Unit 1 verb to be


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Unit 1 verb to be

  1. 1. GRAMMAR Fill in the gaps with their corresponding auxiliar of verb to-be in present 1. My name ______ James. 2. Mary ______ a Judge. John and Lucy 3._______ at the Supreme Court. 4. I _____ a Law student. 5. The boys ______ in Juvenile court . 6. He _______ the accused. 7. Susie_____ the witness. 8. She ______ the plaintiff. 9. They_______ prosecutors. 10. You ______ guilty. 11. My dad _______innocent. 12. The juror _______in the witness box. 13. I _______ the suspect. 14. Jhon ______on bail. 15. I______on parole. 16. The brief ______at the Mayor’s office.. 17. The weapons _______on custody. 18. We__________ at the courtroom. 19. Jack and Ann _____ in jail. 20. David _______a litigant. Complete the sentences. Use is or isn’t, are aren’t , am or ‘m not. Truth statements. 1. A murderer __________ a bad person. 2. I________ the suspect. I_________ the witness 3. Shoplifting and kidnapping ______________ crimes. 4. Robbers ___________ good people. They ___________ bad. 5. Prison ________ a nice place. It ________ an awful place. 6. The juvenile court __________ special for children .it ___________ for adults. 7. A life sentence ___________ for some murderers. 8. Rob __________ illegal. It ___________ legal. 9. I_________ guilty. I_____________ innocent. 10.The judge __________ a just man. Correct and complete the conversations where is necessary. There are two mistakes in each conversation. 1. A: Are the suspect around from here? (is) B: Yes, they is. (he) 2. A: the brief in the court? B: Is on the desk. 3. A: This my prosecutor. B: are he in the Courthouse in the afternoon? 4. A: be your defendant in prison? B:no, he’s is on parole. 5. A: kidnapper and hooligan are on bail? B: no they on probation.
  2. 2. 6. A: am the defense in the courtroom? B: No. It are . 7. A: is the robbers in plain clothes? B: No, they smartly dressed. 8. A. where the vandal are? B: they in prison. 9. A: where are the burglar alarm? B: it on the corner of the ceiling. 10.A: the crime is serious? B: No, it is. Write true and the common statements. Use words from columns A B and C in each sentence. A Judge and Lawyer Witness Minor blackmailer and kidnapper pickpocket accused B Am Is are C In the courtroom In Prison Honest Just Wicked At the juvenile court Liar Confession In the police station Afflicted 1. __________________________ 2. ___________________________ 3. ____________________________ 4. ___________________________ 5. ___________________________ 6. ___________________________ 7. ___________________________ 8. ___________________________ 9. ____________________________ 10.____________________________
  3. 3. Look at the picture, and change the sentences. The judge is young. ____________________________________________ The judge is happy. ___________________________________________ The judge is black. ___________________________________________ The judge is at home. __________________________________ The judge is a woman. ___________________________________ The judge is with a witness. ______________________________ The judge is very tall. ___________________________________ The gavel is on the table. _______________________________ The judge is handsome. _________________________________ The judge is skinny. _____________________________________ It is night. ________________________________________ Organize in questions the following words and write the question mark: 1. You /The witness/ are / this crime/ of . __________________________________________ 2. the judge / a serious /person/ Is _______________________________________________ 3. at the police/ is /the pickpocket/ station /_________________________________________ 4. the customs /at the/ are officers /airport. ________________________________________ 5. is the suspect in the courthouse. ______________________________________________ 6. public /official /authority/ Judge/is with.__________________________________________ 7. court/ is /a/ trial / lawsuit/at __________________________________________________ 8. the/are/ statements/facts/cases/ trial/of /in/ a._____________________________________ 9. representative/ is/ a /Law/ a/ in/ lawyer. _________________________________________ 10.jurors/ are/ under/ oath/ _____________________________________________________
  4. 4. VOCABULARY & WRITING Match the picture with its corresponding name Jail Witnesses Lie detector Convicts Justice Courtroom Arrest Police officers Alimony Lawyer Judge Match the picture with its corresponding name
  5. 5. Write complete sentences using verb to be with all the personal pronouns (he –she-they-we- you-I) with their corresponding occupation, tell in which place they are, and give a quality to each personage. Example: He is a convict. He is in jail. He is sad. ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ READING INTRODUCING YOURSELF My name is Karl, I am forty years old, I’m from United States, I am a lawyer at the Courthouse. I am in charge of Conducts criminal and civil lawsuits; I am the defense in the lawsuit. My qualities are as personal as intellectual, for instance I am responsible, consistent, reliable, persistent, clear, analytic and meticulous; I am also hardworking, I am a good speaker with knowledge about my subject. And my parents are prosecutors at the Supreme Court, my two brothers are also lawyers, one is the mayor and the other is senator of New York City, we are warmhearted and friendly each other in my family. My mom is fifty years old and my dad is Fifty-five years old, they are Canadian. Answer the following questions Where is Karl from? ________________________________________________________________ What is Karl’s profession?___________________________________________________________ Where are Karl’s parents from? _______________________________________________________ What is Karl in charge of? ___________________________________________________________ Where is Karl’s workplace? __________________________________________________________ Why is Karl a successful person? _____________________________________________________ How is his family? _________________________________________________________________ Where is his parents’ workplace?______________________________________________________ How old are his parents?____________________________________________________________ How old is Karl? ___________________________________________________________________ What is his brothers’ occupation? _____________________________________________________ What is his parents’ occupation? ______________________________________________________ SPEAKING From left, Stanford law school students Gabriel Martinez and Reiko Rogozen listen with Gregory Taylor as he wipes away tears during a hearing in Los Angeles Superior Court Aug. 16. A judge on Monday ordered the release of Taylor, a man serving a potential life sentence for stealing food from a Los Angeles church, a result of California's three-strikes law.
  6. 6. Discuss with your classmate about the case above. Are you in agreement with the sentence given by the judge? What kind of punishment would you set for this crime? What kind of punishment do you think Colombian law would set? LISTENING PERSONAL INFORMATION Listen and Complete the script What___ _____ name? (___ ____Nancy.) Where do you live? (I live in Chicago.) How's it going? (Okay.) Where does she work? (She works at City Bank.) Where ____ they from? (They _____from Mexico.) How many people _____ in your family? (I have three brothers.) Hey, what ___ new? (Nothing much.) What does he do? (He ____an engineer.) What do you do in your spare time? (I like to exercise.) What does your father do for a living? (He___ a doctor.) Change the information using Law technical vocabulary where is possible. ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________