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Kenya finished

  1. 1. KenyaCreated byMr. Raponi
  2. 2. Kenya
  3. 3. TheA Deep Hole __________________ cuts a deep gash through the countries of east Africa. In places, the valley’s sides are about a mile high. In some areas, he valley floor is more than ____________ wide and was created when the Earth’s crust separated millions of years ago.
  4. 4. The Great Rift Valley
  5. 5. Kenya’s land area of 219,960 square miles makes it slightlyThe Land smaller than the state of _____________. The _________________ borders Kenya on the east. Not far off shore is a coral reef.  ________________- A hard rocklike material made of the skeletons of small sea animals.  ________________- A narrow ridge of coral, rock, or sand at or near the water’s surface.
  6. 6. 20 miles inland, there isPlains a vast _____________ area that covers __________ of Kenya. Bushes, shrubs, and low trees thrive in the plains. Few people make their homes here. Many animals roam these plains. The animals include antelope, elephants, giraffes, lions, and zebras.
  7. 7. Southwestern Kenya is a highlands area that is made up of mountains,Highlands valleys, and plateaus. This region is home to ___________ of Kenya’s people. The Great Rift Valley ___________________ (a crack in the Earth), divides Kenya into east side and west side. _________________, Kenya’s highest mountain rises up 17, 057 feet.
  8. 8. Millions of Years From Now
  9. 9. Kenya has a developingThe Economy economy based on of Kenya _______________________. The chief economic activity is farming and about _________ of Kenya’s farm products are subsistence food crops. Kenyans grow corn, bananas, beans, and cassava. Coffee and tea are also major exports.
  10. 10. Although Kenya has no major mineral depositsIndustries to develop, the government has encouraged the growth of manufacturing. Kenyans produce,  Cement  Light Machinery  Household Appliances _______________ also adds to Kenya’s treasury. Thousands of tourists visit Kenya each year to go on safaris.
  11. 11. Tourism in Kenya
  12. 12. QuestionWhy would you think that it is importantfor the people of Kenya to protect thewildlife that live there?If the animals went away, what majorproblems would they face?
  13. 13. Impact of the ______________ years ago, people from other parts of Past Africa began moving into Kenya. In the A.D. 700s, Arabs from the Middle East set up trading settlements along Kenya’s coast. Some of these Arabs married Africans, and from these marriages came a new ethnicity, ___________________.
  14. 14. Kenyan Household Tasks
  15. 15. You may have noticed a difference or twobetween your life and Emanuel’s life?Compare.
  16. 16. In the late 1800s, Kenya came under British control.More History In 1940, the Kenyan people began to fight for their independence until it was finally achieved in ______________. Kenya became the political and economic leader of East Africa. Today, Kenya’s population of about _____________ million is growing rapidly.
  17. 17. Kenyans Today About 40 different ethnic groups are found in Kenya, the largest of which being the __________________, who live mostly in the highlands. _________ of all Kenyans live in rural villages. Only 25% live in cities such as the capital city, _____________________. Recently, many Kenyans began moving from the countryside into the cities.
  18. 18. Ticket To LeaveAn Exit Paper- List three things that youhave learned, and write at least one questionthat you have about the topic