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Plate Magnet, Magnetic Plate Manufacturer, India


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Magnetic plate separator – magnetic plate supplier, magnetic plate manufacturer, plate magnet ahmedabad, india

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Plate Magnet, Magnetic Plate Manufacturer, India

  1. 1. Magnetic Plate: Separator of Metal  Magnetic Plate  Magnetic Plate Separator  Plate Magnet  Magnetic Separator  Application Areas
  2. 2. Magnetic Plate Magnetic plate are an important equipment in the industry used to separate the ferrous materials and iron from materials. They are used in various industries where the product is in powdery, moist or lumpy form. As manufacturer, we provide a wide range of magnetic plate that vary in the shape and size to suit the application area.
  3. 3. Magnetic Plate Separator Magnetic plate separator is mostly used in industries where the materials needs to be eliminated from ironic element in it. The separator is used to remove the foreign bodies from the product and improve the quality of your end product. We are top manufacturer of magnetic separator that are configured as per the requirement.
  4. 4. Plate Magnet Plate magnet is a flat magnet that is used over the product to remove the ironic substance. They are designed for use in various chutes and suspension over the product. We supply and export a wide assortment of plate magnets fabricated according to the need of the client.
  5. 5. Magnetic Separator The magnetic separator is specially used in those industries that work with substance made of iron. They help to remove the unwanted elements of iron from the final end product. This improves the quality of the substance that is to be made. We manufacture the magnetic separator in various dimension and characteristic that suit the client.
  6. 6. Application Areas The magnetic plate separator we provide is useful in wide number of industries. The range of industries and application where our magnetic plate separator is used are: Magnetic Plate Separator for Air Magnetic Plate Separator for Bulk materials Magnetic Plate Separator for Chute Magnetic Plate Separator for Chutes and slides Magnetic Plate Separator for Conveying material Magnetic Plate Separator for Conveyor Magnetic Plate Separator for Food industry Magnetic Plate Separator for In-line monitoring Magnetic Plate Separator for Liquids Magnetic Plate Separator for Metal Magnetic Plate Separator for Moist material Magnetic Plate Separator for Quartz sand Magnetic Plate Separator for Recycling industry Magnetic Plate Separator for Solid Magnetic Plate Separator for Free Flowing Material
  7. 7. Contact Us Address : Plot No. 60, Road No. 5, G.I.D.C, Kathawada, Ahmedabad-382430, Gujarat, India. Email :