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IR ID No. of my referrer: VN002907
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Mua Hang Truc Tiep Tu QNet Viet Nam
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QNet Business - en2012QInifinte_FAQ - IR ID No VN002907

  1. 1. UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY 3UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY 3As an existing QNET IR, what do I need to do to move over to QNET’senhanced Compensation Plan, QInfinite?You do not need to do anything. When we launch the enhanced Plan, you will benotified through your Virtual Office (VO) that you are automatically promoted over toQInfinite, QNET’s enhanced Compensation Plan.Who is allowed to be promoted over to the enhanced Plan?Only existing, renewed QNET IRs will be promoted over. Non-renewed IRs must firstrenew, then they will be promoted over.As an existing, renewed QNET IR, do I have the option to remain in theexisting Compensation Plan?No, all existing, renewed QNET IRs will be automatically promoted over by default,effective 14 April 2012.Will my Commissionable Unit Volume (CUV) and Group Volume be moved tothe enhanced Plan?Your CUV and Group Volume in the existing Compensation Plan will remain thesame, but they will be displayed as Business Volume (BV) in your Virtual Office (VO)after being promoted over to the enhanced Plan on the ratio of 1 CUV:1,000 BV.Can a non-renewed IR refer new IRs?Yes, but a non-renewed IR will not be entitled to earn the Business Volume (BV) andcommission from the purchases made by his/her Direct Referrals.Will all my existing Tracking Centres (TCs) be carried forward to theenhanced Plan?Yes, all your existing TCs will be carried forward.Will my existing Direct Referrals be moved to the enhanced Plan?Yes, they will remain as your Direct Referrals.QNET’s QInfinite Compensation PlanQ.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.QUALIFICATION AND ACTIVATION FOREXISTING QNET IRSFAQs
  2. 2. UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY4FAQsQNET’s QInfinite Compensation PlanQ.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.QUALIFICATION AND ACTIVATION FOREXISTING QNET IRSWill my existing Direct Referrals be counted in my Rank Advancement?Yes. Please refer to your Rank Advancement schedule in QNET’s enhancedCompensation Plan, QInfinite.Can I still view my transactions from my existing Compensation Plan?Yes, you can view your recent 12-month transaction history.Can I change my Referrer or my Placement when I am promoted over to theenhanced Plan?No, you must maintain your existing Referrer and your Placement.Can I reallocate my Business Volume (BV) from one (1) Tracking Centre (TC)to another TC extension when I am promoted over to the enhanced Plan?No. Once you have allocated your Business Volume (BV) to your TCs, they can nolonger be reallocated.What will happen to my Q Account (QA) balance, products and eVoucherPoints (EP) when I am promoted over to the enhanced Plan? Will they beforfeited?No, they will not be forfeited. Your QA balance, products and eVoucher Points (EP)will remain and will still be available through your Virtual Office (VO).What will my genealogy report look like when I am promoted over to theenhanced Plan?Your genealogy report will remain the same as in the existing Compensation Plan.Do I need to apply for a new Independent Representative Number(IR ID Number) upon being promoted over to the enhanced Plan?No, your IR ID Number will remain the same.
  3. 3. UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY 5FAQsQNET’s QInfinite Compensation PlanQ.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.ENROLMENT, QUALIFICATION ANDACTIVATION FOR NEW QNET IRSHow will I enrol to become an Independent Representative in QNET’senhanced Compensation Plan, QInfinite?Enrol online through www.qnet.net or through your Direct Referrer’s IR PersonalWebsite and simply pay for your one-year IRship Package.How many Tracking Centres (TCs) do I get upon enrolment?You will be given three (3) TCs immediately upon enrolment.How can I qualify my Tracking Centre (TC) in the enhanced Plan?You need to generate the required qualifying Business Volume (BV) by selling aproduct to a Retail Customer or making a Personal Purchase.How can I activate my Tracking Centre (TCs) in the enhanced Plan?You need to be a Qualified IR and directly refer at least one (1) Qualified DirectReferral per side of any of your TCs.If I generate 240 BV from my repeat sales, can I use the 240 BV as advancemaintenance for one (1) year (based on the required 60 BV/quarter)? Andcan I accumulate even more Business Volume (BV) and use it for advancemaintenance for more than one (1) year?You are allowed to advance-maintain for the maximum of one (1) year. Therefore,yes, you may use 240 BV to advance-maintain for up to one (1) year or 52 weeks(including the current week). But you cannot accumulate more Business Volume(BV) and use them to advance-maintain longer than this one (1) year period.TRACKING CENTRE REQUIRED QUALIFYING BV001 500 BV002 500 BV003 500 BV
  4. 4. UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY6FAQsQNET’s QInfinite Compensation PlanENROLMENT, QUALIFICATION ANDACTIVATION FOR NEW QNET IRSQ.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Will the four (4)-week pre-qualification bonus to IRs be implemented?No, there will be no pre-qualification bonus. All IRs will have to achieve the minimumquarterly qualification of 60 BV.Can I use my Business Volume (BV) that is generated from repeat sales toqualify my Tracking Centres (TCs)?Yes.For non-renewed IRs, do they have to pay the renewal fee amount of theexisting Compensation Plan (USD 10) or the renewal fee in the enhancedPlan (USD 30)?Non-renewed QNET IRs who would like to be promoted over after the launch ofQNET’s QInfinite enhanced Compensation Plan must pay the renewal fee underthe enhanced Plan. But all non-renewed QNET IRs may take advantage of payingonly USD 10 as part of our launch promo on renewal fees. This will last for onlysix (6) months after the launch of the enhanced Plan, after which, the renewal feebecomes USD 30 for everyone.Is there any time limit for the non-renewed IRs to renew their IRship?No. There will be no time limit. Non-renewed IRs can renew their IRship anytime,provided that they pay all the accumulated and accurate outstanding renewal fees.Can I Self Activate my IRship with a purchase of one (1) product with 1,500 BV?Yes, you can Self Activate, but only during the launch promo period.Can one (1) product with 1,000 BV be distributed to an IR’s two (2) TrackingCentres (TCs) for qualification?Yes.Can I immediately start purchasing from the QNET Repeat eStore uponenrolment?Yes. You just need to meet the quarterly maintenance of 60 BV to earn RSP. You donot need to be qualified and activated to purchase from QNET Repeat eStore.
  5. 5. UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY 7FAQsQNET’s QInfinite Compensation PlanENROLMENT, QUALIFICATION ANDACTIVATION FOR NEW QNET IRSQ.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.What is the Enrolment Fee for new IRs under the enhanced Plan?The Enrolment Fee will include an IRship Package which is USD 30. However, newIRs can benefit from the six (6)-month launch promo, whereby the Enrolment Fee isonly USD 10 within six (6) months of the launch of the enhanced Plan.For Activation, can I combine Personal Sponsorship and Business Volume(BV) from Retail Purchase?Yes.Is Self Activation a permanent way of Activation, or is it a promo?Self Activation is for a special launch promo period until further notice.Can I qualify my Tracking Centre (TC) by using my Business Volume (BV)earned from Personal Purchases or Retail Sales?Yes.Can I qualify someone using my Business Volume (BV)?No.Can I allocate more than 500 BV to my Primary Tracking Centre (TC-001)?Yes. You can allocate more than 500 BV to TC-001 but you are not allowed toreallocate it to other TC extensions later on.Am I allowed to freely allocate Business Volume (BV) to Tracking Centre (TC)extensions, other than the Primary TC-001?Yes.What does Business Volume (BV) from new Direct Referrals’ mean?It means that you must have new Direct Referrals selling or purchasing products withthe required BVs on a quarterly basis.Can I do transfer of ownerships, such as transfer of products and BusinessVolume (BV) to another IR?Yes, but please refer to the existing country SOPs for details.
  6. 6. UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY8FAQsQNET’s QInfinite Compensation PlanEARLY PAYOUTQ.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.How does the Early Payout work?The Early Payout only applies to new IR’s Primary TC (TC-001) in Cycle 1, Step 1who achieve the required Business Volume (BV) in both left and right legs in any oftheir Tracking Centres (TCs) and is paid according to the Commission Schedule.This illustrates Payout to IRs under Bronze Star Rank:Will Early Payout be allowed for all commission steps?No. Early Payout only applies to Step 1 (Cycle 1 of TC-001).Will Early Payout be applicable to all my Tracking Centre (TC) extensions?No, Early Payout is only applicable to your TC-001.Is there any time limit to reach the desired Lower-Volume Leg payable withthe Early Payout?No, there is no time limit to Early Payout.Is there any possibility for me to be paid with the Early Payout at Silver Staror Gold Star Rank?Yes, the Early Payout is paid according to the highest rank that you have achieved.LEFT VOLUME RIGHT VOLUME COMMISSION PAYOUT1,000 BV 1,000 BV USD 501,000 BV 1,000 BV USD 501,000 BV 1,000 BV USD 100
  7. 7. UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY 9FAQsQNET’s QInfinite Compensation PlanSTEP COMMISSIONQ.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.How will I start earning the Step Commission?You must be Qualified and Activated in order for you to start earningStep Commission.How many commission steps are there in one cycle?There are six (6) commission steps in one (1) cycle.How much is the payout per commission step?The payout per commission step varies with an IR’s rank. The payout increases asthe rank advances. From Step 1 to Step 5, the payout will be in a monetary value.At Step 6, the payout will be in eVouchers, which are equivalent to 10 eVoucherPoints (EP) and used to redeem for exclusive products in the QNET RedeemeStore.Can eVoucher Points (EP) be used as a mode of payment for purchases inany of the eStores?No, EP are only used for special product redemption in the QNET Redeem eStore.Will my Upline earn commission from my product redemption witheVoucher Points (EP)?No.Is my Business Volume (BV) from repeat sales counted to the Group RepeatBusiness Volume (GRBV) for the calculation of Step Commission?Yes.How is Step Commission calculated?Step Commission is calculated based on the Lower-Volume Leg of 3,000 BV andpayout is according to the rank that you have achieved.
  8. 8. UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY10FAQsQNET’s QInfinite Compensation PlanREPEAT SALES POINTS (RSP)Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.AQ.A.What are Repeat Sales Points (RSP)?Repeat Sales Points are points earned from the sales of products from theQNET Repeat eStore on a quarterly basis, which can be converted into either cashor Business Volume (BV).How can I qualify to earn Repeat Sales Points (RSP)?You need to maintain at least 60 BV from the sales of products from theQNET Repeat eStore every quarter (13 weeks).Can I choose to earn commission from Repeat Sales Points (RSP) only, andnot earn Step Commission?Yes, as long as you meet the quarterly maintenance of 60 BV.Can a non-renewed IR purchase products from the QNET Repeat eStore?No, non-renewed IRs cannot access their VO and eStore for purchasing products.I am a non-renewed IR and my Direct Referral is Active and has purchasedproducts from the QNET Repeat eStore. Will I still earn the Repeat SalesPoints (RSP) from his purchase when I renew my IRship?No. You have to renew your IRship first and meet the quarterly requirements of60 BV in order to earn the RSP.If I earn 60 BV from the sales of products from the QNET Repeat eStoretwice within one (1) quarter, will I be qualified for two (2) consecutivequarters?Yes. Your extra 60 BV will be used to maintain your qualification for the followingquarter. Advance maintenance is limited to four (4) quarters only (one (1) year).How am I paid Repeat Sales Points (RSP)?Your RSP will be credited to your RSP Bank in two (2) weeks after the date ofpurchase.
  9. 9. UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY 11FAQsQNET’s QInfinite Compensation PlanREPEAT SALES POINTS (RSP)Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.How can I convert my Repeat Sales Points (RSP) to cash or BusinessVolume (BV)?You can use the RSP Bank module available in your Virtual Office (VO) to convertyour RSP to cash or BV.Does Repeat Sales Points (RSP) have an expiration date?Yes, your RSP will expire two (2) quarters from the date of issuance. Upon expiry,the RSP will be automatically converted to cash.How much is the cash and Business Volume (BV) equivalent of my earnedRepeat Sales Points (RSP)?The table below shows the cash and BV equivalent of your RSP.Will I earn Repeat Sales Points (RSP) from the purchases made by all of myDownlines?No. You can only earn RSP from your three (3) level Downlines.RSP CASH EQUIVALENT* BV EQUIVALENT60 USD 10 20 BV300 USD 60 160 BV600 USD 150 420 BV1,000 USD 300 900 BV*A balance RSP will be calculated into USD using a proportion rate based on 60 RSP. RSP will beautomatically converted into cash after two (2) quarters and directly credited to the Q Account (QA)
  10. 10. UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY12FAQsQNET’s QInfinite Compensation PlanREPEAT SALES POINTS (RSP)Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.AQ.ACan I qualify my Tracking Centre (TC) by using my Business Volume (BV)earned from Personal Purchases or Retail Sales of products from theQNET Repeat eStore?Yes.Where can I view my Repeat Sales Points (RSP) and Business Volume (BV)that I have earned?They are automatically credited to your BV Bank and RSP Bank available in yourVirtual Office (VO).Does my Group Repeat Business Volume (GRBV) earned from repeatpurchase include my Personal Business Volume (BV) and the BV convertedfrom Repeat Sales Points (RSP)?No.What is ‘Spill-over’ Business Volume (BV)?Spill-over BV is from Downlines/IRs who are not in your line of sponsorship andplaced by your Upline.Can I use my accumulated Business Volume (BV) from repeat purchase tomaintain the requirement to earn Repeat Sales Points (RSP) for a specificquarter?Yes.Are Repeat Sales Points (RSP) transferable from one IR to another, such asa Downline or another IR?No.Can I convert Repeat Sales Points (RSP) into Business Volume (BV) andcash under one (1) transaction?No. RSP conversion into cash and BV must be transacted separately.
  11. 11. UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY 13FAQsQNET’s QInfinite Compensation PlanREPEAT SALES POINTS (RSP)Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Can I convert my Repeat Sales Points (RSP) that are less than 60 to cash?Yes. On a pro-rated basis after six (6) months.Will Repeat Sales Points (RSP) generated from my Personal Purchases becredited to me?No. RSP will only be credited to Referrers up to three (3) levels.If Active Referrers up to three (3) levels earn Repeat Sales Points (RSP)from their Direct Downline’s repeat purchases, will those three (3)Referrers receive the same number of RSP?Yes, all three (3) Referrers will get the same number of RSP.If I have 20 Direct Referrals and each buys a product from theQNET Repeat eStore, will I get all the Repeat Sales Points (RSP)?Yes. You will get all the RSP.Can I move my Direct Referrals under the sponsorship of another DirectReferral to benefit more from Repeat Sales Points (RSP)?No. Direct Referrals cannot be transferred.Can I earn Business Volume (BV) from repeat sales to my directly referredRetail Customers?Yes.Can I earn Repeat Sales Points (RSP) from repeat sales to my directlyreferred Retail Customers?Yes, you will earn the first level of RSP.
  12. 12. UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY14FAQsQNET’s QInfinite Compensation PlanRANK ADVANCEMENTQ.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Do I have to achieve and maintain my Rank Advancement requirementsevery quarter to keep being paid at my current rank?Yes, your Rank Advancement requirements are also your quarterly rankmaintenance requirements.If I fail to meet the quarterly requirements to maintain my currentStar Rank, will I be downgraded to a lower or default Star Rank?Yes, however you will keep your title and only be ‘paid as’ the lower rank.Once I reach Silver Star Rank, can I go back to Bronze Star Rank?No, you will not go back once you have reached Silver Star Rank. At this point,Silver Star becomes your base rank.If I am promoted to a higher rank, when will my new rank be effective andreflected in my Virtual Office (VO)?Your new rank will be effective and reflected in your VO in the following CommissionWeek for a period of one (1) quarter (13 weeks).If I am currently at Silver Star Rank and I fulfil the requirements forPlatinum Star Rank in one (1) quarter, can I skip over Gold Star Rank and bepromoted to Platinum Star Rank immediately?Yes.Can the Business Volume (BV) earned from Repeat Sale Points (RSP)contribute to my Rank Advancement?Yes.
  13. 13. UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY 15FAQsQNET’s QInfinite Compensation PlanRANK ADVANCEMENTQ.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Can I combine Business Volume (BV) from my new Direct Referrals with BVfrom repeat purchase?No, they are separate requirements for Rank Advancement.Can I upgrade my rank more than once in a week?You will be upgraded to the highest rank you achieved for that week.Does the Direct or Indirect Referrals requirement for Rank Advancementinclude Downline/s from Spill-over?No, your Direct and Indirect Referrals are only those in your line of referralship,however, Spill-over Downlines are placed by your Upline. Therefore, Downlines fromSpill-over are not included.Can I hold my current rank and save my qualification for later?No, your Rank Advancement and your commission are calculated automatically.Do my Rank Advancement counters reset to zero (0) when I upgrade rank?No, your Rank Advancement is always based on your last quarter (13 weeks)regardless of any Rank Advancement during that period.Can I carry forward any excess Business Volume (BV) from my newDirect Referrals for Rank Advancement?Yes, you can carry forward excess BV for Rank Advancement.
  14. 14. UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY16FAQsQNET’s QInfinite Compensation PlanRANK ADVANCEMENTQ.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Is there any time limit to move up from Bronze Star Rank to Silver StarRank?No, but a time limit of one (1) quarter applies to other ranks, from Gold Star toDiamond Star.For me to advance from Platinum Star Rank to the top Diamond StarRank, how many Direct Referrals with new Rank Advancement mustI have?You must have six (6) Direct Referrals with new Rank Advancement from SilverStar to Gold Star onwards per quarter.For me to advance from Platinum Star Rank to the top Diamond StarRank, how many Indirect Referrals with new Rank Advancement must Ihave?You must have 90 Indirect Referrals with new Rank Advancement from BronzeStar Rank to Silver Star Rank onwards, per quarter.Will there be a reminder module in my Virtual Office (VO) for my remainingrequirements for Rank Advancement?Yes. It will be made available.Can I use my earned eVoucher Points (EP) for my Rank Advancement?No.
  15. 15. UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY 17FAQsQNET’s QInfinite Compensation PlanRANK ADVANCEMENTQ.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.Is there any way to reduce the requirements for Rank Advancement andmaintenance as Gold Star Rank?No.If I am non-renewed, but Qualified, and if I only renew my IRship afterthe launch of the enhanced Plan, will I be promoted over to theGold Star Rank?Yes.Is there visibility regarding the Rank Advancement within the group?Yes.Regarding Direct Referral Rank Advancement requirements for PlatinumStar Rank and Diamond Star Rank, can it be changed to Rank Maintenanceinstead of Rank Advancement?No.Am I able to immediately see my Left and Right Volume/Downlines throughmy Virtual Office (VO)?Yes. There will be real-time updates. It will be the same as the existing view,whereby you can see your CUV under the running CUV column.
  16. 16. UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY18FAQsQNET’s QInfinite Compensation PlanCOMPRESSIONPRODUCTSQ.A.Q.A.Q.A.Q.A.If I am inactive and failed to meet the quarterly requirements, who will getthe Repeat Sales Points (RSP) generated from my Downlines? Will the RSPbe forfeited?The RSP will not be forfeited, but will instead be credited to the next Active DirectReferrer, up to three (3) levels.If I purchase a product with 60 BV within the current week, can I still earnthe Repeat Sales Points (RSP) from the repeat purchases of my three (3)Direct Downlines from the previous weeks?No. those RSP were already credited to the Active Referrers up to three (3) levels inthat particular week/s.If I am inactive and failed to meet the quarterly requirements of 60 BV,will I be still qualified to earn the Step Commission?Yes. As long as your Tracking Centres (TCs) are Qualified and Activated.What kinds of products are available in the QNET Repeat eStore and whatis the delivery system in each country?In addition to existing repeat sales products, new exciting products underAmezcua, Q-breaks, Swiss eLearning Institute, In-Voice, and Adiva Divine will allbe launched. The repeat sales products should be available in almost all pick uplocations worldwide.
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