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Design for Simplexity


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Complexity is inevitable! Designers need to design for simplicity by leveraging complexity to their use...

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Design for Simplexity

  1. 1. design for Simplexity design should always be a simple expression of purpose
  2. 2. Historical context of design disciplines Architecture, industrial design, communication design Less is more Postmodernism Neo Modern 1995 •Steel and Glass •Intelligent buildings •Revival of older styles 1975 •Fusion of forms •Mixing classical and modern forms Modernism •Purist •International Style •Minimalism •Leveraged Industrial revolution •Absence of decorations •Simplification of forms 1900 Classical Styles •Ornamental •Decorative Less is bore
  3. 3. less is more Farnsworth House One-room weekend retreat designed and built by German-American architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe,
  4. 4. less is bore Wu Hall Princeton University, New Jersey, deigned by Robert Venturi
  5. 5. A genius minimalist. Dieter Rams
  6. 6. “Simplicity is hopelessly subtle, and many of its defining characteristics are implicit (that it hides in simplicity)”
  7. 7. Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious, and adding the meaningful.
  8. 8. Simplicity is about standing for the core values
  9. 9. complexity
  10. 10. “we live in an age when unnecessary things are our only necessities” Oscar Wilde, Irish poet and writer
  11. 11. Things that seem complicated can be preposterously simple; things that seem simple can be dizzyingly complex.
  12. 12. 10 Hrs, 10 Min To yield a single, simple piece of information Complex cogs, gears, springs and flywheels of a watch Helps in accurately rotating hour and minute hands
  13. 13. Google search experience is simple… Google in not!
  14. 14. we love complexities
  15. 15. 1. Content VS controls No games would sell if they are simple… No games would sell if the gaming console is made complex. Similarly, no one wants to ride a sports bike on a straight road either. Bike still require simpler cotrols
  16. 16. 2. Simplicity comes at the price of complexity We were all excited to replace paper with plastic… which made our lives simpler ….but then! Multiple cards Multiple banks surcharge loyalty points Payment cycles Multiple pins Call centers frauds theft overspend
  17. 17. 3. Complexity is required for business because to drive sales
  18. 18. Even when you sell washing machines like these once!!!
  19. 19. People are NOT willing to pay for a product that looks less capable …. At the same time not willing to compromise on controls
  20. 20. So, if Simplicity and Complexity needs to coexist. We need a way to strike the right balance
  21. 21. Ways to achieve simplexity This can be tricky when you design for digital experiences…
  22. 22. delight Misalignment with the purpose This is difficult Gamification Genius design complexity Poorly products and services Start here simplicity Should not be difficult Usable with little differentiation
  23. 23. Possible possibilities… Move it far Eliminate Thoughtfully Manage choices by organization Allow scarcity and Constraints Make information visual Recognize patterns Design for Speed Instant gratification Make it human Make it humorous
  24. 24. Move it far More appears like less by simply moving it far
  25. 25. Eliminate thoughtfully Upgrade the value of a product by simplifying it and not downgrade – „don‟t make it bore‟
  26. 26. Managing choices by organization Paradox of choices require better organization of choices or provide no choices (“Plug it in and get a completely random mix of your music library) –ipod shuffle and radio example for giving no choice
  27. 27. Design for Speed Savings in time feel like simplicity Facebook graph search Progress Display . Style Deception
  28. 28. Instant gratification
  29. 29. Allow scarcity & Constraints scarcity vs. abundance
  30. 30. Recognize Patterns Pattern recognition Recognition over recall
  31. 31. Make it humane
  32. 32. Vs
  33. 33. Vs
  34. 34. Make it visual
  35. 35. exploratory
  36. 36. Design for context
  37. 37. Make it humorous Consider these two signs
  38. 38. Happy weekend Consider these two signs