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Syria and lebanon_crossword


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Syria and lebanon_crossword

  1. 1. Across Down6. In the movie Ace Ventura, what team has 1. The people of Syria are mostly ___.their mascot stolen? 2. ___ is Syrias main economic activity.11. A collection of lands under one ruler. 3. 88% of Lebanons people live in14. ___ are harvested off the coast of coastal _______.Lebanon. 17. Half of Syrias people live in 4. The capital of Lebanon is ___.___. 5. Syria has been a center of ___ for20. Jobs that offer people a service instead of centuries.selling something to keep. 7. Lebanon is half the size of ___.22. What is the name of Jim Carreys character 8. Beirut is known as the ___ of the The Mask? 9. Nomadic people who follow a23. The ___ covers eastern Syria. traditional way of life. 10. A place of worship for Muslims is called a ___. 11. Dams have been built on the ___ River. 12. Who owned Lebanon as a colony for many years? 13. Inland ___ running north and south keep moist winds from reaching eastern Syria. 15. Today, one ___ has control over Syria. 16. What character does Jim Carrey play in A Series of Unfortunate Events? 18. The culture of Lebanon is a mixture of Arab, French, and ___. 19. A war between political groups or regions within the same country. 21. Syria has reserves of oil, the countrys mail ___. 24. People who must leave their homes because they are not safe there. 25. ___ is the most widely spoken language in both of these countries. 26. Syrias capital city. 27. Syria lies just south of ___.