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QNet product - Umayal_Training Presentation 2012 by QNET - IR ID No VN002907

  1. 1. The beauty of Nature is evident everywhere.
  2. 2. Effortless Elegance…
  3. 3. A Celebration of New Life
  4. 4. Colourful Corals from the Deep Blue Ocean
  5. 5. A Tree Branch Laden with Bright Berries
  6. 6. “The greatest tribute we can pay Nature is to attempt toemulate Her ingenuity. The Umayal Collection is ourown ode to Nature.”– Datin Umayal
  7. 7. • Artfully fashioned silver jewellery.• Ornamented with delicate gemstones.• Handmade with utmost care by skilledcraftsmen.• Unique and high quality.• Emulate nature at its best.UMAYAL COLLECTION PIECES
  8. 8. Peacock Baroque SetPendantSilver 925/-ChrysocollaBlue SapphireBlue TopazSilver 925/- chainEarringsSilver 925/-,Chrysocolla,Blue Sapphire
  9. 9. The male peacock, known as the most majestic creature of the bird kingdom,parades its supreme beauty through the exhibitory fanning of its iridescentblue-green tail plumage, in hopes of charming a mate.In Babylonia, the peacock was believed to be the guardian of royalty, theirimages often found in decorative engravings on thrones.InspirationPeacock Baroque Set
  10. 10. Floret Empress SetPendantSilver 925/- with rose, yellow,black Gold plating,Orange Sapphire, 9.5 gSilver 925/- withblack gold plating chainEarringsSilver 925/- with rose, yellow,black gold platingOrange Sapphire, 11.5 g
  11. 11. As nature’s protector from whateverthe elements may bring, the silkcocoon represents a solid and safehaven for a life lived, ready for adeeper transformation.Being the very chamber ofmetamorphosis, the silk cocoonallows its inhabitant to shed its oldlife, bringing in new, symbolising thefaith to embrace changes in one’s lifeand merge with new found wisdomand joy.Floret Empress SetInspiration
  12. 12. Glacier Leaf SetPendantSilver 925/-Rose gold platingBlue SapphireSilver 925/- chainEarringsSilver 925/-Rose gold plating,Blue Sapphire
  13. 13. Glacier Leaf SetThe unique shape of the Glacier leaf gives it a delicate beauty that can becompared to no other. This intricately designed leaf consists of a vast networkof veins supplying water, nutrients and food to other parts of the plant,essential for its survival. The leaf also helps the plant absorb vital light from itssurroundings, in the form of photosynthesis, allowing the plant to create newand healthful energy.As energy flows through the Glacier leaf’s veins, it connects each part of theplant to each other, bearing a sense of peace and happiness and restoringMother Nature’s will.Inspiration
  14. 14. Viola Coral SetPendantSilver 925/-Amethyst,complimentary blackcloth chainEarringsSilver 925/-Amethyst
  15. 15. The depth of the ocean and the beauty of its treasures is seeminglyendless. The spectacular mushroom corals, known for their extravagantfantasia of colours and sparkle, signify strength, dignity and perseverancedue to their tenacious nature and coral-reef building abilities.Leaders of a strong foundation, these exceptional creatures not only createa breath-taking seascape, but also provide a maze of protection to themysterious sea life that resides in the depths of the ocean.InspirationViola Coral Set
  16. 16. PendantSilver 925/-Ruby, Garnet,freshwater PearlSilver 925/- chainRingSilver 925/-Ruby, GarnetEarringsSilver 925/-Ruby, GarnetRowan Set
  17. 17. Considered the mother of all trees and plants, the graceful rowan treerepresents strength and protection; the ancient druids valued its sturdywood, and the tree’s sprigs and brilliant red berries were woven intonecklaces and used as protective charms in times past.Rowan SetInspiration
  18. 18. PendantSilver 925/-Faceted and raw PeridotsComplimentary black cloth chainEarringsSilver 925/-Raw PeridotsNautilus Set
  19. 19. As far back as the ancient Greeks,the shell of the chamberednautilus has been a symbol ofperfection. Its perfect spiralgeometry and pearlescent sheenhave captivated artists anddesigners through the ages,inspiring them to reproducestriking likenesses of this almost-mystical cephalopod.Nautilus SetInspiration
  20. 20. Ice Queen SetPendantSilver 925/-Freshwater PearlsSilver 925/- chainEarringsSilver 925/-Freshwater Pearls
  21. 21. There are those who believe that winter is the season of renewal – a timewhen the earth goes to sleep and heals itself. And yet, though the land isgripped with cold, there is still a timeless beauty to be seen: in theshimmer of fresh snow in sunlight, the glitter of icicles on the end of abranch, or the delicate tracks upon the landscape of creatures born torevel in a winter wonderland.Ice Queen SetInspiration
  22. 22. PendantSilver 925/-Blue TopazRaw ApatiteSilver 925/- chainEarringsSilver 925/-Blue TopazRaw ApatiteSylvan Set
  23. 23. In mythology, Sylvans were thespiritual guardians of the forest,keeping watch over the woodsand protecting it with their lives.Some even made their homeswithin the trees they were swornto protect. Their love for all livingcreatures, as well as the plantsand trees around them, helpedkeep the forests safe.Sylvan SetInspiration
  24. 24. Silver 925/-Smoky QuartzComplimentary black cloth chainMisty Pendant
  25. 25. Mist is a naturally occurringphenomenon of small waterdroplets becomingsuspended in the air. In somelegends, mist could bemanipulated and used by thedruids as a protective veil,enabling them to hide fromtheir foes. Mist was alsoconsidered by some peopleas a portal to the world ofvisions and dreams.Misty PendantInspiration
  26. 26. `GEMSTONES
  27. 27. A gemstone treasured since ancienttimes, the Amethyst is believed to havehealing powers as well as bringingpeace and harmony to its wearer.Amethyst
  28. 28. Alleviate nervousness, while at thesame time encouraging higher levels ofcreativity.Can also be used as a meditation aid.Apatite
  29. 29. Wards away diseases, sorrows, and poverty,bringing long life and prosperity to itswearer.Blue Sapphire
  30. 30. Helps the wearer focus on a morepositive outlook in life.Also said to bring wisdom.Blue Topaz
  31. 31. This beautiful blue-green gem is closelylinked to unconditional love, forgivenessand tolerance.It is believed to balance and harmonise thebody’s chakras to create spiritual bliss.Chrysocolla
  32. 32. Revitalising stone with powerfulregenerative effects.Inspire self-confidence, devotion, andlove.Garnet
  33. 33. The bringer of happiness, the golden beautyis commonly thought of as a symbol offertility, wealth, fame and success.It is also believed to bring the wearer wisdomand longevity.Orange Sapphire
  34. 34. Considered to be a protective stone.A symbol of love, purity, and integrity.Inspires serenity and good fortune.Pearl
  35. 35. Symbol of success and dignity.Brings luck, success, and happiness towearers, as well as to help them realisetheir dreams.Peridot
  36. 36. Believed to promote the clearvisualisation of dreams.Aids in courage and enthusiasm for life.Ruby
  37. 37. Used to alleviate stress, worries, andother negative thoughts, allowing thewearer to more easily let go of pastdisappointments and fears.Smoky Quartz
  39. 39. General Guidelines• After wearing, wipe your jewellery with a soft cloth.• Put on your jewellery last, after cosmetics, perfume,hairspray and other chemical substances that can becorrosive.• Store your jewellery pieces separately, in a jewellerybox or in jewellery pouches, to avoid scratching.• Be sure to observe the special cautions listed herewith regards to caring for your silver jewellery.
  40. 40. Silver Jewellery• Use a mild cleaner without bleaching agents or ammonia.• Soak the items in a very warm solution of water anddetergent, then rinse. A gentle brushing, such as with asoft toothbrush, can be used to loosen stubborn dirt.Don’t soak sterling silver for too long, as it can changesome oxidised finishes.• Avoid using anything with abrasives or bleach. Both willdamage silver. Don’t use toothpaste, scouring powder, orcreamy opaque cleaners, as these will often containabrasives.CAUTION:• Some materials and gemstones are especially vulnerable to damage fromammonia or any hot solution – turquoise, peridot, pearls, malachite, jet, coraland mother of pearl, for example.
  41. 41. “Combining my own love for our natural heritage with myappreciation for the fine things in life, this collection is designedto be simple yet elegant, and will add a distinctive touch to thewearer’s sense of style. I know it will connect with the hearts andsouls of discerning women around the world.”– Datin Umayal
  42. 42. A portion of the earnings from the sale of the UmayalCollection will be donated to RYTHM Foundation, for furtheruse in its charity work across the globe, giving help to thosewho need it most.