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Corporate communications


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Corporate communications

  1. 1. CorporateCommunications By: Vinayak M Nagaonkar
  2. 2. “Communication works for those who work at it…” John Powell
  3. 3. Let’s Break the ICE… Technology Sports Apparels Junk FoodBeauty Products DJ’s Cars TOM Top of Mind
  4. 4. What is Corporate Communications?Corporate Communication is a total communication activitygenerated by a company, body, institute to its public(s) in orderto achieve its planned objective. Corporate Communications External Internal Agencies, Channel Partners, Employees, Stakeholders, i.e. Media, Government, Industry Share and Stock holders Bodies, Educational Institutes and General Public
  5. 5. What is Corporate Communications?In simple words: Corporate communication includes advertising, marketing communications, marketing, and public relations, but they all function under a managed perspective Corporate communication is managing an organizations internal and external communications
  6. 6. Evolution of Corp. Comm.- Until 1970s, the term Public Relations was used to describethe communication with stakeholders- The function largely consisted of communication with press- Other stakeholders (internal and external) started demandingmore and more information from company- Company’s started to look at communication as being morethan just Public Relations.
  7. 7. The Structure of Corp. Comm.(The main fields) Internal External HR PR MARCOM Promotions, Advtg. DM, POS etc. Crisis External Relations Aid Policy Consumer Relations, Management Product-Mktg. PR, Media, Financial Relations etc.
  8. 8. Vehicles of Corp. Comm.1. Corporate Logo 9. Customer relations initiatives – Pneumonic device 10. Advertising, PR, direct marketing,2. Stationary investor relations, marketing – Letter heads, visiting cards, promotions, exhibitions greetings, bills, estimates, memos, 11. Corporate collaterals (brochures, fliers, etc. newsletters etc.)3. Corporate fonts and typefaces 12. Security systems (employee4. Code of conduct (HR) registration) (HR) – Fair business practices and equal 13. Branded apparel opportunity employer 14. Commercial and personal Vehicle5. E-mail etiquette branding6. Templates for communications 15. Store / site signage.7. Internet and intranet branding8. Rewards, recognition and appraisals (HR)
  9. 9. Forms of Corporate Communications
  10. 10. Forms of Corporate CommunicationsInternal Communication:- Regular meetings with employees- Keep employees interested andsatisfied: •newsletters •fun at work initiatives •RnR’s, •get-togethers, etc.- Keep employees invested in thecompany’s way of thinking and operating- Employees are part of the company; sothat they identify the company’s successwith their own
  11. 11. Forms of Corporate CommunicationsConsumer Communication:- Influencing consumer spending- Outreach to the target audience must be consistent andongoing- Enhance company’s reputation through Advertising,Sponsorships and Charitable Relationships etc.- Improve the life of the consumer
  12. 12. Forms of Corporate CommunicationsMedia Communication:- Fundamental element of managing brand’s reputation- Media coverage creates more credibility than only advertising- Mostly used to increase product name recognition, establish abrand identity and to align with the target segment- different tactics for different audience
  13. 13. Forms of Corporate CommunicationsCrisis Communication:- Must be implemented quickly in order to be effective- Communication and message changes dramatically- Target audience may differ or expand- Message is of corporate responsibility, awareness and action
  14. 14. The Corporate Communications MixJust as there is a Marketing Mix, Services Marketing Mix,Promotional Mix a number of authors have attempted toarticulate a Corporate Communications Mix… The Corporate The Total Corporate Communications Mix of Communications Mix of Van Riel Balmer and Gray
  15. 15. Van Riel’s Corp. Comm. Mix Management Communications Marketing OrganizationalCommunications Communications
  16. 16. Balmer and Gray’s Total Corp. Comm. Mix Primary Secondary Tertiary Communications Communications Communications• Products / • Advertising • Word of Mouth Services • PR • Spin• Management• Staff• Corporate Behaviour
  17. 17. Difference Between Marcom and Corp. Comm.Marketing Communications Corporate CommunicationsCustomer Multiple StakeholdersDefined set of channels Multiple ChannelsControlled Communication Variety of CommunicationsTypesPositions a product or a Positions an entireservice organizationMore room for creativity Less room for creativityNeeds to be consistent with Needs to be consistent withProduct/Brand attributes Corporate Identity/Corporate Brand Attributes
  18. 18. The Concepts used in Corp. Comm.Concept Definition Example: “GTPL”Mission Overriding purpose in line with Reflecting our expertise and the values or expectations of over 75 years of experience by stakeholders offering quality solutions in the field of Cooling Towers and Cooling Water Systems and ensuring timely execution and completion of the project to achieve one goal – “Customer Delight”.Vision Desired future state: the “GTPL promises to deliver value aspiration of the organization to it’s customers by creating a committed society of engineers aiming at advancement and customization of cooling tower solutions and at the same time ensuring the conservation of the environmental resources.”
  19. 19. The Concepts used in Corp. Comm.Concept Definition Example: “GTPL”Strategies The ways or means in which We are not rank two in the the corporate objectives are industry, we are the to be achieved and put into challengers to the rank one. effectBrand Identity The outward expression of a BIM brand – including its name, trademark, communications, and visual appearanceCorporate Image The immediate set of We are not only in associations of an individual constructing bridges or in in response to one or more constructing highways. We are signals, messages from or a giant diversified group in about a particular engineering solutions organisation at a single point in time
  20. 20. The Concepts used in Corp. Comm.Concept Definition Example: “GTPL”Corporate An individuals collective - Gateway of IndiaReputation representation of past images - Delhi Metro Accident of an organisation established - Andheri Sports Complex over timeStakeholder Any group or individual who Employees, Industry Giants, can affect or is affected by Consumers, Vendors and the achievement of the Suppliers, Community, organizations objectives Investors and Shareholders, Government, Media, Society at Large etc.Market A defined group for whom a Process Industries product is or may be in demand (and for whom an organization creates and maintains products and services)
  21. 21. The Concepts used in Corp. Comm.Concept Definition Example: “GTPL”Communication The tactics and media that Brand Identity, Corporate are used to communicate Image and Code of Conduct, with internal and external Newsletters, Print groups Advertisements, B2B Sites, Social Networking, Corporate Collaterals, Events, Exhibitions etc.Integration The act of coordinating all We aim to communicate our communication so that the brand values of products, corporate identity is quality, innovation, and effectively and consistently customization through all our communicated to communications in a internal and external groups consistent and effective manner
  22. 22. Why Corp. Comm. Is Important? - Global Economy - Environment - Increased role of management - Professionalism of the public - Splintering of Mass Markets - Fragmentation of the Mass Media - Rapid Development of the New Media Technology Leading in Communication Trends
  23. 23. Responsibilities of Corp. Comm.- Managing communication or fulfilling the communicationmanagement function- Dealing with controlled and uncontrolled media- Serving both internal and external audiences- Proactive communication planning- Advocating communication strategies and tactics- Dissemination of persuasion and information- Branding images and reputation
  24. 24. Responsibilities of Corp. Comm.- Branding products and services- Monitoring the responses from audiences and markets- Counselling and advising senior executives- Managing issues and responding to crisis situations- Lobbying for favourable stances for the organization- Organizational image creation and maintenance- Organizational presence building and monitoring
  25. 25. Responsibilities of Corp. Comm.- Minimize discrepancies between the company’s desiredidentity and brand features- Indicate who should perform which task in the field ofcommunication- Formulate and execute effective procedures in order tofacilitate decision making about matters concerningcommunication- Coordinate with international business firms
  26. 26. Managing Corp. Comm.Media Relations-The always increasing role of the electronic media(Internet, newspapers, magazines, radio, andtelevision) has created a special importance formedia relations- In fact, the news media have become dependenton PR for news, and PR has become dependentupon the news media for publicity.
  27. 27. Managing Corp. Comm.Employee Relations- Internal communication is the key: informed employees arehappy and they spread the good news through their familiesand friends- Never surprise employees; make them a part of the planningprocess and keep them informed.
  28. 28. Managing Corp. Comm.Government Relations- Building meaningful relationships with governmentofficials is essential to industry success in today’spolitical world- Lobbying - the legal influencing of public officials onstands appropriate for industry- Public Affairs - stances on controversial issues ofpublic concern is imperative for business successtoday
  29. 29. Managing Corp. Comm.Relations with Special Interest Groups- There are several special interest and activistgroups in the country today- If there’s a cause, some group will pick it up- Defending company from frivolous lawsuitsand harassment from these groups hasbecome a full time job in itself
  30. 30. Managing Corp. Comm.Stakeholder Relations- It is important to recognize stakeholders- It’s not only socially responsible to deal effectively with thesestakeholders, it pays in good will and financial stability- Monitoring and managing key issues and moving to offsetcrisis and emergency situations in a pro-active way is veryessential today
  31. 31. Managing Corp. Comm.Advertising Relations- Copy writing and production is usually outsourced today- Market analysis is imperative; ratings, circulations, visitsare all important- Reach and frequency are important- Media Buying is an important part of Corp. Comm.- Sufficient advertising knowledge and skill are essential fora professional communicator today.
  32. 32. Management Perspective in Corp. Comm. Research Negotiations Knowledge KnowledgeStrategic andOperational PersuasionManagement Knowledge Knowledge
  33. 33. Summary… Internal Communications
  34. 34. What is Branding?
  35. 35. "In business as in life, the message you leave behind is farmore impactful and lasting than the circumstances underwhich it was initiated." Al Caldwell Complements…