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If you are currently freelancing, please share any other tips you have for those who are considering taking the plunge. If you are one who is considering freelancing, please share any thoughts or questions you have that weren’t covered. Let’s help each other become the best freelancers we can be!

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  1. 1. Get paid regularly by RhaaSoft --Vinay Ratra--
  2. 2. The answers to this may include, “Because I hate my job”, “I have control and authority issues and want to be my own boss,” “I want to try something new” or a bevy of others. …but I believe a key ingredient to a freelancer’s success is the answer, “Because I want to make a living doing what I am most passionate about.” If this is at least part of your answer, then it usually will provide the motivation, drive and stamina for all the unexpected that will come your way. And believe me, it will come.
  3. 3.  Currently, around 8 of 10 peoples search for a business by using the internet.  We’re Looking for a Freelance Web Designers who can give themself an edge to their business and yet is affordable!  I am here for fresher and experienced those who do have a website understand, and know the importance of having web presence,.
  4. 4.  Determining your goals beforehand is always an excellent place to start, as well as a solid way to examine your potential for achieving them.  If your goal is to no longer deal with clients, or to get rich, or to work less, then freelancing is probably not the best choice for you.  If your goals include independence, personal satisfaction, fulfillment of your passions, and the like, then freelancing may be your ticket.
  5. 5.  This is a trick question. I am a firm believer that once you create a backup plan you will almost always need it. I would be the first to answer this question with, “I don’t need a backup plan. I am determined to succeed and I will.”
  6. 6. Custom Web Application Developers Mobile Application Developers Open Source Based Developers Core Application Developers
  7. 7. If you are currently freelancing, please share any other tips you have for those who are considering taking the plunge. If you are one who is considering freelancing, please share any thoughts or questions you have that weren’t covered. Let’s help each other become the best freelancers we can be! Write to:
  8. 8. Joomla Experts provide services for Joomla CMS, Joomla web designer specialize in custom Joomla websites. We provide fast and cost effective PSD to Joomla Template conversion. Drupal is widely used for its standard features that really help in uploading customized content on dynamic websites with minimum efforts. We really believe that Drupal CMS is the Good choice for any website which is looking for a robust and scalable CMS. WordPress is a powerful personal publishing platform and it comes with a great set of features designed to make your experience as a publisher on the Internet as easy, pleasant and appealing as possible.
  9. 9. Android is a Linux based open source operating system which has JAVA library (similar to SE). Android developers can provide android application development on any platform like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. iDevice Application development and programming always require innovative thinking and in-depth technological knowledge. That is why; you need an expert and skilled iPhone application developers who can find a set of feasible solutions towards your idea or the business need.
  10. 10. CakePHP is one of the most popular frameworks for PHP Web Application Development. It’s free open-source PHP rapid development framework. Base language used in CakePHP is PHP, compatible with PHP4 and PHP5 and MVC architecture (model-view-controller) pattern helps separate presentation from business logic. Zend Framework was designed and created to improve program developers’ productivity. Zend Framework is the different one as other frameworks that require large configuration files to work, most aspects of a Zend Framework application can be defined at runtime using simple PHP commands
  11. 11. Microsoft - . NET, SQL Server, Biz Talk Server. Java – J2EE, J2ME, Struts. Open source – PHP, Apache, MySQL. Database – Oracle, MySQL. Web Server – MS IIS, Apache, Lotus Dominos, Netscape. Messaging – Microsoft Exchange, Domino. Operating System – Microsoft Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris. Component Technologies – COM+, CORBA, EJB, Ajax. Front End Designing – Adobe Suite.
  12. 12. Train Information Management System The Northern Railway (NR) is one amongst the nine older zones of Indian Railways. Delhi, the capital city of India, serves as the headquarters of Northern Railway. The whole zone is divided into five divisions namely Delhi, Ferozpur, Ambala, Lucknow and Moradabad for smooth administration. The Challenge: Providing a Train Schedule management system. Under the latest Scenario of Digitizing every part, train info/schedule management system scope is to inform commuters about the schedule time, arrival time, delay warnings, reasons about each and every train of respective station. It should be nicely wrapped with a backend UI to manage, add, edit, delete trains and at the same time can show informative images and video streaming to passengers. A real time application with sound interaction of client and server for seamless flow of real time data. The Solution: OS: Windows Client / Server Languages: PHP5.2 , JQUERY, AJAX Framework: Zend Framework Database: MySQL Workload: 1000+ Clients can add to the main Server by means of TIMS
  13. 13. Self - Service Kiosks Maruti Suzuki is the world of high competition for the car manufacturing companies in India. In this automobile race, Maruti Suzuki has been able to build a larger consumer base on account of its world-class car models and sales services. The Challenge: To Provide Touch Screen Kiosk Application for Maruti Service Centers for Organizing their • Workshop Tools with Car Service Modules. • Day-today work status for its Employee. • New and Old Car Status 。 Contaminant proof and liquid resistance 。 High accuracy and durability 。 High resolution and sensitivity The Solution: OS: Windows Client / Server Languages: JQUERY, AJAX, CSS Workload: For 300+ Maruti Service Station
  14. 14. (CMS) Content Management System for a provincial ICT association, using open source technology. Features include: News and Events content management. Membership directory. Email notifications for content updates and media releases. News and Events content management. Integrated Twitter and Base camp feeds. Web links : A community site to provide paid mentoring and apprentice features to its members. Web link : An Online Application to provide colleges and students connectivity by registering themselves and filling out various forms for financial aid as well as admissions. Web link :
  15. 15. Online TV sites which shows channels in hebrew language. Peleg doors Website in hebres Language Web links : Community sites Site for hiring teachers on subject basis on hourly rates. It also act as campaigning and advertisement site for institute 360Entertainment is a reputable event promotions, talent management, and talent booking agency Candidate promotional site for county elections in Fulton Web links :
  16. 16. News portal logistic related website where logistic companies become member and share knowledge Web links : Voting site We worked with Blueapple Online (noida based IT company) for this project. Web link: Both sites are e-commerce sites for selling branded replica watches and wallets . Developed in core php Web link:
  17. 17. USA Office 2515 University Ave, Bronx,  New York - 10468 +1 347 493 6307 Mail to : ODC 1 RZ-98 New Uttam Nagar,  Near Arya Samaj Road, New Delhi – 110059 ODC 2 - Head Office RZD 1/10 A, JeewanPark, Janak Puri,  New Delhi-110058 +91 11 6414 9896;  +91 90  151 999 77 Mail to : You can also Contact us with Skype ids:   24x7 Support • RhaaSoft • Bharat831 • Vinay.Ratra