 -9 0 % 10.0 -1 2 0 % - -1 5 0 % 3M 2007 3M 2008 3M 2009 3M 2010 3M 2011 18
  19. 19. Copyright © by FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS Growth achieved without sacrificing margins. As new markets mature, margins are expected to further expand EBITDA, NET INCOME AND MARGINS 19
  20. 20. Copyright © by FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS Robust growth and healthy margins amid heightened competition EBITDA, NET INCOME AND MARGINS (Y-o-Y) (M YR m ) 49% 49% 40.0 46% 50% 41% 40% 30.0 31% 41% 33% 34% 30% 31% 20.0 26% 16 20% 12 13 10 11 10.0 9 7 7 6 6 10% - 0% 3M 2007 3M 2008 3M 2009 3M 2010 3M 2011 E B ITD A N et Inc om e N et m argin E B ITD A M argin 20
  21. 21. Copyright © by FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS Strong Balance Sheet BALANCE SHEET 21
  22. 22. Copyright © by FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS Highly cash generative, minimal capital expenditure requirements and high dividend payout ratio OPERATING CASH FLOW DIVIDEND 22
  23. 23. } Improving Lives Through Better Careers { Thank youSINGAPORE • MALAYSIA • PHILIPPINES • INDONESIA • INDIA • JAPAN • THAILAND