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BeachCherry Outsourcing Services

  1. 1. “A Brand is the propietary visual, emotional, rational and cultural image that you associate with a company or product” - We complete your Organisation BeachCherry was established with a mission to set the standards as the recognized global leader and premier providerof business management knowledge and information technol- ogy services for Organizations. Com- pany utilizes a unique multidiscipli- nary service approach that combines 3 core disciplines i.e, Strategic consulting Creative design COMPANY Technology services Pro le Business O ces: Costa Rica - Lithuania - India - China - Phillipines
  2. 2. 02 An Xtension of Every Company Content Introduction .............................................................................................................................................................................. 03 Business- Focused Technologists driving Results! Executive Summary ................................................................................................................................................................ 04 Industry Contribution ............................................................................................................................................................ 05
  3. 3. 03 BeachCherry Services include the design and develop- ment of Internet Strategy solutions that help integrate clients internet initiatives with its broader corporate strategies and business practices, electronic commerce solutions that enable a company attract new customers, and sell goods and services over a website, business partner solutions, or extran- ets, that allow companies to share information and communi- cate e ciently with one another, internal information solutions, or intranets, that improve company’s ability to capture, store and distribute helpful information to its employees, and new business ventures exclusively for inter- net INTRODUCTION BeachCherry is specialized in innovative IT Soluti- osn and complex Software project development. Business- Focused Technologists driving Results! Our company combines fundamental algorithmic research activity with practical applications in programming, web development and integration, multi-media development, custom IT systems design testing and consulting. Through this tight integration of basic and applied activities, we manage to be the forefront of the IT process. Advantages of being with BeachCherry An important aspect of BPO is its ability to free corpo- rate executives from some of their daily process man- agement responsibilities. By outsourcing their business operations to BeachCherry, companies have the follow- ing advantages: Cost Reduction Obtain outside Expertise Meet constantly changing Clients Demands The People at BeachCherry are always dedicated to work, our team created the records of completing large projects in considerable less amount of time. Needless to say, the growth at BeachCherry has been spurred by the spirit of individuals who work at various levels to keep ahead of the rest, and constantly rise to the challengesthat beckon them at the frontiers of technology.
  4. 4. 04 BeachCherry was established in 2002 with a customer centric aproach to provide a ord- able solutions for organisations seeking web solutions, digital media solutions, designing solutions, business transformation services that woudl be competitively priced and simple to maintain. Having said that, Beachcherry does not wish to stoop too low to compete with small and short lived Business Outsourc- ing companies which have started operations with in the last few years. Beachcherry has grown organically, managing to keep its price and its services focused towards maintaining a long relationship with its clients. Our management has been in di erent industries with deep experience, bring- Business- Focused Technologists driving Results! ing valuable knowledge and best prac- tices to our clients. We excel in our strive to gain optimum results with minimum soft and hard cost. With over 18 years, and deep understanding, BeachCherry’s Vimal Gandhi leadership has been long enough to be CEO & Founder known and identi ed the integrities in any process and organizations. We have been a foundation for many corpora- tions today having centers and o ces worldwide. Elnora Jachjajeva Henric Henricson BeachCherry also helps clients before the technology is discussed. We can help you quantify the value of IT projects, articulate the business conse- quences of changing, e-emphasizing, or canceling IT projects, even transform the perception of IT from that of a tech- Nancy Badilla Sergio Badilla nology provider to that of a trusted technology and business advisor. Whether you seek a custom solution, a packaged solution, or outsourcing serv- ices, BeachCherry can deliver the results you’re looking for. And because we are vendor-agnostic, our objective is to nd the right solution for your needs, regard- less of the technology, product, or provider.
  5. 5. 06 BeachCherry has evolved horizontally ad vertically into many segments in various industry vertials to ensure ‘Timely Deliverables’ and ‘Assured Quality’. Our sta takes on the complete resposibility to manage the functions not only on business processes, but also re-engineers the way the proccess was tradionally done. Call Centers, Human Resources, Accounting, Billing, software Developers, Market research, Payroll process outsourcing are the most common exmples of BPO Outsourcing services. BeachCherry provides innovative, e ective and superior-quality services to customers all over the world. The outsourcing industry has come extremely popular and demanding. However, regret to say that just like any other new IT ventures, outsourcing has become the shop at ever corner in many countries today. Being unchallenged in service delivery to clients, price war has caused many outsourcing companies to provide regret aswers to its clients. However, BeachCherry being nancially stable, with foresight does give the clients the opportunity to withdraw its project - if a BeachCherry team or personnel is found to not provide an - ‘A class service’. Our Strength BeachCherry has anticipated future trends and developed the solutions that are capable of handling of all your business Business- Focused Technologists driving Results! requirements for long term , BeachCherry takes special care of Quality Standards. Normally at low pricing Quality gets reduced drastically. But we at BeachCherry banks more on Customer Satisfaction and Superior Quality without which it is not possible to keep clients happy . The Customer support Team managers (Costa Rica) The Boiler Room discussion (Lithuania) BeachCherry Annual Conference (Phillipines)
  6. 6. 05 For more than 8 years, BeachCherry has helped executives at Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies, as well as local, state, and federal government enti- ties, determine how information technology (IT) solu- tions can solve signi cant business challenges. BeachCherry and its team of 8,500 employees in more than 90 o ces worldwide help clients in numerous industries design, build, integrate, and support IT solutions that provide compelling business results. BeachCherry also helps clients before the technology is discussed. We can help you quantify the value of IT projects, articulate the business consequences of changing, de-emphasizing, or canceling IT projects, even transform the perception of IT from that of a technology provider to that of a trusted technology and business advisor. Business- Focused Technologists driving Results! BeachCherry can deliver enterprise architecture, business intelligence / data warehousing, data govern- ance, and system integration services Custom Solutions Application Development and Management (ADM) BeachCherry’s integrated practices, blended BeachCherry delivers full lifecycle solutions by with our best-of-breed tools, standardized leveraging custom application development core processes, and skilled resources, enable us to competencies in client/server, mainframe, and provide a consolidated, end-to-end focus for service-oriented architecture (J2EE, .NET) environ- your IT systems. Whatever your objectives, ments. We also provide managed content services BeachCherry has the knowledge and expertise and wireless solutions to ensure an end-to-end to deliver throughout the project lifecycle. solution. Security Enterprise Integration (EI) BeachCherry assesses your security chal- BeachCherry designs and integrates data and appli- lenges, and de nes, achieves, and maintains cations to deliver fully functional and integrated security objectives to provide the best protec- business environments that o er competitive advan- tion for your speci c risks. O ering more. tage and maximize return on investment.
  7. 7. 07 3D/Modeling and Animation Virtual Walkthroughs & stall Designs Mu Architectural Designs lti M Product Modeling edi Promotional Animation a Se rvic Product Animation es Conceptual Animation Logo Animation Voice Services: CD Presentation Call center Inbound Services Interactive and Non-Interactive Customer support (Tier 1 & Tier 2) Customer Care Order Taking services Software Development Enquiry Services Web Applications Medical Answering Services Server Technologies Application development Appointment Scheduling Services Application Maintenance Hig PHP hly ASP Software testing skil led XML/XS Test Management serv Test Process Assessment Improvement ices Web Servers Test Automatation Apache Custom programming MS IIS Database Design Internet Branding: Apache TomCast Database Integration Website Design and Development Database Migration Medical Services Email campaigns Desktop Applications Virtual Assistance Services call to Promote Webinars Adm Business Logo Designs inis Hoarding Designs trat ive Bill Board Advertising Ser vice Magazine Article Submissions s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Pay Roll Services Non - Voice Services Human Resource Assistant Data Research Services Data Indexing Data Management Data Analyzing Quality Data Check Web Chat Support Web Chat Customer Service Fashion Designing Services Resume writing Services Graphics Design Services
  8. 8. 08 BeachCherry brings a wide range of web Solutions to cater tailor made solutions required by di erent Organizations. Providing a full range of web solutions including high-class web site development, FLash Design, custom web Program- ming for Complex Solutions, corporate identity design, e-commerce Solutions, practice Management Systems, Knowl- edge Management Systems, Human Resource Management and Process Management Systems for Call Centers. Packaged Software Solutions We make use of strong Software expertise to design and develop powerful and reliable tools targeted at di erent business domains. Some of the Industry Domains we Xpertise on are:- Aerospace and Defence Airlines Automotive Banking & Captive market Communication Services Health Care Services Packaging Industry Energy Services High technology Hospitality and Gaming Utlilites Providers Insurance Insurance Retail Studio and Networks Publishing Logistics and Distribution Life sciences Research and Development (R & D) Client can never get the best product until and unless full suite of latest technologies is not used in this ever-changing world. BeachCherry believes in providing latest products with all updations whenever needed. Without deploying a team for R&D, it is not possible to get updated with all happening of this sector. BeachCherry has a dedicated team who looks after all technological advancements which takes place and put its e orts to make new prod- ucts work. O shore Capabilities An O shore Development Center with BeachCherry o ers the following advantages to the clients - Long-term core team - Optimal utilization of resources across multiple project - Domain and functional expertise -Technology expertise - Access to our methodologies backed by processes and tools - Increase in client's business e ciency
  9. 9. 09 Medical Services Medical Transcription - Medical Billing - Medical Coding In today’s world of business process outsourcing, medical service outsourcing forms a bulk part and its growing day- by-day. Finding a trust-worthy company is the key to sucess outsourcing as otherwise the con dentiality of the client’s data are put to risk. In this scenario, we at BeachCherry not only focuses on the quality and the time limit of the deilvey but also on the security of the client’s data. We are HIPPA compliant and our management practices ensures that our professionals comply with legal and ethical requirements involved in the security of client’s data. We employ the best talents, provide in-house training for enhancing their skills and thereby guarantee better results. Our management practices ensure good communication between all the levels of management and teams to provide quality services. Our o shore facilities in India o er the best quality in a cost e ective manner. We o er 24x7x365 days a year round the clock service and support to our customers. What do you get at BeachCherry? By Outsourcing medical services to us, you can focus on your business developement and relax on major administrative issues pertaining to What BeachCherry o ers to its Medical clients medical trascription, medical billing, medical coding and o shore medical prescription and BeachCherry o ers services targeting the needs of individual pharmacy. doctors, small group physicans, and other health care units in providing quality and hassle free medical services in the follow- You can also get: ing areas: Quality Output Medical Transcription Data Security as per HIPPA standards at all levels Medical Billing Cost E ectiveness Medical Coding Faster time to market insurance and Claim Processing 24x7x365 - your shop is always “open” O shore Medical prescription and Pharmacy
  10. 10. DATA Processing Services With Globalization, the competition on products and servies are attaining new heights. The behavioural patterns of consumers their reequirements, expectations and demand are constantly changing. To withstand in thsi open- market environment and to keep tract witht the consumer’s trends, you need to have a constant and close monitor- ing of data. You may be aware that data forms an important and primary resource for any busines. With data you can interpret any logically sequence or solutions for a business product. Hence, just like you, companies all over the world are focusing on processing data for takin gstock of their present activities and planning future strategies. This important of data and the way to maitain and process it for e etive analysis and research, has given way to modern data processing concepts. Data processing is basically conversion of one format of a data into another format for better maintenance and/or creation of database for e ective analysis & research. BeachCherry is a fast growing Information Technology rm that o ers a wide range of data processing services. We o ers cost e ective, quality and timely delivery of services. By outsourcing data processing services to us, you can focus on your business development and relax on major administrative issues pertaining to data processing and data security. We have rich experience in data processing services such as data conversion, data entry, word processing, forms processing, image processing, etc. Our experience coupled with our talented & trained teams of professionals guar- antee quality and timely delivery of services. Our best management practices include a strict monitoring setup that ensures security of the client’s data. Hence, once you outsource your data processing services to BeachCherry you will be rest assured with a quality output. We o er both on-site and o -site services including o shore services in a professional and cost e ective manner. We provide o shore services at an hourly competitive rate. Our data processing services include the following: Data Management • Direct Mail • Spreadsheet, Graph and • Data Conversion • Word Processing • Chart Processing • Data Capturing • Image Processing • Data Entry Services • Data Migration • Forms Processing • Desktop Publishing • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) • Mailing List Compilation • e-bookChart Processing • ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) • Insurance Claims Processing • Data Reporting • Survey Processing • Data Control If you are looking to convert your data from paper source to digital database or to convert data from one technical speci cation to another, for example converting data from one operating system to another then you must go in for data conversion. We at BeachCherry o er data conversion services utilizing latest data conversion software like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and HTML. We o er services in the following platforms: • PDF, MS Word • Standard Generic Markup Language (SGML) • HTML, XML, Miles, Quark Xpress, 3B2 We also undertake complicated data conversions like conversion of: • AS400 database in fixed length EBCDIC to an ASCII comma delimited or csv file. • DC600 System 36 files into Word files on a CD. • Datasets and libraries from ICL and AS400 systems to ASA files for COM and COLD companies. • Old typesetting system tape backups for use in more modern DTP packages. • EBCDIC database with binary and packed fields to an ASCII comma delimited or csv file
  11. 11. Virtual Assistant & back O ce Support Services Technological advances have created oppportunities for compnies to rationalize their workforce by turning towards virtual assistance and back o ce support services.. The ability of an individual to complete adminstrative functions online has reduced the need for employing large work forces, renting big o ce space and spending on other infra- structures. Virtual Assistance and back o ce support services are services o ered online to handle adminstrative tasks of a small business or an executive by using latest technologies. People who undertake and execute the administrative task of a business online are known as Virtual Assistants or Back o ce Assistants or Virtual O ce Assistants. BeachCherry is a fast growing Informmation Technology rm that o ers a wide range of virtual assistance and back o ce support services. BeachCherry o ers cost-e ective, quality and timely delivery of services throough our state-of -the-art technology that provides you feel-at-o ce atmosphere. By utilizing our virtual assistannce services, you can focus on your business development and relax on major adminstrative issues pertaining to general administration. The Advantages of a Virtual Assistance Services from BeachCherry The key advantages of a BeachCherry virtual Assistance services are literally no investment on infrastructure and machines; and no overhead cost or recurring cost on other accessories such as phone, fax, etc. The avantages include: BeachCherry’s Virtual Employee - No O ce space - Per Hour charges US $ 8 to US $ 25 - No Furniture - Extraordinary savings - No Over time charges - Annual Salary $23,040 ($12 per hour x160 hours - No bonus. no 401 K , no retirement per month) + No bene ts - No Social Tax - 24x7 Live Support, Includes weekend and holidays - No Medicare Tax - No Machines / Computers, etc.., - No Paid vacations - Save on Network, software, Power, Telephones etc.., - No bene ts - Handle your work e ciently & manage your team - Get Assistant for everything & get e ective help We do! General Administrative Services Business communication Word Processing Phone / Voice mail monitoring & call response O ce documents Data Entry Phone support / o shore call center Powerpoint presentations Documentation Creation Email monitoring & response Press Releases Editing and Formatting Faxing / Shipping / Invoicing / Billing Desktop Publishing Mail Labels Appointment schedules and reminders Advertisements Mail Merges Internet research Brochures Mailing list entry and Market research Business cards maintenance Online product maintenance Business Forms Mass Mailings Travel Agent support Information guides Spreadsheets,Graphs, Charts Account / law Services Letterhead BPO Manuals Software Development Placement and recruitment services Newsletters Application design & development Sales and marketing services Custom Software Development O shore Sta ng Data Processing Database design & Development Data management Data Modeling & data Warehousing Web Services Data Control CAD Services Web Application Data Migration Technical Support Content Management System Data conversion Website Design & Development Web Hosting Data Capturing Website design and re-designing Domain Registration Data Reporting Website Development Web Maintenance Database Development web coding / programming ECommerce services Image Processing Database Development Web marketing / Internet Marketing Survey Processing Website Maintenance (Complete web tra c Solution) Forms Processing Logo Design Web Online Research Content copy writing & Optimization
  12. 12. Web Services We at BeachCherry understand the importance of web services and o er innovative and creative web services utiliz- ing the latest technogies that would be appealing both to the clients and to their customers. We ensure that our web services are reliable, scalable and secure. We o er both on-site and o -site services including o shore services in a professional and cost e ective manner. We provide o shore services at an hourly competitive rate. Our Web Services Include: Website Development Where Technology is centralised and controlled by humans, it is Website design and re-design E-Commernce Service ofparamount importance to develop a website that is foolproof Website development Search Engine Optimization Web Coding / Programming Web / Internet Marketing from various forms of hacking. We at BeachCherry lay special Database Development (Complete tra c Solution) attention to both at the development stage and during our Web Applications Web /Online Research testing phase to ensure that the code and programming are well Content Management System Content Copy Writing and designed to prevent any breach of security. Web Hosting Optimization Domain Registration Logo Design We follow secure socket layer (SSL) protocal and use appropriate encryiption, Framework, Design and architecture that will make the website safe. We also follow strict internet protocols and Websites cyber law speci cations for the safety and security of the web- With more and more people turning towards site, its data and information. online services , website design and develop- ment is fast emerging as a modern day market- ing tool. Websites act as virtual supermarket with no physical and geographical limits; and to tap this vast-potential business opportunity, a well-designed and developed website is a pre-requisite. We deliver a range of websites like: Simple One page Websites Blogs, Forums websites Small Business Websites (4 Pages) Employment Websites Dynamic Corporate Websites( 30+ pages) Directory Websites Part / Full Websites Information Websites Database Websites Charity Websites E-commerce Websites Government Websites Website Design we at BeachCherry, lay special empahasizes on website design as it forms the base for website development. More than the coding and programming involved in the develop- ment stage it is the website design that attracts the visitors and induces them to browse through your site by providing user- friendly screens. Hence, to make the website look attractive and readable, we follow a systematic approach laying importance on the layout, image, animation, navigation, text and colors. We also undertake redesigning/renovation of existing website design and o er prede ned website designs for immediate solutions at an a ordable price.
  13. 13. HeadQuarters: Contact Centers: stoties 45-46, India 5300 Panevezys China Lithuania Phillipines Lithuania Costa Rica Business O ces: Costa Rica - Lithuania - India - China - Phillipines