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Secret Door


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Beautiful effects and pictures after download!
Music:R J Theme From Romeo And Juliet

Published in: Spiritual, Education

Secret Door

  1. 3. Приказка за тайната врата Tale about the secret door
  2. 5. Ти за мен бе тайнствена врата, Тайнствен ключ аз исках да намеря, A secret special door you were for me, A secret key I wanted to find out,
  3. 7. Който да отключва в любовта, Най-добре залостените двери. Which could unlock the love and set it free, Despide the chains and locks so tightly bound.
  4. 9. И като принц от приказките, сам, Търсих в пещерата великана, And like a fairy prince alone I stood, For the giant in the cave I even looked,
  5. 11. Ключ да ми даде от твоя храм, Ала заключен храма си остана... To yield your Temple key I knew he could, But your Temple stood as firmly bound.
  6. 13. Но нима вълшебства трябват тук? Като стар крадец, като разбойник, No need there was of magic - so I thought, I turned into a rogue, into a fighter
  7. 14. Заблъсках по вратата със юмрук, Но вратата се затегна двойно. And with fists and hits the door I fought, But the door locked itself even tighter.
  8. 17. И когато в срам и смутен страх, Сложих върху бравата ръката, Като във просъница разбрах, Че не била заключена вратата. And when the anger into fear turned, I took the door and calmly try to rock it, And then as in a dream I learned, That you never really even try to lock it.
  9. 19. Не, не била тъй вълшебна тя, Окована с катинари тежки, There was no magic, spell, or neither hexing, There was no lock, no chains or neighter fence,
  10. 21. Чакала човешката врата, Да я стоплят дланите човешки... The human door was only stadning, waiting, To be warmed up by the human hands...
  11. 23. Damian Damianov Дамян Дамянов translation : Aleksander Hristov Bulgarian poetry
  12. 24. Manuel Libres Librodo Jr. Photographer : Philippines
  13. 25. Created by Vili