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Dr Vinaya Kumar Cv Latest


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Dr Vinaya Kumar Cv Latest

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae Name : Dr Vinay kumar Email ID : Address:: : 78,Akash Deep Colony Chakrata Road Dehradun 248001 India Phone : (Mob) 0091-9410390138 Professional Experience: Present Position held : Superintending Geophysicist (surface) Experience Profile: • Total Experience: 25 years 1. Seismic Data Acquisition Period: 1984-2000 • sixteen years experience in seismic data acquisition in land as well as in offshore and various other capacities as quality Manager in Contract Vessels. Worked on various seismic data acquisition instruments used in land seismic data acquisition and offshore areas extensively on the west and east coast of India including Vietnam offshore block (1989) which proved to be a great gas find. • Worked in the difficult terrain of eastern India i.e. Assam and desert areas of Rajasthan for seismic data acquisition. • Engagement in designing the seismic data acquisition parameters for 2D and 3D seismic data acquisition for effective sub surface delineation in various onland and offshore areas. • Made planning for timely and quality seismic data acquisition. Worked in corporate cell dealing with various information systems and presentations and also arranging corporate meetings. 1
  2. 2. Geophysical data Interpretation: Period: 2000-2008 • Trained on Landmark IIWS work stations and worked on 2D/3D seismic data interpretation and seismic-geological modeling. Worked on Land Mark& Pardigm Seis-facies and seismic attributes • Handled data of very complex basins of India and was successful in proposing various exploratory locations for drilling • Trained on various Field Management Modules • Have experience of applying for Bidding of Seismic Blocks and dealing with Government Agencies • Presently engaged in 3D seismic interpretation of On land seismic data of South kadi field in western onland Basin of Gujarat, India and looking for new pays as it is already a developed field, using various attributes analysis. 2
  3. 3. Educational Background : Sl. Class/course University Subjects Year Division/Grade Remark No 1 Ph.D AligarghMuslim Physics 1995 Pass Laser Raman University,Aligarh Spectroscopy 2 M.Sc AligarghMuslim Physics with 1978 I st Solid state University,Aligarh specialization in Physics Solid State Physics 3 B.Sc (Hons) AligarghMuslim Phy,chem.,maths, 1976 I st Physics University,Aligarh stats Main subject Urdu,Theology, etc 4 PUC AligarghMuslim Phy,chem.,maths 1973 I st University,Aligarh Hindi, Urdu etc. 5 High School U.P.Board, Science,math,Social 1972 I st Allahabad,U.P. science, etc Personality Profile : • Have excellent aptitude for excellent, flawless and transparent work. • Punctual and devoted towards excellence. • Keeping updated on various issues/subjects of concern. • Have leadership quality leading to effective management. • Have ability to manage various issues relating to industry. • An aptitude for excellence in the working field and innovation. Family Profile : 3
  4. 4. Sl. Name Relationship Present Status Remark No 1 Mrs. wife House hold Post graduate in Kalpana Psychology from Sharma Aligarh Muslim University,Aligarh U.P, India 2 Mr. son Studied B.Tech Awarded a merit Sankalp Mechanical Engg.From scholarship of Euros Sharma University Of 1900 Per Month for Karlsruhe,Germany and B.Tech course. recently finished Excellent in sports Diplom (M.S) from the same University and joined “sartorius” in Goettingen, germany 3 Mrs. daughter Studying in the Second Awarded Merit Sakshi Year of “Bachelor of scholarship .Very Sharma International good in sports and economics, music Management and Finance”, From University of Bocconi, Milan, Italy • Looking For : Join an excellent company in the field of Oil exploration as exploration planner/Country manager or an equivalent position or a reasonable good position. 4