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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. Teachers
  2. 2. Chorus “G jputni”āWe are proud of our school choir. More than 50students sing in it. Our choir has got manyawards and it always participate in song anddance festifals.
  3. 3. Folk dance collective “Dz pari”īThis collective is lead by Marta Dargiene. Thecollective consists of students and alsograduaters. This year they have participated inLatvian song and dance festival. This is the 9thbest collective in Latvia.
  4. 4. Sports dayEvery year in september we have a sports day. It isa competiton between classes and the prize is astatue of oak-leaf which has become a school’srelic.
  5. 5. Confirmation Day of Form 10Confirmation is organised by 12 grades students.The aim of this activity is to test new students ifthey are suitable. Confirmation lasts for a weekand in the end of all activities students have aparty.
  6. 6. Holy morningsNovember 18 - TheLatvian Independenceday.November 11 -Latvian FreedomFightersRemembrance Day
  7. 7. The Last Bell
  8. 8. Schoolmuseum
  9. 9. Library
  10. 10. Thank you!!!