How do the piano movers move the piano


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How do the piano movers move the piano

  1. 1. How do the piano movers move the piano? Are you a piano musical lover? Then know how do the piano movers move your piano? Most of you may be interested in the music, especially the music from the piano is pleasant and pleasing and some of you may be having the piano which is your ancestor’s property. So for all of you my friends, I am going to guide you the role of piano movers in your piano moving. A piano mover specializes in transferring pianos from one location to another. Whether transferring a piano between two floors in the same house or relocating it from one end of the country to the other, piano moving requires a great deal of skill to prevent damage to the instrument and its surroundings as well as injury to the movers. In order to move each instrument safely and with minimum financial risk to himself and the owner, a piano mover must use special equipment and moving techniques and have comprehensive insurance coverage. Piano is not light in weight as like some other musical instruments and the piano weigh more and it is the heavy weight musical instrument and you cannot carry easily wherever you go. Pianos are quite heavy; depending upon the model, they can range from 300 to 1,300 pounds. In addition, their casing and mechanisms are easily damaged. A trained piano mover has the knowledge to guide instruments safely between floors, through tight areas, and in and out of transport vehicles. So when you move your piano, it is always best to hire a professional piano mover. Often the job of a piano mover is much more complicated. If he is moving a grand piano that cannot fit through doorways, he may have to remove the instrument’s legs and lid. Should he be required to transfer a piano from an upper floor down to street level, he may use a specially designed crane to move the instrument down staircases or even through a window. The first part of a piano professional’s job is to move an instrument out of a house. Depending on the weight of the piano and the difficulty of the job, a local piano movers generally works as part of a team of two to five professionals. Normally he utilizes two important pieces of equipment: a piano dolly and pads. A piano dolly consists of a flat bed set upon wheels. The piano is strapped securely on top of this dolly so that it can be easily pushed over level surfaces. Moving pads are essentially thick pieces of cloth which
  2. 2. are wrapped around the piano, preventing damage to its body as it is steered through tight spaces. Responsibility and protection is what most of the piano movers are. A responsible piano mover will carry several types of insurance, automobile and property coverage to protect his vehicle and his customer’s residences, content and cartage coverage to protect the instrument itself. So you don’t need to prefer for any separate movers for moving the piano. Most of the local movers and Chicago movers do this service in a professional way.