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Dear God...

Effects and music after download.
Music: Ruskie Detskie Pesni.

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Dear God...

  1. 2. Kids' letters to God open a window into a hidden world of thoughts, wishes, and questions Children’s Letters to God, Hample & Marshall
  2. 4. Dear God, Instead of letting people die and haveing to make new ones, why don't you just keep the ones you got now? Jane
  3. 6. God, It's OK that you made different religions, but don't you get mixed up sometimes? Arnold
  4. 8. Dear God, Do animals use you or is there somebody else for them? Nancy
  5. 11. Dear God, What does it mean you are a jealous God. I thought you had everything. Jane
  6. 14. Dear God, How come you didn't invent any new animals lately? We still have just all the old ones. Johny
  7. 17. Dear God-- Put another holiday between Christmas and Easter. There is nothing good in there now. Ginny
  8. 19. Dear God, I don't ever feel alone since I found out about you. Nora
  9. 21. Dear God, It is great the way you always get the stars in the right places. Jeff
  10. 23. Dear God, I didn't think orange went with purple until I saw the sunset you made on Tue. That was cool. Eugene
  11. 25. Dear God, Does it hurt a tree if you chop it down? If so, I don't think anyone should. --Maureen
  12. 28. Dear God, We read Thomas Edison made light. But in Sunday school they said you did it. I bet he stoled your idea. Love, Donna
  13. 30. Dear God, If you're so famous, how come you're not on TV? Michel
  14. 32. Dear God, I think about you sometimes even when I'm not praying. Elliott
  15. 36. CHILDREN-S LETTERS TO GOD reveals again the surprising pleasures and provocations of what happens when kids decide to send a letter off to their maker. Whether posing a question, begging a favor, or expressing doubt or joy, these letters are notable for their refreshing directness, unexpected humor, and startling clarity of thought. It-s like seeing the world through a child-s bright eyesóeyes untouched by cynicism, eyes brimming with innocence, wonder, and curiosity. Children’s Letters to God, Hample & Marshall
  16. 37. Pictures from NET Created by Vili

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Effects and music after download. Music: Ruskie Detskie Pesni.


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