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Cambodia finished


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Cambodia finished

  1. 1. Cambodi a Created by Mr. Raponi
  2. 2. Cambodi a The Kingdom of Cambodia is a country located in the Southern portion of the ______________ peninsula in Southeast Asia. Cambodia is 70,000 square miles and is the exact size of the state of ________________. The country is bordered by Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and the Gulf of Thailand.
  3. 3. Mmmmm, Silk Worm
  4. 4. Economy of Cambodia For many years, Cambodia was a rich ____________________ country that exported rice and rubber. Many factors however have had huge affects on the country. Since the 1960s there has been almost constant warfare among rival _____________________ groups, making Cambodia one of the poorest countries in the world.
  5. 5. Yummy Snake!
  6. 6. Terrible Times The worst taking place from 1975-1979 when a _____________________ government led by the dictator _____________________ took control of the country. Pol Pot forced everyone out of the cities and into rural areas to work as farmers. This was was not all that his regime did however.
  7. 7. Genocide in Cambodia This time period of 1975-1979 is referred to as the Cambodian _______________, a mass murder of a group of people based on their race, religion, ethnicity, culture, or politics. Anyone who was thought to be against Pol Pot’s group, the _______________________, were eliminated. People who were targeted to be killed we lawyers, doctors, teachers, engineers, scientists, monks, or any professionals.
  8. 8. The Killing Fields of Cambodia
  9. 9. The Deaths of Many The Khmer Rouge were incredibly racists and made religion illegal. People who escaped the killings essentially became slaves to the government. Civilian deaths due to executions, disease, exhaustion, and starvation have been estimated at close to _________________. Vietnam took control of Cambodia in 1979 and held it as a communist area until __________________.
  10. 10. Memorial to the People
  11. 11. Rebuilding In 1993, some order is restored when the king of Cambodia, Norodom Sihanouk, who was kicked out of the country in the 1970s was brought back as the king. In recent years, reconstruction efforts have led to some political stability through a multiparty __________________ and constitutional monarchy.
  12. 12. Climate and Landscapes Due to ___________________, there are both wet and dry seasons in Cambodia, but it is always hot season! The most distinctive landform is the ______________________ (Great Lake) and is considered the heartland of Cambodia. The _____________________ also flows through the eastern region of the country on its way to Vietnam.
  13. 13. Floating Village
  14. 14. Tourism Tourism is considered the second largest economic earner behind _______________. One of the major reasons is _________________, a temple built in the 1100s and was dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu. The temple was a top 24 finalist for the 7 Wonders of the World back in 2007.
  15. 15. The City of Angkor
  16. 16. People of Cambodia Buddhism is the official religion of Cambodia and is practiced by more than 95% of the people. The population of Cambodia is right around _________ million and most live in rural areas. The capital __________________ has around 2.5 million people in it.
  17. 17. Anyone Hungry? In the town of Skuon, Cambodia tarantula spiders are very commonly eaten by the locals, travelers who pass through often try them too. The locals developed rather a taste for the furry 8-legged arachnids and now they still form a major part of the towns dietary intake. Hundreds of these spiders are hunted, cooked and sold everyday in what must be one of the more unusual 'fast food' arrangements ever
  18. 18. SPIDERVILLE!
  19. 19. Hello From Panha