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Sarkari naukri for mba


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Sarkari naukri for mba

  1. 1. Sarkari Naukri for MBA, Govt Jobs for MBA in 2012, Jobs for MBA FreshersGovernment job opportunities for MBAsMost of the degrees are acquired to better your job prospects and careeropportunities. The same applies to the MBA degree, the only specific thingregarding it is that it is the most valued degree all over the world and provide youwith amazing career prospects. People pursue this degree for the purpose ofpromotions in their jobs or for getting good jobs on the basis of this degree. Evenwithin your existing organization you will find the huge difference in your careerprospects before and after MBA. When you get an MBA degree a whole newworld of prospects open to you and you get promotions to managerial level onthe basis of new knowledge acquired through the degree. It changes your careeropportunities drastically.Government jobs after doing MBA People often have this misconception that an MBA degree will just help them ingetting good jobs in business sector – that is normally privately owned – simplybecause of its name. But it can be of great use in getting a good job in agovernment agency also. Such jobs require you to be team player and big thinker.These qualities are parts of MBA curriculum. But to absorb this capablegeneration, the government agencies have had a bad reputation since very long.They have realised it too late to value the MBAs as their staffers. These agenciesare now quite aggressively hiring people with MBA degrees. They understand,these people shall help government in many ways to improve their plans andfunctions. So, having a MBA degree improves your prospect of getting hired by agovernment agency a lot.
  2. 2. MBA specializations which will lead you to better government jobsThe following specializations are in high demands in government agencies:1. Marketing MBA, 2. Finance MBA, 3. Accounting MBA, 4. Computer SystemMBA, 5. e-Business MBA, 6. Entrepreneurship MBA, 7. Crime justice MBA, 8.Global management MBA, 9. Health Care Management MBA, 10. Human resourceMBA, 11. International Business MBA, 12. Leadership MBA, 13. Operations MBA,14. Project Management MBA, 15. Technology Management MBA, 16. MBA HRSome of the most important ones which will easily get you a job in anygovernment agency are Marketing MBA and Finance MBA.Importance of Marketing MBA in government jobsPeople who are in charge of Marketing in government agencies should be capableof creating good marketing strategies and conveying their message to people. AnMBA program provides you with all the theoretical knowledge along withpractical skills of marketing which makes you able to do the needful in the bestpossible manner and deliver the results as per requirement without any hitch. Theknowledge greatly helps in efficiently dealing with people leading to highprospects of job in government agencies associated with this sector.Importance of Finance MBA in getting government jobs
  3. 3. The government agencies related with finance are in search of those people whoare quick thinkers, have qualities of reviewing and planning finance relatedpolicies and may advise the government for gaining better financial status byemploying various methods and means. An MBA degree in finance teaches you allthese qualities and you can get a placement in finance department of topgovernment agencies.Other relevant details:The government of India enterprises, public undertakings etc. offer a great deal ofjobs for the MBAs which are usually advertised through news papers, placementagencies, notice boards and of course the websites. The placement agencies andthe internet are the best options to reach to these vacancy news. The selectionsare done through written tests added with personal interviews and groupdiscussions at times and this varies from organisation to organisation.The posts offered normally range from Assistant Manager/Junior Officers toSenior to top posts as well and that depends on the experience one possesses.There are vacancies many a times for the freshers also and induction starts asmanagement trainees.A good part attached to this qualification is that the senior level posts are alsoavailable and the age limits do not matter much, unless otherwise specified. Forexample many posts in these sectors accept the age beyond 35 or 40 years.The other main advantage with government jobs, as usual, is the reservation forthe reserved categories, say, handicapped, socially backward classes, etc.
  4. 4. Therefore those belonging to such sections may definitely get a priority overothers in selections.The CTCs also are offered in a variety of range which are in match with offers inthe private sector, these days. Thanks to the 6th pay commission which hasbrought this favourable change that the appeal for the government jobs has beenrestored and this sector is able to attract a good lot of MBAs.