website benefit for small business


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website benefit for small business

  1. 1. "Im just a tiny business... Why would I need to build a website?“ "Designing a website sounds like so much work... Would it be worth it?“ "Why bother? My customers probably wont even look at it.“The truth is, small businesses should have a website.
  2. 2. Why Have a Website ? Advantages of Creating a Website for Your Small Business• A website provides your company history.• Giving new contacts an easy way to learn more about you .• A website can be viewed at leisure.• A website advertises 24/7, 365.• A website can showcase your products.• A website can cross geographical boundaries.• A website can attract new suppliers.• Making updates easier and less expensive than printed materials.• Providing a place for all the information you need to answer prospects questions.
  3. 3.  Wants to gain product/service information before making adecision Has time to browse now: at midnight Wants to comparison shop before making a commitment Wants the assurance your firm is professional, up-to-date,credible.
  4. 4. •Provides an instant visual presentation•Customers stay updated•Customers can compare online•Clear product information for the customer•Transparent pricing•Reduction in personal carbon footprint.•24/7 Shopping
  5. 5. Benefits That Benefit YOU•Making your company look Professional and Established, while extending your brand .•Helping you find and connect with new clients .•Build branding .•Increases awareness of products/services .•Encourage more repeat business from existing clients .•Adds credibility , Easy to update .
  6. 6. •Expands market place .•Make yourself visible to new technology .•Ease of communication .•Improves customer relations .•Stay ahead of or keep up with competition , Stand out from the crowd .•Increases hours of operation .• Low-cost method of promoting your business .•Reduce publishing costs .•Reduce marketing costs .•Reduce communication costs .•Enhance your image / Reflect your spirit .•Improve customer service / Reduce costs .
  7. 7. The services we offer are based on sound business principles, and several years experience developingIT systems for demanding clients. At Krushtech Infomedia we not only implement the functionality yourequire, we also pay attention to non-functional requirements for your site, such as usability,performance, maintainability and compatibility across web browsers.We work with small to medium size clients across all industries. We recognise that a website can be asignificant investment for any company. We therefore ensure that we conform to the latest webdevelopment standards and techniques, as this will save you money when it comes to the maintenance ofyour site.
  8. 8. Design And Develop a Web Solution To Meet Your Requirements Accurately convey your corporate / brand identity . Reflect the personality of your business . Fulfil the business purpose for the site . meet the needs of your customers within your budget . In addition to your requirements, the site will be designed and developed to comply with internet best practice as well as any relevant legal requirements .Preparing Material For Your WebsiteProbably the hardest part of creating a website, is the preparation of the content. Mostof the content may already be available in the form of conventional marketing material andneeds to be selected carefully for incorporation into your website. Graphic design . Establishing a corporate / brand identity. Preparation of images for web publication. Copy writing
  9. 9. Advise On The Integration Of The Solution Into Your BusinessIntegrating your website into marketing activities .Use of e-mail for internal and external communicationsThe use of e-mail for direct mail campaignsProcesses to support functionality of the web solutionMonitoring and measuring the success of your solutionDevelop a Strategy For Maintaining The Website In Line With Developments In YourBusiness Depending on the frequency and nature of changes Depending on your in-house skills Depending on the level of control you require
  10. 10. Advice On Wider Internet-related IssuesIf this is your first venture onto the internet, there are likely to be additional areas that needto be addressed:Domain name registrationArrange website hostingSearch engine submissionE-mail setup and usageVirus protection and internet securityComputer networksData protection legislationDefine a Programme Of Manageable, Affordable Developments Towards Your Longer-Term Goal The internet and websites open up a range of opportunities, some or all of which would be beneficial to your individual business. A phased approach is often beneficial as it allows you to publish a site quickly, before then taking your time to arrive at your ideal solution. We will work with you to define a logical programme of website development and marketing activities that will take you towards your longer term goal, at a pace that matches both your business need and budget.