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Jordan finished

  1. 1. JordanCreated byMr. Raponi
  2. 2. Jordan is 34,445 squareJordan miles, just a wee bit smaller than the state of __________________. The country is sandwiched between Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, and Israel. Jordan is almost a landlocked country except for a 15 mile shoreline found directly on the ___________________.
  3. 3. There is very little land forLandscape animals to graze as _________ of the land is classified as desert. Jordan lacks water resources. They must _________________ from the __________________ to all areas of the country to be able to grow crops. Farmers are able to grow wheat, fruits, nuts, and vegetables for the people.
  4. 4. Parts of Jordan areMore Land extensions of the _______________________ which we discussed a great deal about in Africa. As a result, there are many different landforms in Jordan. One of those landforms include the ______________________ desert, known for its high surrounding mountains and pinkish sand.
  5. 5. Found throughout many of the desert and valley areas, you willMoving People find people known as the ______________________, desert dwellers. Today, these people make up _________ of Jordan’s population. Most Bedouins are _____________________ who raise livestock such as camels, goats, and sheep. These people typically live in desert areas, sleeping in tents made of goat hair.
  6. 6. Weird Water Also created by the Jordan Rift Valley is the saltiest body of water in the world, the ___________________. This body of water is nine times saltier than the average ocean. The water is almost ___________ salt! It is impossible to sink in the Dead Sea, the salt makes people float at the top of the water. The Dead Sea is the world’s lowest point at 1,291 feet below sea level.
  7. 7. Jordan’s economy is one of Economy of the Jordan _________________ in the Middle East. The main cause is that unlike most of the other Middle Eastern countries, Jordan has no _________________. Jordan’s main economic products include potash and phosphates, both are which are used in making fertilizers. However, Jordan’s economy is by far based onLooks Like Me Doesn’t It? ________________.
  8. 8. Tourism Between three and four million people visit Jordan every year. Jordan is appealing for a number of reasons,  Religious Sites  Outdoor Activities  Hiking  Scuba Diving  Health Tourism  People go to bathe in the healing qualities and minerals of the Dead Sea  Culture and Landscape  Bedouins  Wadi Rum
  9. 9. A World Wonder In 2007, one of Jordan’s most famous cities was voted in as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. ________________, a city completely carved out of solid rock mountain, has been around for 2,300 years. This city is known as the symbol of Jordan. Petra’s most famous building, __________________, has many myths and legends surrounding it and it was used in the third Indiana Jones movie as a temple!
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Government Jordan is a ______________________, which means that there is a king of Jordan, but he does not hold all of the country’s power, he shares power with ___________________________. Jordan’s king, ___________________________ is very forward thinking. He is very much in favor of free elections for government positions, peace between religions, and making life as best as possible for all Jordanians. Abdullah II attended high school in Massachusetts.
  12. 12. People of The population of Jordan is right around Jordan _________ million and the capital of the country is ____________________. Of these people, 92% are _____________________, and another 6% are _______________________. Jordan values its diverse population. The tradition of tolerance and appreciation for diversity has long been important to the people and the government.