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  1. 1. GALAXY (Oscar Javier)A galaxy is composed of stars andplanetsThere are many galaxies. Ourgalaxy is called Milky Way.In the Solar System we have suchplanets: Mercury, Venus, Earth,Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn,Uranus, Ceres, Xena, Caronte.
  3. 3. ASTRONAUT An astronaut is aperson who travels to explore the space.There are several types of astronauts travel: into space and to the moon. These people go through hard tests to beat the little space graveda.
  5. 5. ●The quasars are red stars. ●They emit radio wavesand x-rays very powerful. ●Quasars devour other stars.
  6. 6. COMETS ● Its is the Solar System ● A comet is a small world wich scientist sometimes call a planetesimal ● It is oneof the rarest objects in the sky andit is very bright. By: Fátima.
  7. 7. NEBULAE A nebula is a gigantic cloud of dust. There are like fluffy clouds . There are varius Nebulae, as Horsehead Nebula and Crab Nebula By: Loli Ruiz Ortigosa
  8. 8. When you look at the sky you see some bright spots,thats what you call stars. Some stars live more than 1,000 years.
  10. 10. Uranus has a ring arountUranus is blueUranus is closer to Saturn andNeptune
  11. 11. In mythology, the Greek name was Gaea. Earth was the mother of themountains, valleys, streams and all other land formations.
  12. 12. Mars
  13. 13. Mars is the next planet after Earth. Mars was the Roman god of war and agriculture. Some astronomers say Mars has life.José María Hurtado Granados
  14. 14. The planet Mars ● Mars is one of the planets most explored in the Solar System ● It is still unknown whether there is life on Mars. ● NASA created a machine to investigate if there was life on Mars. Irene Ortiz Aguilera
  15. 15. The planet Jupiter Jupiter, known as Zeus in Greek mythology is the king of the gods. He split the universe with his brothers Neptune and Pluto. Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System. Jupiter has 50 official moons and 12 provisional (unofficial) moons.
  16. 16. Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. It is the second smallest planet in the Solar System.Its bigger than the Moon but smaller than the Earth.
  18. 18. SATURN ● Saturn is the favourite object for many astronomers. ● Its beautiful rings are 169,800 miles wide. ● Saturn has 53 official moons and 9 provisional moons. ● Saturn is similar to Jupiter, but it is much smaller. ● It is the second largest planet in our Solar System
  19. 19. THE SUN The Sun is a star at the center of the Solar System. It is the largest body in the Solar System. Each year the Sun is bigguer.Rubén Arriaga García
  20. 20. VENUSMaria Cervantes Alaminos
  21. 21. In mythology Venus wasthe goddess of love andbeauty. The romans calledAphrodite.Venus and Earth have gotthe same weight.
  23. 23. Canadian Arrow -The Canadian Arrow is aspacecraft, is similar to NASAsMercury space program. -The Canadian Arrow fly with tourist and then retunr to Earth.
  24. 24. . SPIRIT OF LIBERTY The Spirit of Liberty is a reusable space vehicle. This rocket is the booster spacecraft. After experiencing outer space, tourists will return to Earth on a parachute.
  25. 25. THE DA VINCI PROJECT ● The Da Vinci Project is a very creative space craft developed by a group of Canadian companies and volunteers. De Vinci project first intends to lift space tourists to a height of about 15 miles using a hot air balloon.