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QNet product - Physio Radiance_Training Presentation 2012 by QNET - IR ID No VN002907

  1. 1. WHAT DOES YOURSKIN DO?• The body’s protective cover• The largest organ of the body
  2. 2. SKIN AGEING• Ageing caused by:– The genes we inherit• Collagen production deceleratesand elastin loses its stretchcausing the skin to age slowlyand permanently– Environmental factors• Collagen and elastin productionare stunted, causing the skin tolose its ability to repair itself
  3. 3. • Some environmental factorscontributing to premature skinageing:– Pollution– Exposure to UV radiation– Smoking– Drinking alcohol– Lack of sleep & exercise– Stress
  4. 4. SCIENTIFIC & TECHNOLOGICALBREAKTHROUGH• Physio Radiance teaches your skinto rely on itself• Helps skin:– Self-regulate– Self-regenerate– Self-repair
  5. 5. UNIQUE FORMULATION• Activates your skin cells to worknaturally at their best• Assists in resorting your skin’syouthfulness and radianceReplenisHˉ
  6. 6. Active IngredientsI. Negative Hydrogen (Hˉ)Ultimate Skin Antioxidant• The worlds smallest antioxidantthat can be absorbed andpenetrate deep down throughmultiple skin layers.
  7. 7. • Neutralises harmful free radicalswhich damage the body’s own cellsand effectively help slow down thenatural ageing process• Acts as an energy booster for yourskin cells to help the skin blossomand perform better
  8. 8. Testing The Efficacy Of Negative Hydrogen0-23 hours• Nails are placed in containers:
  9. 9. 24-28 hours• The nail placed in water beginsto rust.• The nails in negative hydrogenand Vitamin C are still protected.
  10. 10. 48 hours – 90 days• The nail in water has completelyrusted.• The nail in Vitamin C is still rust-free but the vitamin itself hasturned into an oxidised molecule,thereby changing its surroundings.• The nail in negative hydrogenprotects the nail and remainsnormal as an atom of hyrdrogen.
  11. 11. II. FucoÏdanFirmness• A highly sought-after brown seaweed natural extract• Provides the skin with high levels of protection againstinfection and free radicals• Helps the skin regain itsdensity and firmness
  12. 12. III. CalciumHydration• An excellent cell cohesion activator vital in restructuring theskin to intensely comfort and hydrate the skin all day long.
  13. 13. IV. AquaxylMoisturising• Helps balance the skins natural systems to enhance moisture,increase water reserves, limit water loss and protect skin fromexternal elements.
  14. 14. V. Matrixyl 3000Elasticity• The best fibroblast activator enhancing collagen an elastinsynthesis
  15. 15. • Packed with the same anti-ageingactive ingredients BUT with specialand unique formulation• Utilises enhanced water energisedfrom Amezcua Energy Shell• Has a light texture and provides afast absorption• Promotes a radiant skin• Has energetic and harmonisinginfluence on the bodyNEW ENHANCED FORMULA!
  16. 16. Hypoallergenic skin careWhat does hypoallergenicmean?• The term applies to a preparationin which every possible care hasbeen taken in formulation andproduction to ensure minimuminstances of allergic reactions.
  17. 17. • The US and EU Food and DrugAdministration (FDA) prohibits theuse of 26 allergens in order for aproduct to be qualified as beinghypoallergenic.• Physio Radiance blacklists morethan 80 harmful ingredients thatare known to allergens.
  18. 18. Physio Radiance is 100% free of:ParabensMineral oil, Paraffin, PetrolatumSodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) orSodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES)Benzyl AlcoholPolythylenglycols (PEG)Triclosan
  19. 19. PATENTED TECHNOLOGYNegative hydrogen (Hˉ)automatically neutralisesitself when in contact withwater, thus negating its owneffectiveness.
  20. 20. MICROENCAPSULATION TECHNOLOGYProtects the Hˉ in smallhydrophobic balls and releasesthe Hˉ at the last moment rightbefore application to the skinwhen the special pumpmechanism is pressed, thus the Hˉis utilised without degradation.
  21. 21. PHYSIO RADIANCE ROUTINE• Cleanser with a pH equivalent tothat of tears• For clean, soft and fresh skin• Enhances your complexion.STEP I: CleansingComfort Emulsion Cleanser
  22. 22. • Alcohol-free• Creates an immediate feeling offreshness• Remineralises the skin• Prepares the skin for furthertreatment• Tones the faceSTEP II: ToningRemineralising Toning LotionPHYSIO RADIANCE ROUTINE
  23. 23. PHYSIO RADIANCE ROUTINESTEP III: MoisturisingExtreme Anti-Oxidant Serum & RadianceEnhancer Day & Night Fluid• New enhanced formula• Brings firmness and density to the skin• Keeps your skin hydrated
  24. 24. WHY PHYSIO RADIANCE? The highest hypoallergenic standard World’s smallest antioxidant: Hˉ Only top-end ingredients Patented microencapsulation technology
  25. 25. WHY PHYSIO RADIANCE? Concept of self-regulation,self-regeneration and self-repair Researched, developed and made inFrance Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  26. 26. BRAND AMBASSADOR:AVP ROSEMARIE GLENN“Beauty is not aboutlooking young. It’s aboutlooking good from theinside out.”
  27. 27. The Ultimate Anti-Ageing Skin Care