Indian ocean countries finished


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Indian ocean countries finished

  1. 1. 1 18 15 12 17 19 5 3 106 4 14 2 13 9 20 8 11 7 16
  2. 2. This is Larry the Lemur Indian Ocean Countries Created by Mr. RaponiMozambique Madagascar Comoros Mauritius
  3. 3. Malawi Comoros Angola ZambiaNamibia Zimbabwe Madagascar Botswana Mauritius Mozambique
  4. 4. Y-shaped Mozambiquestretches along the______________Ocean.Its landscapes includesandy lowlands, highplateaus, and tallmountains.In the _____________of the country lies a flatplain with plenty ofgrass.
  5. 5. A number of rivers cross the northern and centralRivers parts of Mozambique, the most important of which is the ______________. The ________________ Dam, located on the main river provides electric power for most of the country. Mozambique has a tropical climate with both wet and dry seasons.
  6. 6. Cabora Bassa Dam
  7. 7. Most people in MozambiqueEconomy are farmers that produce cashews, coconuts, tea, and bananas. The major source of income for the country comes from its _________________. Many different countries pay Mozambique to use docks in cities like the capital, ___________________ and other ports.
  8. 8. About _______ million people live inThe People Mozambique, nearly all of them belonging to African ethnic groups. Most people live in the southern part of the country near the capital city. __________________ governed the country from the 1500s untilAngry Greedy Monkey! 1975 when it gained its freedom.
  9. 9. Madagascar is anisland nations located________________southeast ofmainland Africa in theIndian Ocean.Cool highland areascross the middle ofthe country.Most _____________areas have warm,humid plains andfertile river valleys.
  10. 10. Madagascar From Space
  11. 11. A Big Bird The elephant bird, which were giant birds native to Madagascar, have been extinct since at least the 16th century. The Elephant Bird was the worlds largest bird, believed to have been over 10 feet tall and weighing close to 1,000 pounds! Remains of adults and eggs have been found; in some cases the eggs have a three foot circumference The egg volume is about 160 times greater than a chicken egg!
  12. 12. Agriculture is the chief economic activity inThe Economy Madagascar. Farmers grow crops, mainly __________. Coffee is a leading export, as well as it being one of the world’s leading producers of ________________.
  13. 13. Vanilla Beans Still on the Plant
  14. 14. About ______ millionThe People people live in Madagascar and most trace their ancestry to Southeast Asian and African groups. _______________, the main language, is similar to languages spoken in Southeast Asia. Madagascar was a colony of _________________ until 1960.
  15. 15. Some Famous Lemurs From The Movie
  16. 16. An Actual Madagascan Lemur
  17. 17. Lemurs of Madagascar
  18. 18. This is a group of mountainousislands formed by___________________thousands of years ago.At one time a French territory,Comoros_______________ people aremostly farmers who grow rice,corn, vanilla, and coffee.Most speak________________ andSwahili and practice_________________.
  19. 19. This set of islands lies_________________ east ofMadagascar in the Indian Ocean.Mauritius gained its freedom fromthe U.K. in_____________.Also formed by volcanoes, thecountry has a sub-tropical climateand few mineral resources.Mauritius’s 1.2 million people aremostly descendants of_________________.
  20. 20. The Dodo was a flightless bird foundAn Extinct Bird only on the island of Mauritius. It is related to the pigeon and stood about three feet tall and weighed up to 50 pounds! The dodo has been extinct since the mid-to- late 17th century and is claimed to have been an extremely lazy and clumsy animal
  21. 21. A Bit More About The Lemur