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17.vina serevina ikhsanudin

  1. 1. PART THREE
  2. 2. One of the important things in evaluation is teacher ‘s ability in making a good instrument of assessment. A good instrumen can show “the real condition” of students. This instrument is used by teacher to evaluate the process of learning. The teacher can analyze the result of evaluation and repair the proces of learning. Because of that this paper will explain the instrument, type, mechanism and report in assessment. Background
  3. 3. The Problem 1. What are the components in instrument of assessment? 2. What are the type of instrument of assessment? 3. What are the components which have to report in assessment?
  4. 4. The Purpose 1. Knowing the intrument, type, mechanism of assessment. 2. Knowing report in student progress. 3. Completing the assignments subject evaluation in learning physics
  5. 5. Instrumen of Assessment The Characteristic: 1. Validity 2. Representative 3. Construction 4. Language Source: Arifin, Z . 2009. Evaluasi Pembelajaran. Bandung : Remaja Rosdakarya.
  6. 6. Type of Assessment 1. Performance Assessment 2. Project Assessment 3. Portfolio Assessment Source: Arikunto, S. 2009. Dasar – Dasar Evaluasi Pendidikan (Edisi Revisi). Jakarta : Bumi Aksara.
  7. 7. 1. Assessment by Teacher 2.Assessment by Teacher with School 3.Assessment by Government (National Test) Mechanism of Assessment
  8. 8. Reporting Student Progress Progress reports contain information about: • The minimum score • Report every semester • A student's progress in mastering the curriculum. • A student's achievement measured against standards-based criteria.
  9. 9. First Problem: Many teachers can’t understand how to make the instrument of assessment? Solution: 1. The teachers active in MGMP so they can share with other teachers from different school. 2.Teacher participate in seminar or training about instrument of assessment.
  10. 10. Second Problem: Using instrument of assessment in learning process takes a longer time than conventonal learning. Solution: The teacher use instrument of assessment only for some chapter, not all chapter in every semester.
  11. 11. Third Problem: Most of teacher who use instrument of assessment do not analyze the result, so the result will be not information in repair the next learning process. Solution: The principal guide teachers in analyzing the result and evaluate the learning process after that.
  12. 12. References