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Brief Introduction to Ember


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Basically a javascript framework for creating ambitious application.

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Brief Introduction to Ember

  1. 1. Ember.js A better framework for SPA Vinay B
  2. 2. What is Ember? • A framework for creating ambitious web application. • MVC client side JavaScript framework. • Convention over configuration and open source. • Designed for Single Page Applications. • Auto updating template.
  3. 3. Ember Architecture Server – side MVC Request Router Controller View Browser Model
  4. 4. Ember Architecture Client - side MVC Web API Ember Data/Models Controller Router Views (Template) Browser Events
  5. 5. Ember Components • Router • Controllers • Components • Views • Templates • Models
  6. 6. Ember - Router • Maps Application state in URL. • Keeps the URL up to date as you transition between routes.
  7. 7. Ember - Controllers • Present data for the view layer to render. • Object Controller and Array Controller.
  8. 8. Ember - Components • Creating a custom HTML tag. • It is a reusable controls for simplify the templates.
  9. 9. Ember – Views(Templates) • Ember uses a Handlebars for templating. • Handlebars is like regular HTML along with expression that will change. • App must have at least a outlet as placeholder for template.
  10. 10. Ember - Models • It is a place where you store your data. • Models are handled by Ember-Data.
  11. 11. Ember Thanks!