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Wikibility of Innovation Oriented Workplaces Wikibility of Innovation Oriented Workplaces - The CERN Case


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Wikibility of Innovation Oriented Workplaces
The CERN Case

1 The topic | The Research Question | The Model | Insights | The CERN Case

Web 2.0 Workplaces Philosophy Organizational Culture
Tags & Key Words
Tim Berners-Lee Cooperation Collaboration Social Networking

Enterprise 2.0 Knowledge Base UGC Conversational
Knowledge Management Corporate Wiki Andrew McAfee Blog

Sharing Tom Davenport Wikinomics Net Generation Innovation
Social Networking Brainstorming Notes Competitive Advantages

Openness Long Tail Wikibility Starfish & Spider Peering Effectiveness
Virtual Workplaces Dimension Environment Resistance
Flexibility Coaching Community of Practice Quickness “Beta-mode”

Wiki Potential Creativity Idea Spaces Innovation Enablers
Cultural Key Driver Trust Cockpit Cobwebs WIOWA Audit Tool

CERN Case Wiki Approach

USI MSc in Communication and Economics Major in Corporate Communication
©2007 Thesis by Vincenzo Cammarata
University of Lugano

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