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Microsoft (Innovation)


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Published in: Spiritual, Business, Technology
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Microsoft (Innovation)

  1. 1. Innovation at My Dear and Dream… Vinayak Nandikal
  2. 2. Cult of Personality
  3. 3. The Magic of Software “ Even as teenagers, we recognized the magic of software and it’s power to change lives .” Bill Gates (Chief) Software Architect
  4. 4. Think Week Microsoft®
  5. 5. Futurists are predicting a rust belt!
  6. 6. Microsoft ® R&D Hardware Advanced Algorithms Human-Computer Interaction Machine Learning Social Computing Systems Architecture Multimedia & Graphics Search Information Protection Software Engineering
  7. 7. Microsoft ® Live Mesh
  8. 8. Hotmail Live ID Messenger Live Search Spaces Alerts Photo Gallery Writer Mail Sky Drive OneCare Gallery Windows Live for Mobile QnA Live Search Maps Favorites Expo Gadgets Custom Domains Contacts Agents Events Toolbar Calendar
  9. 9. Microsoft® Sync
  10. 10. Microsoft® Surface
  11. 11. Bedroom of the Future
  12. 12. We believe technology can enrich our lives
  13. 13. We hope it will enrich yours as well