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Sahel countries homework (summary)


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Sahel countries homework (summary)

  1. 1. Homework for the Sahel Countries Packet ***Complete Sentences Required***1. Define Drought2. Name 4 countries of the Sahel region.3. Define Desertification4. What is the capital of North Sudan?5. Please name two causes of desertification.6. Name two nomadic groups of the Sahel.7. What does the Arabic word Sahel mean in English?8. What two bodies of water does the Sahel run from in the east and the west?9. What is the capital of South Sudan?10. Please give me an effect that desertification has of the people of the area.11. Why do most people in the area live in the southern region of the Sahel?12. Please summarize what major event happened within Sudan in the middle of 2011. Include events leading up to July of 2011, as well as the after effects. (5 Sentences)____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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