Jordan hw


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Jordan hw

  1. 1. Across 1. The worlds saltiest body of water. 4. This hairy character from Star Wars in Hans Solos best friend! 5. Jordan is the size of what U.S. state? 13. Jordans king shares power with ___.Down 15. Jordan is a popular destination because of2. Jordans economy is one of the ___ in the its many ___ sites.Middle East. 17. Jordan lacks ___ resources.3. Parts of Jordan are extensions of the ___. 18. What movie is this line from? "Were6. In the movie Up, what did Russell name his gonna need a bigger boat!"new bird friend? 19. A city completely carved out of mountains7. Petras most famous building is the ___. that has been around for 2300years.8. 80% of Jordan is ___. 20. Jordans main economic products are9. Most Bedouins are ___. potash and Phosphates, both used as ___.10. Jordans government is a ___. 22. Jordans king is very much in favor of ___11. A large valley found within Jordan that for government positions.has high mountains and pink sand. 23. In the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie,12. What major body of water touches Jordan? what was the name of the Ghost Ship that14. Jordans economy is by far based on ___. Johnny Depp used to captain?16. What was Rockys nickname in the movie 24. 92% of Jordans people are ___.amazing boxing movie Rocky? 25. Jordans capital city.21. People who live in the deserts and travel 26. ___ has long been important to the peoplefrom place to place are known as ___. and government.