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Cad systems

  1. 1. CAD Systems TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Submitted to Submitted by Mr Manoj Tiwari Vinay Prajapati Asst. Professor MFTECH, Sem-III NIFT, Gandhinagar NIFT, Gandhinagar
  2. 2. GERBER XLc7000
  3. 3. GERBER XLc7000The XLc7000 multi-ply GERBERcutter®offers unmatched price-performanceand exceptional reliability from theleading supplier of automated cuttingsolutions.It cuts up to 7.2 cm of compressedmaterial – accommodating a widevariety of fabric types and materialwidths up to 2.0 meters.
  4. 4. Better TechnologyGERBER BRISTLE SQUARE GRAPHICAL TOUCH-SCREENGERBER BRISTLE SQUARE® Intuitive graphical touch-screencutting surface allows knife blade simplifies operator training and useto penetrate without damage
  5. 5. Accurately Cut Parts• The XLc7000 employs a powerful vacuum system to hold material firmly in place during the cutting process delivering cut parts that are accurate ply to ply.• Gerber’s Knife Intelligence® feature senses deflection of the knife caused by cutting difficult materials or high-ply spreads and changes the knife angle to compensate for this deflection. This results in more accurately cut parts and makes it possible to nest parts closer together to achieve outstanding material utilization.• Automatic SMARTbite™ calculator analyses each marker to determine the maximum number of pieces to be cut with a minimum number of material advances to maximize cutter throughput.• Long vertical knife strokes and automatic knife re-sharpening eliminate hanging• threads ensuring quality cut parts from top to bottom ply.• Operators can easily adjust cut speed and knife speed according to the type of• material being cut to maximize throughput.
  6. 6. Easy2Use; Comfortable• The XLc7000 GERBERcutter employs superior ergonomics in its height, size and placement of controls.• A material clamp bar and conveyorized table with Bristle Square cutting surface automatically conveys material from spreading table.• A conveyorized take-off table cleanly removes cut parts from the bristle surface for quick and easy bundling.• CutWorks® MPC control software employs an intuitive graphical touch- screen to simplify operator training; includes a CutWizard to guide the operator through the cutting process. Continuous, real-time, graphical display of operating parameters, vacuum level and cut speed provides a comprehensive overview of the entire cutting process.• Easily stores cutting setup files for quick retrieval to accelerate future cut jobs.• Software screens and operating manuals available in Chinese, English and Spanish.• Fully network-compatible for easy transfer of data from CAD systems.
  7. 7. Realize a Fast Return• Automated cutting requires less labour to generate more cut parts.• An optional, intelligent, high-efficiency variable vacuum control lowers electrical consumption and associated expenses.• With its low initial capital investment, low cost of ownership and superb accuracy and throughput, the XLc7000 delivers the best price- performance in its class.
  8. 8. Options & Services• Lateral travel kit enables cutter to move between multiple spreading tables• Variable vacuum regulation• Complete service and parts supply packages• Comprehensive operator and technician trainingSupported Cut Data Files• Interface to open standard data formats produced by most CAD products• Gerber AccuMark® native marker data
  9. 9. Highlighted FeaturesFabric Drill - up to 12.7 mm (0.5 in) diameter Vortex knife cooler Barcode reader GERBERspreader™ tension-free material spreading system
  10. 10. Cutting Table Measures
  11. 11. Lectra VectorAuto MP9
  12. 12. Lectra VectorAuto MP9• Mass-producing parts for vehicle interiors at low cost requires perfect cutting quality, high productivity, and excellent manufacturing process control.• New materials and increasingly varied models are also introducing a requirement for greater flexibility.• With the VectorAuto MP9 cutter, which works equally well with foam materials and difficult synthetics, being more competitive in a changing environment has never been so easy.
  13. 13. Merits• Up to 9cm cutting height, ultra-rapid drill tool change, and precision cutting even with the most difficult materials: VectorAuto MP9 is the ideal tool to produce high volumes with maximum flexibility.• Perfect geometry of cut pieces, with flow system adjustable material hold and high-tech cutting head.• Complete control of the production process through pre-determined machine settings accessible using a simple bar code reader.• Automotive process-oriented software suite ensures an instant error free response to changes in production and provides operational traceability.• Foam materials, which can easily become distorted, are held in place perfectly by the digitally controlled variable vacuum system.
  14. 14. Merits…• Operator training is quick, due to the intuitive ergonomic software interface.• Predefined preventive maintenance schedules and recommended replacement parts kits ensure high system up-time.• Quick, simple integration of VectorAuto MP9 into your production process with the support of our worldwide network of experts.
  15. 15. Software & OptionsVectorPilot Auto MP • A component in a streamlined software suite, VectorPilot Auto MP is the interface between the process planning department and the cutter. • The operator is guided at all times during the cutting process, in line with instructions supplied by the process planning department. • In particular, the VectorPilot Auto MP software gives the operator instructions for installing drilling and cutting tools. Its reporting functions enable analysis
  16. 16. Software & Options…The Eclipse System Included as Standard • Increases productivity by up to 10%. • Eclipse enables VectorAuto MP9 to cut while material advances onto the cutting surface, thereby generating a constant flow of cut pieces. • It is particularly recommended for foam materials sensitive to changes in pressure, as Eclipse ensures a constant level of vacuum pressure.
  17. 17. Software & Options…VectorMethods Auto Software Available as an Option • Preparation software module for use by process planning staff, Vector Methods Auto processes all the data required by spreading and cutting stations and ensures the integrity of the production process. • The bar code printed on the job sheet generated by Vector Methods Auto means your production cycle is free from all manual data entry. • Optimized adjustments prepared by your process planning experts are automatically applied by the Brio Auto spreader and cutters in the VectorAuto range.
  18. 18. Hardware OptionsThe Transfer System • Provides great flexibility in production configuration because it enables the VectorAuto MP9 to move between a number of different spreading tables.
  19. 19. Technical Specifications Perfectly suited to the materials and shapes used in the automotive interiors industry and capable of cutting up to 9 cm (3"1/2) of compressed foam material, VectorAuto MP9 guarantees high production volumes in conditions where extreme accuracy is required.
  20. 20. Investronica Diamond
  21. 21. Investronica Diamond INVESTRONICA SISTEMAS is the most advanced solution for the cutting room, especially for cutting denim fabric, providing the greatest productivity in the market together with maximum cutting quality, including cutting the materials most frequently used. This system includes the innovative solution BALANCED KNIFE and includes great features.
  22. 22. Features• Cutting height 70 mm.• Conveyor belt surface to transport material automatically.• Digital control unit with 32 bit processor designed to drive five servo- controlled axes.• Self-diagnostics for automatic detection of errors.• Integrated control post in a WINDOWS environment from which the cutting process may be monitored and modified using the program EASYCUT.• Automatic detection and correction of blade bending.• BALANCED KNIFE allows height moulds of hard fabric to be cut, avoiding differences between the top and lower layer of the mould.• Automatic blade speed adjustment to prevent fusion of difficult materials.
  23. 23. Features…• Automatic grinding mechanism.• Optimisation of grinding times.• Automatic correction of blade wear• New compact, ergonomic design.• "On line" connection with the whole INVESMARK range.• Connectivity with other systems through ISO/ANSI/AAMA 001 1992 standards.• Reports on production completed.• Automatic selection of user language.• Real time monitoring of production data.
  24. 24. Available Options1. TRAVELLING SYSTEM lateral movement to provide service to several laying tables.2. Inclusion of the "MATCHING SYSTEM" for cutting checked or patterned fabrics.3. Blade cooling system.4. Different types of heads and blades for special applications.5. Double drill and thermal drill.6. Different vacuum table measurements.7. Barcode data input8. Automatic control for adaptable regulation of the vacuum level.9. Different lengths and widths of cutting window.10. Automatic mat cutting system.
  25. 25. INVESCUT System• New fully reinforced headpiece• Greater blade action speed• More robust, resistant and longer lasting blade• Fully reinforced blade action• Blade grinding mechanism• 75 mm. capacity under the cloth press foot (70 mm. with automatic correction)• Special anti-vibration design
  26. 26. THANK YOU