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Vina Volunteer Service Broucher

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Vina Volunteer Service Broucher

  1. 1. T VVS - Vina Volunteer Serviece “Connecting people” - “Sharing life” Where it all started Vina Volunteer Service (VVS) is the first company in Vietnam who bring variety of volunteer placements for volunteers with the hope that we can support for the community development and natural conservation. From 2001, a youth volunteer club was founded call Green Youth Club included more than 100 members throughout Vietnam. Green Youth Volunteer Club is operating by youth people with the aim to organize volunteer activities for youth in all over of Vietnam. Then, we established long relationships with many orphanage centers, association, and many Natural Park, forest and Jungle in Vietnam. From time to time, we cooperated with many NGOs in all over the world and became a host organization with many placements in Vietnam in the field of volunteer for development. Vina Volunteer Service Today As a teenager become the adult, with the sustainably experience staffs and leaders,Contact us Today Green Youth Club become Vina Volunteer Service Ltd (VVS). We would like to join in the world with volunteer services. With our experiences and long-lasting Vina Volunteer Service relationships with partners at the sites of our projects through Vietnam we would like bring more opportunities for international volunteers and want to bring the opportunitiesAdress: No. 158 Hoa Bang Street - for local organizations achieve their goals. We also have recruitment staffs working allYen Hoa Ward - Cau Giay District over of Vietnam at the site from the North to the South. Through our placement of the volunteers in Vietnam, where they share the daily life- Ha Noi - Vietnam experience of local people while working in their particular community, side by side, theTel: +844 668 04 008 volunteer will be rewarded with learning quite a bit about themselves and their role onFax : +844 668 04 009 this planet. Most leave with their life’s compass pointing clear and strong to a newEmail: direction in their Furthermore, as destination placements in Vietnam for volunteers all over the world,Hotline 24/7: +84 974 313 104 we focus on the best way for participants come to Vietnam for doing volunteer work and - Mr. David Nguyen travel responsibility. Through our programs and projects, volunteer not only get new experiences in the new land, but also feel pleasure with their philosophy and their purpose of traveling. Vietnam is beautiful, diverse, and exotic, and the people are unforgettable. Your time here will be spent safely, surrounded by a community grateful for your presence. Vina Volunteer Service in the community development We help to create local employment wherever we send volunteers. Our project has been implemented in many sites of Vietnam. Volunteer come to help local people, they not only bring their knowledge, experiences but also bring the hope, force and improvement of economy for the people in the local area. Having so many colleagues in all over Vietnam means that we have an extensive network of local knowledge, enabling us to channel the skills of our volunteers to places they are really needed. Cultural exchange and free getting the experience in new land and life Joining in one of the placements of VVS, volunteers can learn from the people they meet and environment they live. Mutual learning and mutual respect is what cultural exchange is all about. We welcome approaches from potential partners - universities, schools, institute, sending organizations, individuals; we will arrange the best and most suitable placements that meet their needs and their willingness. We also highly appreciate and welcome the ideas from participants; if you want to do volunteer work with us by your ideas we would love to hear from you. We believe that flexibility on our part is a necessary consequence of our respect for our partners and our respect for participants.
  2. 2. T VVS PROGRAMThe projects we offer can be emplemented on either a short or long term basis and focus on traditional education,environment education and community development. There are numerous projects for volunteers at VVS in allover of Vietnam. We offer volunteers with many options in both urban and rural areas to promote culturalexchange and and experince with the lives of local people. Work with street children in Hanoi You have a warm heart and a willingness to help anyone who is homeless and in a vulnerable group, especially street children. A volunteer work in Vietnam project that focus on street children school will be the best choice for you to have a meaningful program give a hand of help. A school with more than 75 children, they are supported by local authority and volunteers for basic education. By giving your support to children, directly give them the English lesson or some lessons in life skill, donate them some small gift such as book, pen, pictures….you will make them very happy and get wonderful things in your life. You also have true experiences with new people in a special place, because, Hanoi is one of the most peaceful city in the world. For more in formation of this project, please click ProjectsVVS has been cooperating with Volunteer to help rural children in Sapavariety of host organizations in thehold country of Vietnam to provide Would you like to join us to help minority ethnic children? Sapa is one of the places in thethe International volunteer helps. North South of Vietnam where it has many types of minority ethnic group live. They live in theFor vulnerable groups that include high mountain area and far from the schools, when we take the research in Sapa, It is factorphans, disable children, street that many children not go to school because they live in very poor families, they have to go tokids and rural youth the basic the Sapa town selling goods in the streets to earn money. Most of them are in the age of fromeducation is limited. The education thirteen to twenty. One idea opens with us that we would like to collect them in the volunteerprogram will be a solution for this classes with the help of local people and support from Vietnam volunteers and internationalmatter. The program can be volunteers, we would like bring them a basic education and help them get more opportunity toundertaken in a short and long later integrate into their local community.term projects base and focus ontraditional and new education For more in formation of this project, please clikcmethods for children and youth at local school where lack ofEnglish native speakers and needthe volunteer helps. Volunteer to help children in Da Nang Are you willing to give a hand of help for the poor and orphaned children? You suppose do something for the community, especially for the children in somewhere in the world. In your travel time, you want to contribute something that you have for the society. Travelling with responsibility to Dan Nang, Vietnam is the good choice for you. In the best place for joining in the very wonderful weather and beautiful sight-seeing you will have opportunity to help the local children in The Centre of Orphan in Da Nang city. By staying a homestay and giving the lessons to children you will make a difference for the lives of orphans and poor children in the local community. You also have true experiences with new people in a special place, because, Danang is famous for green city in Vietnam with long beautiful beach and beautiful Han River. For more in formation of this project, please click
  3. 3. Homestay in the north of Vietnam T r Vietnam is a multicultural nation with more than 54 ethnic groups, the cross-culture between ethnics makes Vietnam has a rich culture that we can find nowhere worldwide. Vietnamese culture discovery trip is a fascinating journey that is attracted for anyone to set their foots in Indochina. Homestay is the project that VVS wants to organize with the purpose to develop the culture exchange between Vietnam and other countries around the world. Participating in this project, volunteers will stay in a local family where it has special features of each region in Northern Vietnam. Staying in a family, volunteers will experience the customs, lifestyles of the family, and culture of the countryside that volunteer participating. The program takes place during the year, depending on the characteristics of each place you can choose the suitable time and your purpose for discovery when you arrive at Vietnam. For more in formation of this project, please click Developent Projects Volunteer for organic farm in VietnamVVS have many field-based You have a period of time for free and until now you don’t know what you should spend itpositions working with community for. You never try to become a farmer before or you get very interested in organic farm withgroups in low- income urban a lot of vegetables, fruit…You want to try and get experience about that. In VVS programs,neighborhoods and rural areas. In we are conducting program call “Organic farm for all”. The site of program will be organizedwhich a hands-on approach to in the variety of field and types of organic farm such as: rice field, coin, potatoes, mix farmhelping families meet basic needs with variety of fruits. For each season and each farm, we will conduct the suitable activitiesin areas such as health, housing and working skill for participants in order to get the most benefit result. There are so manyand education is emphasized. It is people out there living on farms and in the countryside working to grow their own food, sellalso an opportunity to become it, develop markets and make their way. Volunteering and living with a family is a wonderfulinvolved in community activities, way to learn about new cultures without being an intrusive tourist and at the same time youincluding helping to establish are giving back something to that place.womens groups, schools andsmall businesses. Volunteers must For more in formation of this project, please clickbe outgoing and willing to learn local language quickly. Theymust also have strong Complete your internship in Vietnam with VVSinterpersonal and organizationalskills. Experience in building You are individuals or groups of undergraduate student who want to conduct the researchtrades, sewing, primary health abroad for your final-year dissertations. VVS has designed the internship abroad for thesecare, animal husbandry, student groups who want to conduct their study research in Vietnam. We can help youagriculture or small business prepare a detailed research plan related to your idea or your academic tutor - and we sortdevelopments are especially out your practical requirements in the field, beforehand. You will have opportunity to workhelpful but an eagerness to help with local organizations, and by this way you will achieve both in volunteer help communitylocal communities is the only development and complete your dissertaions.requirement. For more in formation of this project, please click with-vvs.html
  4. 4. International Summer Workcamp T r If you want to spend your time in a new palce, meet with many differrent people come from around the world and give their time to support the community in developing country, let’s join in our INTERNATIONAL SUMMER WORKCAMP. VVS would love to organize a camp for all the volunteers all over the world who have the same purpose and wishness. The purpose of this summer camp will be to call wildlife protection, environmental preservation for the pure and primitive natural world. Tree planting campaign will be implemented for afforestation as a response action what nature has bestowed upon our own lives. For more in formation of this project, please click Agriculture - Forestry - Fishery CampVVS workcamps Have you ever experienced as a farmer in a coastal area with a combination of continual agriculture, forestry and fisheries? VVS has desired an Agriculture - Forestry - FisheryVVS conducts variety of Camp for the purpose of bringing new experiences of the volunteers through practicalworkcamps in all over of Vietnam activities of program to call for protection of natural environment and build sustainablethrough the year. Participant join farming practices for people living in the vicinity of the world’s biosphere -Xuan Thuyin an international short term National Park.volunteer program is the way totravel with a purpose in foreign For more in formation of this project, please clickcountry. It is an interesting and way for participants toget exiting experience and helpthe social community. Workingand living together with other Youth Camp in Coto Islandyoung people from differentcountries provides a wonderful You plan travel to Vietnam and join in the wonderful, attractive, full of exiting andchance to make many new unforgettable travelling programs. Youth camp in Coto Island will be a great choice for you.friends, learn about foreign places VVS’s Youth workcamp always is attracted by hundreds of youths all over the worlds with in a variety of exciting activities such as sport competing games, teamwork games, cultureand culture, gain new skills andexperience. Your time, energy, exchange, natural adventure, camping, volunteer for farm and natural conservation and many other exciting activities are waiting for you in the most beautifulIsland of Vietnam.and enthusiasm can make adifference in areas where help isreally needed. For more in formation of this project, please click Preserve natural resources & help community in Sapa Would you like to travel to a country and experience its cultures and purity nature more deeply than you would on a normal vacation? “Preserve natural resource and help communities in Sapa” workcamp will be the best placement for you. This unique program is an opportunity for volunteers to share experiences with a local community development group. The program brings participants a meaningful education program combined with ecological tourism, helping to improve the living standard of the local ethnic minority groups and developing unique cultural exchange. For more in formation of this project, please click
  5. 5. How to apply VVSTo join a project overseas you need to choose one from our latest project list or our website, .The website will contain the most up-to-date information about project availability, but if you would like to receive a papercopy please contact us. When you have chosen which projects you are interested in, send us the in formation by fill in anapplication form (available on our website), accompanied by the appropriate fee and we will start the placement process.Step 1- Choose a project from our latest project list on our website.Step 2- Contact us by fill information as requirement on our website 3- When we receive your inquiries and application, we will notify you immediately. The appication process will be finished assoon as we get full information from you. We will send you a notify of preliminary acceptance and a pre-departure booklet within 1-3weeks.Step 4 - When you receive your project from VVS, you should begin preparing for travel by obtaining all necessary documents(passport,visa) and meeting immunization requirements.Step 5- Make your travel arrangements and other practical arrangements.Step 6- Go and enjoy your project. VINA VOLUNTEER SERVICEContact usFor all enquiries please contact our office by telephone at this address:Head Office: Vina Volunteer ServiceAddress: No. 158 Hoa Bang Street - Yen Hoa Ward - Cau Giay District - Ha Noi.Tel : +844 668 04 008Fax : +844 668 04 009.Email: info@vietnamvolunteer.netHotline 24/7: +84 974 313 104 - Mr. David Nguyen