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Nigeria finished

  1. 1. NigeriaCreated byMr. Raponi
  2. 2. Nigeria coversNigeria 351,650 miles and is more than twice the size of ________________. The country gets its name from the ________________ which flows through western and central Nigeria.
  3. 3. The Nigeria’s __________ is dotted with many rivers and creeksLand and covered in ________________ swamps. This is a tropical tree with roots both above and below the water. In the north, a tropical rainforest takes over. In more central Nigeria, _________________ or tropical grasslands are present
  4. 4. Mangrove Swamp
  5. 5. The Nigeria has several climate regions.Climate Most of the country is _____________ with high average temperatures. Rainforests in the south receive plenty of rainfall throughout the year. However, ____________ regions in the north have very dry seasons.
  6. 6. The Nigeria has a developing economy based on bothEconomy ______________ and ______________. Nigeria is one of the world’s leading oil-producing countries and is one of the few industrialized African countries. Oil accounts for more than 98% of _______________________
  7. 7. Since the ___________________More About Oil discovered oil in Nigeria in the late 1950s, the oil industry has seen many problems Oil has cause civil wars between the government and the people. The government does not typically share oil profit with the people, and the government has been known to punish people who protest. ________________________ have a major impact on the ecosystem. (A community of living organisms, plants and animals, interacting with non-living parts where they live such as air, water and soil.) Spills take out crops and drinking water is also frequently contaminated through contamination of the groundwater and soils.
  8. 8. Oil In Nigeria
  9. 9. Question??? ?We know that Nigeria earns a lot of moneythrough oil production. However, it has a lot ofnegative effects as well. 1. Tell me some of the negative effects that it has. 2. Compare and contrast whether you think that they should continue drilling. What are the good points, what are the bad points, and do the good outweigh the bad?
  10. 10. Agriculture Nigeria’s major crops include peanuts, cotton, rubber, and cacao. Despite the country’s mineral riches, most Nigerians are ______________. A little more than ½ of Nigeria’s land is good for farming.
  11. 11. Ewwww, it Looks a Bit Slimy!Snail meat has figured in the diet of African people living inforested areas, for thousands of years.Snail meat is now becoming a highly relished delicacy inNigeria.Many school children prefer the taste and texture of the meatpies baked with the snails to those made with beef. The kidsclaimed the snail pies to have a better appearance, texture, andflavor.
  12. 12. Almost ______ millionThe People people live in Nigeria- the most of any African country. Nigeria’s people belong to more than 250 ___________________, or a group of people that shares a common language, culture, and history. Nigerians speak many different African languages.
  13. 13. World Population Map
  14. 14. Europeans looking forHistory gold and slaves arrived in Africa in the ______________. They set up trading forts in Nigeria as early as 1498. By the early 1900s, the _______________ controlled the area of Nigeria.
  15. 15. History and The many ethnic groups resisted the Lifestyle British rule of the area and on October 1, 1960, the colony of Nigeria finally became an independent nation. Today, _________ of Nigeria’s population lives in rural villages.
  16. 16. Nigeria’s Nigeria has severalCities large cities. _____________, located on the coast of the country is the largest city and the commercial center. ______________, is the capital city of Nigeria.
  17. 17. Animals of West Africa
  18. 18. Ticket To LeaveA Note to a FriendPlease write a note to a friendthat explains something thatyou have learned about today.Then exchange your note withsomeone in the class.