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111102 sometu online educa berlin


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Short presentation held in Online Educa Berlin 2011 about Sometu -network, its emergance and some thoughts about possible ideas what made it happen.

Published in: Education, Technology
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111102 sometu online educa berlin

  1. 1. Social  Media  in  Suppor/ng  Learning:   Self-­‐Organised  Learning  Network Ville Venäläinen Online Educa Berlin 2011 - 2.12.20115. joulukuuta 11
  2. 2. • Is an open network for everyone intrested in social media and learning (not only in the educational sector) • Today it has nearly 4200 members with different backgrounds and professions • It was founded in November of 20075. joulukuuta 11
  3. 3. Social innovation machine, explore and learn together5. joulukuuta 11
  4. 4. Social Innovation Machine Learning organism • Play and test ideas together • Iterate - try different variantions • Reflect and seek practises in field • Learning by doing together • Cross organizational collaboration5. joulukuuta 11
  5. 5. The Rise of the Sometu -network Experimental workshop/miniseminar at Otava Folk High School at November 20075. joulukuuta 11
  6. 6. Themes in the Seminar Democracy Active citizenship Teaching Entertainment Business (canceled)5. joulukuuta 11
  7. 7. 5. joulukuuta 11
  8. 8. Possible reasons for Sometu’s success: Social Hub People • People with expertise and good amout of charisma • People who has already good connections • People with a passion to the topic5. joulukuuta 11
  9. 9. Possible reasons for Sometu’s success: Timing • Social need in time for the substance • People like Me5. joulukuuta 11
  10. 10. Possible reasons for Sometu’s success: Own Voice for People • No strict rules • Open conversation culture • Freedom to speak and think differently • Everyone has their own chance to shine! • Peers gives a value for each other5. joulukuuta 11
  11. 11. Possible reasons for Sometu’s success: Intense Interaction • Especially in the begining, facilitating people must be active and do their best to raise conversation and make people to feel they are noticed • Different kind of activites together on net and irl5. joulukuuta 11
  12. 12. Possible reasons for Sometu’s success: Live Event • The beginning seminar created a deep cohasion between most of the hub people and generated some sort of boost5. joulukuuta 11
  13. 13. Sometu offers... • … a friendly, supporting and enlightening forum for different conversations for those teachers and developers of teaching methods, who are alone with their ideas in their own working community or are just curious to hear what people think elsewhere5. joulukuuta 11
  14. 14. In addition Sometu participates... • developing teaching, participatory and collaborative methods nationally and hopefully globally in the future.5. joulukuuta 11
  15. 15. Thank You! Ville Venäläinen Otavan Folk High School +358 44 794 5102 skype:ville.venalainen5. joulukuuta 11