Kiteboarding phuket


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The information about where to learn kiteboarding in Phuket

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Kiteboarding phuket

  1. 1. Kitesurf Asia: A Day Spent Under the Sun The best way to beat stress is to spend some time outdoors. Breathe in fresh air and allow the sun to warm your entire being. There are places in Asia that seem to be sunny all year round. These are the places you should consider if you want a holiday spent mostly out and you have had enough of the laidback kind of fun. A really good Asian destination that never disappoints is Phuket. If you have been here before, you know that its beaches are phenomenal and are some of the most beautiful ones on the planet. While here, it is pretty hard to get bored simply because there are so many amazing fun things that can be done. You can visit Buddhist temples, shop for souvenirs, or ride an elephant if you want to try some exotic activity. Or, you can enroll in a kiteschool. In Phuket, a thrilling sports activity is gaining the interest of both locals and tourists alike----it’s kitesurfing. Kiteboarding or kitesurfing is a kind of a new sport that is often compared to wakeboarding except you don’t have a boat to pull you, but a kite. For this particular sport, you need strong winds that are enough to give power to the kite, which in turn will drag you across the water so you can perform amazing tricks.
  2. 2. Considered to be an extreme sport, kitesurfing is not for the faint of heart. This involves a lot of movement and will surely keep your blood pumping. If you love hardcore sports and you haven’t tried this yet, you are missing a lot. It’s fun how to learn to kitesurf. Thailand, particularly Phuket, is the perfect destination to get a good kiteboarding lesson. The winds on the island are perfect for flying a giant kite, while the huge bodies of shallow water make good launch areas. If you are interested in trying this sport, you can find some of the best kitesurfing schools in Phuket. A typical kitesurfing course in Phuket is about 4,000 Baht and is usually completed in one day. If you are after an in-depth course, you may take advanced lessons. A good school to learn kitesurfing is Kite Boarding Asia, which has facilities on the island and other parts of Thailand like Koh Samui. Students can rent equipment at the school and be able to purchase their own stuff later on. KBA began in 2001 and is still the leading kiteboarding school in Phuket.
  3. 3. Aside from kitesurfing, among Phuket’s famous attractions are its night clubs for those who love to party, Muay Thai, and the FantaSea show. This island certainly knows how to entertain and no matter how young or how old, there is a piece of Phuket for everyone. If you need a breather and want to do something out of the ordinary, visit Phuket with friends and family and make sure that you sign up for kitesurf lessons at Kite Boarding Asia. Have fun in Phuket, Thailand.