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Romanesque art


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Romanesque art

  1. 1. Romanesque art Architecture, Paintings And Romanesque sculptures.
  2. 2. Between the centuries XI and XIII, there was a artistic style very similar to the Roman art, and it’s called Romanesque. The religion and the church were very important in the medieval society, and all the artistics manifestations were religious. In the Roman art, the architecture, was very important, and all the paintings and sculptures were use to decorate religious buildings.
  3. 3. Romanesques churches The churches were built with stones, and this is the reason, that there are a lot of munuments today. The principal elements of a Romansque church are:
  4. 4. At the begining, the plant had only one arm (basilica plant), and very soon, they made a new arm called transept, that formed a Latin cross. The place where the two arms cross, is called cruise, and it was cover it for the dome. The head of the church, called apse, was semicircular, and sometimes, the lateral naves, were longer, and the ambulatory sorround it.
  5. 5. For give more strong to the buildings, they made barrel vaults, and they support big and thick walls, columns, arches… The stone vaults were very heavy, so the walls that have to hold them, were very broad, and for reinforce it, they made the buttress. In the churches, there were some holes, and the windows were long. The inside of the church were very dark. Also, the made bells tower on the outside, and cloisters in the monasteries and in some big churches. .
  6. 6. Paintings and Roman sculptures The roman style decorate the inside and outside the churches with a religious character. In the medieval world, the mayority of people were illiterate, and they learnt with this decorate. The paintings and sculptures were very important in this period.
  7. 7. Fresh and tables Romanesque paintings had a great explosive force, but there were simple: They used fresh paintings on the wall, and then, they put on gypsum for paint better. The paintings didn’t have depth or volume. The tables were also paintings: they put on some gypsum, and then, they put that on the altars. The miniatures were important too.
  8. 8. SCULPTURES The roman sculptures were very dependent with the architecture, and they had the same shape of the surface where they were sculpted. The capitals of the columns, inside or outside the cloisters, were very important. The religious carvings, were very important too. They had colours that looked very good. They put that on the altars of churches or monasteries.