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Wikibility of Innovation Oriented Workplaces Wikibility of Innovation Oriented Workplaces - The CERN Case


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Wikibility of Innovation Oriented Workplaces
The CERN Case

“ […] I think that assessing “wikibility” is a good idea,
and a brief skim of your thesis tells me that you are
Overseas onto something. I'm not surprised that wikis work
well in an environment like CERN. […]

“ Tom

[…] Much appreciated.

” Tom Davenport
Don Tapscott
Babson College - President’s Chair in IT and Management
Co-author of “Wikinomics “

“ “
[…] looks very interesting […] I'm
[…] Your coining of the term wikibility is both creative
writing a quot;follow upquot; to my book
on wikis, exploring social software and provocative; as well as your quot;cockpitquot;pictures.[…]
more generically, so I may even
quote from you ...

” Paul Carlile
Jane Klobas
Boston University - Ass. Prof., Information Systems Department
Author of “Wiki: Tools for Information
Look and Collaboration “

USI MSc in Communication and Economics Major in Corporate Communication
©2007 Thesis by Vincenzo Cammarata
University of Lugano

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