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  1. 1. Vol. XXV No. 1; January 1 st fortnight issue 2013 A DDP PUBLICATION Pages: 44 (Excluding cover) ` 50/-
  2. 2. JANUARY 1 ST FORTNIGHT ISSUE 2013 TRAVTALK 1 travtalkindia.comddppl.comIndia ready with a new approach Seaplanes to soar inThe new initiative includes developing world-class infrastructure and training manpower. It also Indian skiesincludes undertaking aggressive promotional and marketing activities… With extensive the world-class infrastructure coastlines and T T B U R E AU Our ministry has prepared a and manpower and undertak- numerous lakesI ncredible India has lined up a multi-pronged approach to aggressivelypromote tourism in India, saidK Chiranjeevi, Minister for ing aggressive promotional and marketing activities. The recently launched phase two of Incredible India campaign indicates a paradigm shift multi-pronged strategy to increase India’s share in World Tourist Arrivals in several parts of the country,State for Tourism with with the focus now being on Maritime EnergyIndependent Charge to the consumers. The emphasis is wildlife, breath taking “Tourism is now recog-global audience that had gath- on the fact that international mountains and vibrant nised as the driver of the Heli Air Servicesered to witness the grand tourists can find their destina- festivals. In fact, India economic growth. It’s alsofinale of the World Travel tion or product of desire in bagged three prestigious reckoned as the best tool to K Chiranjeevi Minister for State for Tourism (MEHAIR) plansAwards in India. India,” said Chiranjeevi. India offers a wide variety of travel World Travel Awards (WTA), namely World’s Leading promote sustainable develop- ment and address the inclusive turing, etc. Another unique to introduce sea- “Our ministry has pre-pared a multi-pronged strate- attractions, which exhibit our traditional culture, Destination- India, World’s Leading Tourist Board- growth concerns. Tourism has the potential to stimulate other aspect of the tourism sector is that it provides employment planes in Kerala,gy to increase India’s share in ethos and modern outlook. Incredible India and World’s economic factors through even to the unskilled and Mumbai and Goa.World Tourist Arrivals. It Tourism also draws strength Leading Tourist Attraction- its linkages with a host of sec- semi-skilled manpower,”includes the development of in India from its diverse Taj Mahal. tors like agriculture, manufac- said Chiranjeevi. See full story on page 18Lufthansa bags WTA Tourism needs a makeover? Experts believe that bringing change in orientation of the tourism industry as pro-poor sector and its ability to generate jobs will put its genuine demands on a stronger pedestal. VIVEK SETHI the top decision makers in the Professor Emeritus, London travel and hospitality industry School of Economics, who SanJeet, Director, DDP Publications presents the World Travel Award (WTA) to Axel Hilgers, Lufthansa’s Director-South Asia. The service has been adjudged as the Worlds Leading Airline- Economy Class. WTA has capped its year-long search for the most popular travel and tourism brands in the world with its glittering Grand Finale Gala T he interactive session called by the World Travel & Tourism Council, India Initiative (WTTCII) titled ‘Leading together. The four eminent panelists included Arun Maira, Member, Planning Commission, Parvez Dewan, Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, dwelt deep into various possi- bilities of making tourism a profitable and priority sector. Here are the excerpts from the various expert insights:- Ceremony in Delhi - NCR, India on December 12, 2012. The decision-makers of the industry attended the VIP evening, which was officially supported by the Ministry of Tourism Through Turbulent Kapil Kaul, CEO, South Asia, Tourism, Government of India, and hosted at The Oberoi, Gurgaon. Times’ in New Delhi brought CAPA and Ian Angell, Contd. on page 6
  3. 3. BULLETINMOT to study tax impact on tourismThe ministry will conduct the study of comparison on the impact ofexcessive taxes on tourism viz-a-viz export industry and also with thecompeting neighbouring countries. T T B U R E AUT he Ministry of Tourism is now preparing to studythe ground realities, as tocreate a more conducivebusiness environmentin the tourism industry.K Chiranjeevi, Minister ofState for Tourism withIndependent charge has IATO team with Tourism Minister Chiranjeevi (third from left)announced that his Ministrywill conduct comprehensive tries,” said Chiranjeevi, and export industry status is as the export industry isstudy on impact of taxation while addressing the dele- given to the tourism industry, exempted from service taxon the tourism sector. gation of the Indian tourism will go up by at least whereas the tourism industry Association of Tour 50 per cent in the country. is not. This is resulting in “The ministry will con- Operators (IATO) in discrimination not onlyduct the study of compari- “Visa-on-Arrival scheme New Delhi. against the exporters, butson of the impact of exces- should be extended to all also against tour operators insive taxes on tourism indus- The EC members of tourism-friendly countries. In the neighbouring countriestry viz-a-viz the export IATO had met the minister in countries where Visa-on- like Sri Lanka, Nepal etc,industry and also the com- his office and apprised him of Arrival is not possible, e-visa who are not paying any taxesparative analysis on the tax the pertinent issues. Subhash should be issued for travelling and the business for Indiastructure on the Indian Goyal, President, IATO to India. Indian tour operators is being routed throughtourism industry with com- apprised the minister that if are being discriminated them,” Goyal added.peting neighbouring coun- Visa-on-Arrival is expanded against the physical exporters
  4. 4. STATISTICS VIEWPOINT 1 bn tourists = 1bn opportunities According to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), Together in 2013 one billion tourists have travelled internationally in 2012. This is equal to one in every seven people on the planet travelling the world in 2012, T he Travel & Tourism Industry is moving forward on a very positive note… The policy initiatives launched up from just 25 million in 1950. T T B U R E AU • US$ 1.2 trillion in exports nomic conditions, and is key to the power of one during the last two months of the calendar a year supporting the global economy billion tourists to affect year 2012 hold promise for more path- breaking measures that shall be rolled out T he figure establishes tourism as one of the world’s largest and fastest • Six per cent of world trade • Eight per cent of the in current challenging times. UNWTO forecast point- positive change making small changes to their travel behaviour. by in 2013. The two new marketing ed to the one-billionth tourist growing economic sectors. It exports of least developed The campaign, One Billion arriving somewhere in the campaigns covering both international and accounts for: countries world in December. UNWTO Tourists: One Billion • Nine per cent of global Opportunities, called on the domestic markets, followed up by a GDP (direct, indirect and For developing countries, chose December 13 as the one billion tourists to make symbolic arrival date of the comprehensive study on the fall-out of induced) tourism brings much needed- one-billionth tourist. their actions count by saving excessive taxation and setting up of a foreign exchange and invest- water and energy, using • One in every 12 jobs ment. Tourism has also proven To celebrate, the associ- public transport, protecting regional tourism promotion council in a worldwide (direct, indirect to be an extremely resilient ation ran a global campaign heritage and more. and induced) span of less than two months, further sector, despite uncertain eco- to raise awareness of strengthens our hopes for 2013. In 2012, a record one billion tourists crossed international New Year brings with it a feeling of good 1 out of 7 people travel in 2012 borders in a single year. will, cheer and relief. One more year has & how they make a difference Another five to six billion are estimated to travel in their own countries every year. gone and our business is doing well despite the global crunch. I don’t want to sound like a messiah or a doomsday nemesis, but if we want to reach international standards, then together as an industry we need to take a vow for 2013 to carry our business and this country forward with a feeling of pride and ownership. There are plenty of opportunities in India for it to be sold as a destination, bestowed with incredible travel offerings that have Source:@UNWTO:2012 plenty to satisfy the needs of all segments of travellers. To do this, even the smaller operators need to organise and work with a strategy:1. Five years from now, what is the world going to look like in which we run our business? Tourism matters a lot2. What will be the role of our company in this changed future?3. What are the steps we need to take, starting today, to get there? We must learn to value our people as much as we value the opinion from the other captains of the industry. Ask them for their views, let them evaluate their own everyday work and fit it into the broader discussion of what to achieve in that time period. This will help us draw the path of operations, which will help in Source:@UNWTO:2012 achieving the desired targets five years from now. Wishing you all a wonderful New Year, filled with success and peace of mind. Vikramajit Editorial Advertising Advertising (Mumbai) TRAVTALK is a publication of DDP Publications Private Limited. All advice before acting on information contained in this publication The publisher assumes no responsibility for returning any MUMBAI: Suchita Saran Chairman Ratan Kr Paul Gunjan Sabikhi Branch Manager information in TRAVTALK is derived from sources, which which is provided for general use, and may not be appropriate material solicited or unsolicited nor is he responsible for 504, Marine Chambers, 43, New Marine Lines, Opp. SNDT College, General Manager for the readers’ particular circumstances. Contents of this material lost or damaged. Mumbai - 400 020, India, Ph.: +91-22-22070129; 22070130 Vivek Sethi Karishma Khanna Harshal Ashar we consider reliable and a sincere effort is made to report Megha Paul Sr. Manager Marketing Deputy Genral Manager accurate information. It is passed on to our readers without any publication are copyright. No part of TRAVTALK or any part of the SanJeet This publication is not meant to be an endorsement of any MIDDLE EAST: Devika Jeet Shailendra Shukla Priyanshu Wankhade contents thereof may be reproduced, stored in retrieval system Durga Das Publications Middle East (FZE) Publisher Asst. Manager Advertising responsibility on our part. The publisher regret that he cannot specific product or services offered. The publisher reserves the Anita Jain Sr. Manager Marketing Z1-02, PO Box: 9348, Saif Zone, Sharjah, UAE Dency Mathew Udit Pandey Rishika Karra accept liability for errors and omissions contained in this pub- or transmitted in any form without the permission of the pub- right to refuse, withdraw, amend or otherwise deal with all Ph.:+971-6-5528954, Fax: +971-6-5528956 Rupali Narasimhan Sr. Manager Marketing Sales Coordinator lication, however caused. Similarly, opinions/views expressed lication in writing. The same rule applies when there is a copy- News-Editor Geetika Pathak Advertisement Designers advertisements without explanation. Editorial Director by third parties in abstract and/or in interviews are not neces- right or the article is taken from another publication. An exemp- TRAVTALK is printed and published by SanJeet on behalf of Peden Doma Bhutia Manager Advertising Vikas Mandotia/Nitin Kumar Amit Sarkar sarily shared by TRAVTALK. However, we wish to advice our readers tion is hereby granted for the extracts used for the purpose of All advertisements must comply with the Indian and DDP Publications Private Limited Desk-Editor Design: Nityanand Misra Deepa Sethi Asst. Manager Marketing Sudhir Mudgal that one or more recognised authorities may hold different views fair review, provided two copies of the same publication are sent International Advertisements Code. The publisher will not be 72, Todarmal Road, New Delhi-110 001 Archana Sharma Ph.: +91-11-23710793, 23716318, E-mail: Editor Photographers Production: Anil Kharbanda than those reported. Material used in this publication is intended to us for our records. Publications reproducing material either liable for any damage or loss caused by delayed publication, error Sub-Editor Simran Kaur-Delhi Circulation: Ashok Rana Printed at Cirrus Graphics Pvt. Ltd. B-62/14, Phase-II, Raina Mandal Bharat Dangiya-Mumbai for information purpose only. Readers are advised to seek specific in part or in whole, without permission could face legal action. or failure of an advertisement to appear. Naraina Industrial Area, New Delhi - 110 028
  5. 5. MOT JANUARY 1 ST FORTNIGHT ISSUE 2013 TRAVTALK 5Say Namaste, Italia!Parvez Dewan, Secretary, Ministry of Tourism at the inauguration of theexhibition titled - ‘Italia comes to you’, highlighted the need to increase bilateralefforts to increase the two-way flow of tourists between Italy and India. VIVEK SETHI counterparts to enhance the by the Indian Tourism 94 per cent from India. We (L-R): Dewan and Bruschini at the exhibition bilateral flow of visitors Secretary. had received 1,97,000 trav-“L ike Italy, India has cities that are world-famous with great tourist between the two countries,” said Marco Bruschini, Director General, Italian “India is an important market for us. Over the last ellers in 2010 who consumed an equivalent of 4,61,000 overnights. We aim to further tions with our Indian travel and trade partners,” he added. The National Tourism the said exhibition in other BRIC countries successfully and was now held in Delhiattractions. However, over State Tourist Board reacting five years, Italy has witnessed strengthen these numbers by Board ENIT, instituted to and Bengaluru in December2,00,000 Indians visit Italy to the gesture extended a tremendous growth of over also strengthening our rela- promote Italy had conducted 2012 over five days.p.a. while only half the num-ber of Italians come to India.Both countries need toenhance the bilateral flow ofvisitors and explore the truepotential of tourism in bothcountries,” said Dewan. The Secretary, whilediscussing the withdrawal ofthe mandatory requirementof the two months gap forforeigners visiting Indiaon a tourist visa, stated, “Weneed to build awarenessabout Indian cuisine and cin-ema, among many things toincrease the flow of Italianvisitors to India. The with-drawal of the mandatory gapfor foreigners visiting willdefinitely function as anincentive for our Italian visi-tors, as well,” he added. On the other hand, “Weare reinstating our NationalTourism Board’s office inNew Delhi from January. Wewill also undertake severalinitiatives with our Indian FTAs grow by 5.9% during Jan-Nov. As per the statistics released by the Ministry of Tourism, the Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) during the period January-November 2012 were 58.99 lakh with a growth of 5.9 per cent, over the same period in 2011, as compared to the FTAs of 55.72 lakh with a growth of 9.4 per cent during January- November 2011 over the corresponding period of 2010. FTAs during the November 2012 were 6.90 lakh as compared to FTAs of 6.70 lakh during the same month in 2011 and 6.08 lakh in November 2010. There has been a growth of 3 per cent in November 2012 over November 2011 as compared to a growth of 10.1 per cent that was registered in November 2011 over November 2010.
  6. 6. 6 TRAVTALK JANUARY 1 ST FORTNIGHT ISSUE 2013 NEWS Priya Paul is new Chairman, WTTCII Priya Paul, Chairperson, The Apeejay Surrendra takes over from Vikram Madhok, Managing Director, Ease taxation: A loud cry Contd. from page 1 Park Hotels has been appointed Abercrombie & Kent India, who completed his term at the Arun Maira, Member, Planning Parvez Dewan, Secretary, Ministry recently held AGM in Delhi. Commission- The travel industry has of Tourism We are willing to work The World Travel & Tourism a strong case to present to the with the industry to facilitate various Council, India Initiative government and get most of its measures and try to ease the permis- (WTTCII) was launched in year genuine demands addressed. But, sion seeking process, so that only a 2000 with a purpose to unite firstly, it requires itself to change its few permissions shall be required for key players from the industry image and portray itself as a sector various processes, like opening a to work closely with the that has immense job creation and hotel. But then having said that one Government and other stake- poverty alleviation potential. The Arun Maira needs to keep the federal set-up of Parvez Dewan travel industry needs to understand Member our country in mind. Everybody Secretary Priya Paul that like the tourism and hospitality Planning Commission needs to understand that the central Ministry of Tourism Chairman, WTTCII government can help them only to a sector, all the industries want tax concessions from the government. Here, change in orientation certain extent. as the Chairperson and Dipak of the tourism industry as pro-poor sector and its ability to Deva, CEO, Destination generate employment will put its case on a stronger pedestal. Management, India & South Kapil Kaul, CEO, South Asia, Asia, Kuoni Destination CAPA - The aviation sector in India Ian Angell, Professor Emeritus, had long been selling below costs. Management has been London School of Economics- The under recoveries had been appointed as the Vice Dipak Deva Excessive taxation is bad. In circum- huge and are contributing to the Chairman of WTTC, India Vice Chairman, WTTCII stances where it’s possible for a present position. One needs to Initiative 2013 at the recently project to pay for it, the government understand that the Incredible held Annual General Meeting should support it to pay for itself India tourism can’t stand without a of the World Travel & Tourism holders to address issues of through measures like tax holidays healthy aviation sector. After so Council, India Initiative concern and advocate policy Kapil Kaul and other incentives. CEO many years, the demand and supply (WTTCII) in New Delhi. Paul, directives to support the devel- South Asia dynamics look favourable to the who was the Vice Chairperson opment of the Travel & Ian Angell of WTTCII for the year 2012, Tourism sector. Professor Emeritus Indian airlines. London School of Economics‘India, China to lead Aviation this year’According to IATA, India, China and Latin America would continue to lead the growth next year in theglobal aviation industry which would improve its profit from USD 6.7 billion to an estimated USD 8.4 billion.Excerpts from speech by Tony Tyler during the IATA event. T T B U R E AU the past year are slots and a priority, the IATA Board of sions to this - cost and avail- concession agreement might passenger rights. Europe pre- Governors asked us to defend ability. As governments have prevented it. WeW hile Chinese domestic market continues toexpand ‘very strongly’ sented initial proposals for an Airports Package of legisla- the global system. And yes- terday, we had good news struggle with tight budgets, many are looking to the pri- have seen progress in India since our protests. The tion which included some from the European vate sector for help in devel- Minister has directeddespite a slowdown earlier very positive changes such as Parliament that the corner- oping airport infrastructure. the airports to removethis year, the Indian market, the introduction of greater stones of the Worldwide Slot India, for example, devel- airport development contrast, went into a competition for ground han- Guidelines have been main- oped Delhi into a first class That challenge now is to get‘sharp reverse’ in 2012 dling services at European tained. And it is not just hub airport with the partici- that implemented.following the problems airports. But it also proposed Europe. We are working in pation of private partners.faced by Kingfisher Airlines changes to the regulation of China, Colombia, India, The facilities are great. Butand the slowdown in Tony Tyler slots which would have taken Mexico, Poland, the UK the structure of the conces- Taking offthe Indian economy. Director General and CEO Europe away from some basic and the US, among other sion agreement requires theFollowing are excerpts from IATA Europe presented initial principles of the global best countries, to defend the concessionaire to return 46%a speech by Tony Tyler, proposals for an Airports practices which are codified appropriate application of of the top line revenue to theDirector General and CEO, Package of legislation which (and safety for that matter) is in the Worldwide Slot the global system. government. And this year,IATA during the event: included some very positive global standards, the same is Guidelines. Among other after a long process, the reg- We are also keeping a true for much of the way that things, the use-it or lose-it Infrastructure ulator approved a 346% changes such as the introduction of greater competition for groundclose watch on regulation. the industry is regulated. rule would have been Growth can be facilitat- increase in charge. That’s handling services at EuropeanJust as the solution for avia- Some areas which have been changed to 85-15 from the ed or inhibited by infrastruc- unacceptable for the indus- airportstion and the environment particularly newsworthy over globally accepted 80-20. As ture. There are two dimen- try. And a more realistic
  7. 7. EXHIBITIONS JANUARY 1 ST FORTNIGHT ISSUE 2013 TRAVTALK 7Witnessing innovations@FITUR 2013At FITUR 2012 in Madrid, around 1,800 trade appointments took place at different workshops that wereorganised within the framework of the fair. FITUR Know-How & Trade Institute (ICEX). It products and services, and this is a characteristic that and have produced some T T B U R E AU Export Forum, which seeks aims at promoting the value to buyers from other sets the fair apart from excellent results in the past, to add a value-added dimen- of expertise and experience foreign markets. other events. in terms of providing accessA ccording to its Ana Larranaga, Director,FITUR 2013 promises much sion to the business and innovation prospects of com- within the tourist industry as a means of boosting inno- Gateway to Latin Exhibitor’s delight to new markets, strategic alliances and trademore, as it has enhanced its panies operating within the vation and development. America and more These B2B meetings opportunities. These trade field, is promoted by the fair, Around 30 companies will FITUR effectively serves will take place within the meetings have proven tolegacy of niche B2B platforms in conjunction with SEGIT- present their potential, as a hub for the Latin framework of the Third be highly effective inand tools that are made avail- UR and the Spanish Foreign know-how and experiences, American tourist market Hosted Buyers Workshop previous to its travel trade part-ners. This will cater to theexhibitors’ delight and con-tribute important perspectiveto the industry on pertinentglobal developments. TheAna LarranagaDirectorFITUR The strong attendance of international tourism professionals reflect their interest in FITURdirector elaborates more onleading FITUR as the gatewayto the Latin American marketsand more. Excerpts:-Strategic B2B forumsand tools Larranaga says thatFITUR is committed to the ideaof innovation, always based onnew trends and new marketneeds. In this respect, in addi-tion to its most important newinitiative on this occasion, inthe form of the business forumknown as FITUR Know How &Export, the fair will incorpo-rate a new forum devoted towine tourism and hotels, aswell as others that focus onvarious areas of interest or ofup-and-coming importancewithin the tourism business,such as tourism efficiency(FITUR Green), the applicationof technology in tourism(FITURTECH) and the spe-cialised sections known asFITUR LGBT, ReceptiveTourism Spain and FITURActive. “All of these initiatives,offer important tools totourism professionals and inthis respect, we seek to makeour contribution to the futuregrowth of the tourist industry,”she says.
  8. 8. HOTELSKolkata airport boosts bizWith rise in the number of existing flights, introductionof new routes and ever-increasing tourists, hospitalitydevelopment will also rise. speaks to someeminent stakeholders to get their views on the same. M E G H A PAU L league of hotels - the business to be operational by hotels that will cater exclusive- 2013-14.” The occupancyT he new Kolkata airport has been upgraded tohandle 20 million passengers, ly to the MICE segment, he adds. With a focus to promote the East as a potential tourism will also increase, if the Government is able to attract investment todouble the current capacity. hub, CII has been hosting the the city. The success of Saugata Mukherjee MJ Robertson Marco Saxer Regional Director - Co-Chairman Tourism Committee - Bengal General Manager Eastern Region CII Chamber of Commerce & Industry Swissotel Kolkata The development The new airport Companies at the airport will will bring more would like to have positive hospitality showcase the effects on the business and new airport to hotel industry in relieve air their colleagues Kolkata congestion and partnersThe initiative of Airports event Destination East, the their efforts will alsoAuthority of India (AAI) to first B2B event in the region. reflect on occupancy,transform Kolkata airport into The airport development will he points out.a hub for South-East Asia will boost this event as well. The According to Marcosoon be a reality. The new third edition of ‘Destination Saxer, General Manager,integrated terminal in the East’ will be organised from Swissotel Kolkata, the new ter-upgraded Kolkata airport is to February 8-15 in Kolkata, minal will help Kolkata tobe fully functional by the first he informs. achieve greater number ofquarter of 2013. Industry MJ Robertson, Co- visitors. Not only corporate,leaders see a big spurt in the chairman, Tourism but more of transient guestshospitality development in Committee - Bengal Chamber will now frequent the city.the region. of Commerce & Industry MICE and smaller meetings Saugata Mukherjee, opines, “The new airport will will be held in Kolkata as manyRegional Director - Eastern not only bring in more hospi- companies in Kolkata wouldRegion, CII feels, “An increase tality business, but will also like to showcase the new air-in international flights is antic- relieve the considerable con- port to their colleagues andipated, as Kolkata is the only gestion presently seen at the partners, he comments. Thegateway to all of eastern India. existing airport. It will also General Manager expects aAlso, with the increase in provide the much-needed rise in occupancy from theinbound footfalls from ASEAN support to the airlines to existing 76 per cent to over 80and the Far East, expand operations in the per cent. The ARR should alsodestinations in this region eastern sector.” witness some growth ofhave also been growing. almost 20 per cent. To cash inHospitality growth can never Regarding the boost to on the new airport, the hotelhappen in isolation and these the hospitality sector, will tie-up with the local cor-developments will surely affect Robertson says, “There are porate houses and airlines.the hotel industry in Kolkata a number of hotels coming “We have teamed up withpositively.” Also, with more up on the connecting road airlines flying to Kolkata andnumber of MICE travellers that from the airport. Big-ticket have optimised the searchmight visit the city now, operators are in the fray engine for our hotel onKolkata will witness a new and the hotels are all slated the web,” he adds. 1 lakh footfall in Kite Festival A two-day Delhi lakh footfall on both the days. ture this festival in its regular International Kite Festival was According to GG Saxena, extravaganza. Going forward, organised by Delhi Tourism & Managing Director and CEO, Delhi Tourism will bring back Transport Development Delhi Tourism & Transport the successful and much- Corporation (DTTDC), in asso- Development Corporation awaited food festival - Dilli Ke ciation with the Delhi govern- (DTTDC), Delhi Tourism plans Pakwaan. The festival will be ment on December 8-9. The to promote more of these old held at Baba Kharak Singh festival witnessed around one fading traditions and will fea- Marg from December 24-30.
  9. 9. NEWS JANUARY 1 ST FORTNIGHT ISSUE 2013 TRAVTALK 9Gujarat gets ready with ITTHE 2013As an integral part of the Vibrant Gujarat Trade Show, TAFCON is organising the International Travel TourismHospitality Expo (ITTHE) 2013 under the aegis of the Government of Gujarat from January 8-13. T T B U R E AU nated government cam- end break or longer holiday 25 countries. ITTHE 2013 all over the world showcase bound tourism. It will also paigns to promote to their trip. Foreign tourists will be an ideal platform for a diverse range of tourism see tourism professionalsG ujarat is one of the most proactive states when itcomes to taking initiatives in ‘Incredible India’.” Owing to the booming IT and out- sourcing industry, a growing spend more in India than almost any other country worldwide, he added. both national and interna- tional tourism organisations to meet, collaborate and dis- products. The Expo presents a perfect platform for both local and international trav- from India and around the world showcase a diverse range of accommodationthe tourism segment. Adding number of business trips are cuss inbound and outbound el and tourism organisations options, breathtakinganother feather to its cap, made by foreigners to India, The expo is expected to tourism. It will help the to collaborate and discuss tourism attractions and newthere is another interesting who will often add a week- have participation from over tourism professionals from inbound, domestic and out- airline routes.initiative coming up. At theIITHE 2013, hoteliers andother stake holders canexplore new market products,services and destinations,sign long-term deals, meetM L WadhwaCMDTAFCON India’s tourism industry is experiencing a strong growth, driven by burgeoning Indian middle class, rise in high-spending foreign tourists and government campaignstop international buyers andgenerate sales leads. Besidesthis, they can meet existingcustomers and channel part-ners, recruit new agents anddistributors and launch newproducts and packages atmust-visit show of the year. Talking about themuch-awaited event, MLWadhwa, CMD, TAFCONpointed out, “India’stourism industry is experi-encing a strong period ofgrowth, driven by the bur-geoning Indian middle class,growth in high-spendingforeign tourists and coordi- Meeting Point ITTHE 2013 will be an ideal platform for both national and international tourism organisations to meet, collaborate and discuss inbound and outbound tourism
  10. 10. HOTELSMoving ahead with cautionSaurabh Rai Bhatnagar, Regional Director (South Asia),Preferred Hotel Group, talks about commitment toconsolidate the existing portfolio along with the futuregrowth in key business and leisure cities in India. M E G H A PAU L alliances owing to the diffi- cult financial conditions asC hicago-based Preferred Hotel Group is targetingan increase in its clientele to these are anyways niche products.” The group typical- ly works on a five-to-seven35 hotel members in India by year contract with the hotel;the end of April 2014. “Over which is relatively shorterthe next 18 months, we plan given the average duration ofto have 35 member hotels. I management contracts ofam very confident that we the hard brand operators.will achieve these numbers,” “However, despite having aBhatnagar said. shorter term contract, we Saurabh Rai Bhatnagar South Asia Regional Director have over 95 per cent reten- The company currently Preferred Hotel Group tion rate,” he revealed.has 29 hotels, including NewDelhi-based Imperial and Confirming that theThe Leela Palace New Delhi of hotels in the market, we OTAs are a fundamental partas its members. In its are fully committed to deploy of online travel, Bhatnagar10-year old operations in the our existing infrastructure for emphasised, “We considerIndia market, the member our long-time partners by them as partners and wehotels are present in all six adding to their competitive would like to ensure that webrands, from five-star luxury strength,” he added. will continue our regionalPreferred Hotels and Resorts channel management. For Going forward, theto four-star Sterling Hotels retail, an OTA will pull in an group will also look atand Sterling Design. “We are entire inventory of the hotel, reassessing its relationshiplooking at both business and henceforth, we have with member hotels. Heand leisure destinations to tied up with over 140 key pointed out, “Our primeexpand our portfolio of Online Travel Distribution objective is to increase thetravellers,” he revealed. (OTD) companies around brand presence of the hotel the world.” In the changing sce- and its profitability. So evennario, where hospitality busi- if one of these get realigned,ness has been hit worldwide, it is important to reassess the Future Talkthe group is moving cautious- relationship. While hotelly in India as well. According owners are riding through It is of utmost importance thatto Bhatnagar, growth in India choppy waters, it would not utility of the existing hotelscannot just be defined by be surprising if owners are ought to be maximisednumbers. “In our business pushed to take some harsh While hotel owners are ridingproposition, it is of utmost decisions such as selling their through choppy waters,importance that utility of the hotels or letting it go to owners may be pushed toexisting hotels ought to be another operator. We do take some harsh decisionsmaximised. With new supply anticipate changes in such as selling their hotels Visit Finland adds X-Mas fervour Visit Finland invited travel trade to celebrate the spirit of Christmas and mood of the coming New Year with Santa from Lapland in New Delhi, which was very well attended by its travel trade partners.
  11. 11. STATES JANUARY 1 ST FORTNIGHT ISSUE 2013 TRAVTALK 11Uttarakhand lays out the welcome matThe Nanda Devi Raj Jatt is going to be held after 12 years in 2013 and thestate tourism board is ready to attract visitors, especially during this festival.Focussing on religious tourism, Uttarakhand is also promoting adventure. Himalayas and the Reserve, Corbett National years who come to T T B U R E AU revered Ganges. Park and Rajaji National visit Gangotri, Yamunotri, Park. The national parks are Kedarnath and Badrinath, theD omestic tourist visits to Uttarakhand increasedfrom 1.9 crore in 2007 to Uttarakhand has 65% forest cover and thus is home ideal for those seeking the call of the wild. Till now, four most holy pilgrimages know as the Char Dham. to the ‘Valley of Flowers’, the Uttarakhand has welcomed Now, the government is also2.66 crore in 2011, repre- Nanda Devi Biosphere pilgrims for thousands of promoting ‘village stays’.senting 4.1% growth. Theforeign tourist visitsincreased from 96,000 in2007 to 1.14 lakh in 2011showing a 0.73% increase.For 2012, the tourism boardexpects these numbers to risefurther and is going all out toattract more tourists. The State recorded goodgrowth in the tourism sectorand has prioritised this indus-Poonam ChandRegional Tourism OfficerUttarakhand Tourismtry due to the festival. Effortsto get Uttarakhand recog-nised worldwide as a tourismdestination are underway. In 2013, the tourismboard is going all out to pro-mote Nanda Devi Raj Jatt, animportant spiritual and cul-tural festival of Uttarakhand,which takes place after every12 years. This legendaryyatra will take place for thefirst time after the State’sformation. It would takeplace from August 29 toSeptember 16, 2013 andwill witness hundreds ofthousands of devoteesand enthusiasts from acrossthe world. It will cover along trek of about 280 kmswith 18 halts on the wayat an altitude of 3,960metres in 18 days. Uttarakhand is seen asfount of spiritual energy.Everyone cherishes comingto the hilly state to rejuve-nate oneself by the virtue ofits pristine beauty, wildlife,natural environs and placesof religious and pilgrimageimportance. It is ideal fortourists seeking peace andtranquillity, along withleisure and adventure activ-ities. The State has a perfectblend of spiritual, adventureand nature. The charm ofmeditation, spirituality, yoga,rural tourism, skiing,trekking, rafting amidst thefascinating views of mighty
  12. 12. HOTELSThe Address Hotels & ResortsIndia shining for Dubai AddressThe discerning Indian traveller has made it to the top list of TheAddress Hotels & Resorts, a Dubai-based five-star premiumhotel of Emaar Hospitality Group with an average of 3-5 nights. T T B U R E AU about deriving true value for ations in India for The Address money. With our portfolio of Hotels & Resorts over the lastI ndia is among the top five markets for us. This has setan all-new definition for glob- The Address Downtown Dubai, The Address Dubai Mall, The Address Dubai three years. “We have success- fully extended our reach in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengalurual standards in luxury hospi- Marina, The Address through our Indian partner.tality, says Seema Pande, Montgomerie Dubai and The Going forward, we look for-Group Director, Sales and ward to strengthening ourMarketing of The Address reach in Chennai andHotels & Resorts. Ahmedabad,” said Pande. “India has pleasantly “We value all our B2Bsurprised us with a fabulous partners and are always acces-increase in the numbers of sible to all our, small, mediumtop-end business in leisure, and large travel partners. WeFIT, corporate and MICE are fortunate to have an equalfront. With increase in the balance of corporate andfamily travel from India, we leisure travellers and thehave witnessed an impres- weekdays are as good assive growth in Indian wed- weekends. Even though wedings and engagements at Seema Pande have multiple teams takingour properties. The Indian Group Director, Sales and Marketing care of various travellers, wefamilies with members The Address Hotels & Resorts remain accessible and value allspread all over in USA, UK, our small, medium and bigEurope and other parts of the Palace Downtown Dubai, we B2B partners,” she, find Dubai to be an expect to close our 2012 yeareasily accessible destination with over 10-15% growthwith adequate air connectiv- from the Indian market. Weity and a welcoming visa are also looking at expanding India Market & Addressregime,” informed Pande. our presence in key destina- India is among the top five “The Indian visitors tions in the Middle East, North markets for usspend on an average of 3-5 Africa, the Indian subconti-nights and are among the top nent, South Asia and Europe,” We expect to close our 2012spenders. Indians are willing she added. The Nijhawan year with over 10-15 per centto spend on premium products Group has been taking care of growth from the Indian marketonly when they are convinced the sales and marketing oper-Jumeirah set to enter IndiaThe Group signs the first management agreement fora Mumbai property. They are also involved in advancenegotiations on potential projects. A N I TA J A I N our group properties, with room night occupanciesI n February 2012, reported the interest ofDubai-based luxury hotel improving by close to 50 per cent year-on-year. We have set our sight on city centresmanagement group - and resort destinations likeJumeirah Hotels, Resorts & Mumbai, New Delhi,Residences to enter the Bengaluru, Hyderabad, GoaIndian hospitality sector. In a and Kerala.latest development, thegroup has recently signed its The need for five-first management agreement star hotels in Indiafor a five-star property in Gerald LawlessLower Parel area of Central President & Group CEO has been growing Jumeirah GroupMumbai. The property is and we are happy toexpected to be launched by worldwide. At the macro have initiated the2017 and will house about level, Jumeirah will adhere to first phase of our470 spacious rooms, suitesand apartments along with its core business in India; expansion in India managing luxury and five- with our firstwide range of banqueting and star hotels and resorts usingF&B services. The name of an asset light approach. project in Mumbai.”the property, investmentdetails and additional facts Gerald Lawless, The group currentlywill be disclosed by mid President & Group CEO, operates 20 luxury hotels2013. The groups operating Jumeirah Group said, “India and serviced apartments,model is expansion through is one of the major players in including 10 in the UAE,the acquisition of manage- the global hospitality and seven in Europe, sevenment contracts in both key tourism industry, particularly in the Maldives and 1 ingateway cities and aspira- Asia. It is currently the third China with 15 additionaltional resort destinations fastest growing market for under development.
  13. 13. HOTELS JANUARY 1 ST FORTNIGHT ISSUE 2013 TRAVTALK 13Bengaluru gets its The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spafirst Marriott Hotel Marriott Hotel Whitefield,Bengaluru city’s first Marriottsits atop the newest mall IT hub in India and also has a GDP growth four times that of Bengaluru city. Adding value to the ValleyInorbit. It has one of thelargest ballrooms in the city Although the city has a lot of hotels but in Whitefield The new Gulmarg enterprise will aim at converting hordes of tourist daywith 2,500 sq metres of area, there is yet a dearth of trips to Gulmarg into overnight stays and more.outdoor space. The hotel rooms. There are no interna-has 324 rooms, including 17 tional five-star hotels in this T T B U R E AU year, the growth story area at this given point and of increasing footfalls only time. Whitefield not only houses most of the Fortune 500 companies but also has a W ith peace prevailing in Kashmir, tourism has now got a boost in the Valley. got better. However, now the problem that still looms large is the issue of steadily growing residential With an unprecedented 10.73 accommodation. population. The area itself is lakh tourists till September about 18km from the heart of Addressing this dilem- the city. The city roads ma is The Khyber Himalayan are choc block almost all Resort & Spa in Gulmarg. through the day, and residents The resort opened its doors Matthew Cooper prefer to stay in Whitefield on December 21 last year. General Manager over the weekend, constantly The 85-key resort is Marriott Hotel Whitefield Gulmarg’s first luxury resort looking for places to go to. and is spread over seven There are also plenty of com-suites. The executive lounge panies around the hotel and acres and located at an eleva- time and return to Srinagar “We are eyeing tion of 8,825 ft in the at night. Thus, the objective the inboundon the 15th floor offers the view these companies have ample Pir Panjal range of the of the hotel is to convert theof Whitefield and is available Marriott Rewards members Himalayas while overlooking day trips to overnight trips.” market, specificallyto guests staying on the exec- who are currently staying the Affarwat peaks. the travellersutive floor to conduct business elsewhere. Given this “Right from its openingand meetings. scenario, the hotel is bound Alex Koshy Supporting the desti- on December 21, the hotel who visit Gulmarg Talking about the to do well.” General Manager The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa nation with the hotel, Alex was sold out for the first two for skiingchoice of location for the The hotel property is also Koshy, General Manager, weeks,” he adds. during winters The Khyber Himalayanhotel, Matthew Cooper, banking on the MICE segment 30 in 2011, it seems that the Resort & Spa said, “All Being the best skiing while duringGeneral Manager, Marriott to boost their occupancy, since summers, we will love for Kashmir has been tourists include Gulmarg in destination in India, the hotelHotel Whitefield, says, the hotel houses a large func-“Bengaluru’s business hub is tion space. The hotel estimates rediscovered. This is a first, their itinerary. However, is targetting skiing enthusi- eye the domestic as it is the highest number of owing to the dearth of good asts all over. “Domestic travel tourists,” theclearly moving to micro-mar- the business mix to be about tourist arrivals in the state, hotels in the region, they is still at its peak during thekets. Whitefield is the largest 80:20 in the initial period. over the past 25 years. Last visit Gulmarg during day- summers in India.” GM reveals.
  14. 14. NTOMore than just stop-oversFor the first time, Turkish Hoteliers Federation hosteda 5-city roadshow in India to focus on the varieddestinations such as Istanbul, Cappadocia and Antalya. T T B U R E AUI n 2011, Turkey received 31.4 million foreigntourists of which 74,000were from India. In 2012,from January to September,the arrivals from Indiareached 66,700. In a bid tohard-sell itself as a businessand leisure destination inIndia, the country is now tar-getting a 30 per cent growth Emin Cakmak Ozgur Ayturk Founding Chairman Culture and Tourism Counsellorto get more than one lakh Turkish Healthcare Travel Council TurkeyIndian arrivals by 2013. This is the first time the The motive for Turkey hasTurkish Hoteliers Federationhas organised a roadshow in this roadshow plannedIndia. Emphasisng on wed- is to convert workshops andding, golf and honeymoon des-tinations such as Istanbul, this transit joint marketingCappadocia and Antalya, EminCakmak, Founding Chairman, business events withTurkish Healthcare Travel into overnight leading IndianCouncil pointed out, “Indiais one of the key markets for stays tour operatorsus and the positive growth rateof Indians visiting Turkeyhas strengthened our Turkey has planned 2013, we have also increasedconfidence in the market. media and ad campaigns apart our promotional budget, whichCurrently, a chunk of Indian from workshops and joint mar- has been earmarked for US$travellers visit Turkey only as keting events with leading two million. We will be spend-a transit destination. The road- Indian tour operators. Revealed ing nearly US$ 1 million forshow is to convert these Ozgur Ayturk, Culture and media and advertisement cam-transits into overnight stays Tourism Counsellor, Turkey, “In paigns as well.”in the country.”VisitBritain ups promotionIn a strategic initiative, it announced partnership in New Delhi. Both entities will work onpromoting new itineraries via a 3600 media campaign. T T B U R E AU the end of December. The through our TSI-Yatra initia- print campaign will kick-start tive. It has over 3,000 B2BI ndia remains one of our most important inboundmarkets,says Patricia Yates, in mid of January to be fol- lowed up by an intensive online campaign. The idea is partners, which will help us make the strategic alliance into a successful partner-Director - Strategy and to create various new itiner- ship,” Dev Added.Communications,VisitBritain. aries spread across 5-12 days. has already“This partnership will help They can cost anywhere done successful joint cam-us to broaden our appeal as between ` 90,000-2,25,000,a special destination andpromote all that is greatabout Britain, as to capitaliseon all the positive mega cov-erage after the LondonOlympics. Indian tourists canvery well choose from a tourof Buckingham Palace, see-ing the sunrise atStonehenge or watching acricket test match to name afew,” she says. (L-R); Neeraj Singh Dev, Patricia Yates & Shivali Suri which can be customised fur- paigns with other destina- The joint promotional ther and they will deliver on tions such as Thailand andinitiative is estimated to be the Indian aspiration to visit Malaysia. According to Dev,over £ 100,000 and will be tourist attractions beyond has seen growth inbeamed across electronic, London.” its visitor arrivals to Britainprint and B2B channels. by over 50 per cent.Here, Neeraj Dev, Head- “The B2B players in VisitBritain on the otherOutbound Product, India will also be able to ben- hand, has set an ambitiousadded, “We aim to utilise the efit from our strategic target of welcoming overstar power of Salman Khan to alliance, as they can sell the 5,00,000 Indian visitorsengage with the audience. various itineraries that will by 2012.The first TVC will go on air by be a part of our campaign