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Role teachers


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Published in: Education
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Role teachers

  2. 2. Which is, according to you, the realchallenge of education nowadays?Provide students with specificknowledge to be prepared fortheir professional future!26%Provide students with thenecessary tools andstrategies to promote theirpersonal skills and the abilityto learn autonomously!34%provide the studentsProvide students withbasic general knowledge!24%with b42eneral knowledgeAssist students in their academicand personal process throughouttheir school life!16%
  3. 3. Do you think that teachers in the XXIcentury respond to this challenge?42students8students
  4. 4. In case the previous answer is yes22%4%26%48%teachers are aware of theongoing changes in educationthe government has setmeasures to face the changesin educationfamilies find it necessary toassume the new challenges ineducationthe professional worlddemands new ways to do andlearn
  5. 5. In case the previous answer is no0%75%0%25%teachers are not sure aboutthe new trends for the XXIcenturythe government does notprovide the schools withenough economic resourcesthe society does not helpteachers in their taskchange implies suchdifficulties that teachers donot know how to tackle them
  6. 6. Which qualifications do teachers need?Very specific in thecontents heteaches36%General to be ableto teach themaximum numberof subjects indifferent courses46%Academic as well aspedagogic to assistlearning difficulties6%Lifelong, extensiveand demanding inacademic andpedagogic terms12%
  7. 7. Which should be the aim of the teacherwithin the class?62%8%28%2%To promote the acquisition ofknowledgeTo promote the acquisition ofpersonal resources andstrategiesTo promote creativity and workabilityTo promote academic accuracy
  8. 8. Which should be the attitude of teacherstowards the students?4%36%44%16%professional and strictclose and empatheticOpen and flexible to the student’s proposalsStrict and respectful at the same times
  9. 9. Which should be the attitude of teacherstowards the families?0%38%54%8%Professional and strictClose and empatheticOpen and flexible to the family’sproposalsStrict and respectful at the sametimes
  10. 10. Do you think teachers should workcooperatively with the other teachers?Yes, it provides goodatmosphere and putseducational process intothe centre.78%Yes, because cooperativework is necessary to facenew challenges andpresent educationalneeds.22%No, because it requiresmore effort and slowsdown the learningprocess.0%No, because cooperativework is not a essentialaspect in the professionalworld.0%
  11. 11. Why are teachers for the education beyondthe geographical boundaries?8%30%62%0%Because we are living in a global worldwhere learning only our own culturehas become senselessTo promote exchange programmes tolearn foreign languagesBecause, nowadays, the students’ futurecareers are not necessarily associatedwith their motherlandsIt would be much more productive tofinish with International projects andinvest this time in teaching Basicknowledge
  12. 12. Choose the sentence which best defines therole of ideal teachers in the XXI Century. Prestigious graduates are able to convey theirstudents high quality knowledge Teachers with a high degree of pedagogicknowledge are able to involve their students inthe learning process. Empathetic and sensitive professionals are ableto connect with their students at personal andacademic levels. Charismatic leaders are able to motivatestudents to be prepared for their successfulfuture careers.12%34%28%26%