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Questionairre lodz poland


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Published in: Education, Career
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Questionairre lodz poland

  2. 2. Α. 35-45 29 47%Β. 45-55 25 40%C. 55-65 5 8%D. over 65 3 5%1. How old are you?Α. 35-45 (29)D. over 65 (3)C. 55-65 (5)Β. 45-55 (25)
  3. 3. 2. Did you graduate from....?Α. primary school 7 11%Β. secondary school 43 70%C. university 12 19%Α. primary school (11)Β. secondary school (43)C. University (12)
  4. 4. 3. What subjects did you like?Α. academic subjects 27 44%Β. scientific subjects 10 16%C. arts 12 19%D. practical subjects 13 21%D. practical subjects (13)Α. academic subjects (27)C. Arts (12)Β. scientific subjects (10)
  5. 5. 4. What did you like most at school?Α. learning andreaching new objectives11 18%Β. discipline andbehaviour taught byteachers15 24%C. learning thingsuseful for future job19 31%D. the chance of abetter future17 27%Α. learning and reachingnew objectives (11)D. the chance of a betterfuture (17)Β. discipline and behaviourtaught by teachers (15)C. learning things useful forfuture job (19)
  6. 6. 5. What didnt you like at school?Α. hard studying andconcentrating17 27%Β. discipline and/orinsensitive teachers16 26%C. the frustration of insuccess23 37%D. the idea of losingtime on books6 10%Α. hard studying andconcentrating (17)Β. discipline and/or insensitiveteachers(16)C. the frustration of in success (23)D. the idea of losing time onbooks(6)
  7. 7. 6. Todays school is better than in the past because:Α. programs are moreinteresting and varied21 34%Β. it helps in finding ajob2 3%C. it focuses on theneeds of the student5 8%D. relation withteachers is morefriendly34 55%Α. programs are more interesting and varied (21)Β. it helps in finding a job (2)C. it focuses on the needs of thestudent (5)D. relation with teachers is more friendly (34)
  8. 8. 7. Todays school is worse than in the past because:Α. theres less discipline and strictness 22 36%Β. programs are too complicated 13 21%C. it doesnt help finding a job 22 35%D. there are too many suggestionsbeyond the official subjects there are toomany suggestions beyond the officialsubjects5 8%Α. theres less discipline and strictness (22)Β. programs are too complicated (13)C. it doesnt help finding a job (22)D. there are too manysuggestions beyond the officialsubjects there are too manysuggestions beyond the officialsubjects (5)
  9. 9. 8. The teachers status ...Α. is lower than inthe past13 21%Β. is higher than inthe past9 14%C. is the same as inthe past3 5%D. it depends on theteacher37 60%D. it depends on the teacher (37)Α. is lower than in the past (13)Β. is higher than in the past (9)C. is the same as in the past(3)
  10. 10. 9. Your favourite teacher was …Α. sensitive andfriendly18 29%Β. enthusiasticand passionate15 13%C. professionaland expert20 24%D. alternativeand “modern”9 15%Α. sensitive and friendly (18)Β. enthusiastic and passionate(15)D. alternative and “modern”(9)C. professional and expert (20)
  11. 11. 10.Your worst teacher ….Α. was very strict andsevere18 29%Β.was boring 16 26%C. was unprofessionaland inexpert15 24%D. used old andunattractive methods13 21%Α. was very strict and severe (18)B. was boring (16)D. used old and unattractivemethods( 13)C. was unprofessional and inexpert (15)
  12. 12. 11.The teacher in the pastΑ. participated atschool life actively24 39%Β. didnt participate atschool life22 35%C. was interested inhis students problems7 11%D. took care of everystudent9 15%Α. participated at school lifeactively (24)Β. didnt participate at school life (22)C. was interested in hisstudents problems(7)D. took care of every student (9)
  13. 13. 12. What means did your teachers use to get discipline?Α. They used ironyand understanding5 8%Β. Extra homeworkand notes on thediary9 15%C. they got thestudent out of theclassroom18 29%D. they used physicalpunishment30 48%Α. They used irony andunderstanding (5)Β. Extra homework andnotes on the diary (9)C. they got the studentout of the classroom (18)D. they used physicalpunishment (30)
  14. 14. 13. Have you ever been influenced positively by your teachers?Α. Yes, in choosingmy following studies9 14%Β. Yes, in choosingmy job8 13%C. Yes, in strugglingagainst difficulties16 26%D. No, not really 29 47%Α. Yes, in choosing my followingstudies (9)Β. Yes, in choosing my job (8)D. No, not really (29)C. Yes, in struggling againstdifficulties (16)
  15. 15. You are...A. a parent 58 94%B. a grandparent 4 6%A. a parent (58)B. a grandparent (4)