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Presentazione scuola in inglese


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Presentazione scuola in inglese

  1. 1. The kindergardenThe school starts at three years old andfinish at six years old.It is not compulsory.It s based on playsocialityand
  2. 2. The primary schoolIt goes from six to eleven years old.It is compulsory.There are usually two mainteachers for each classYou learn to read,writeand basic calculation
  3. 3. The junior secondary schoolIt goes from eleven to fourteenyears old.It is compulsory.There are more teachers.The subjects are more difficult.
  4. 4. This is an example of weakly timetable.Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday7:50 / 8:46 technology italian math geography music8:46 / 9:42 english italian science music science9:42 / 10:34 math geography english P.E english10:34 / 10:42 break break break break break10:42 / 11:38 history geometry italian P.E italian11:38 / 12:26 art technology french geometry religion12:26 / 12:34 break break break break break12:34 / 13:26 art french history italian italian
  5. 5. The examsProva nazionale di matematica (invalsi)Prova nazionale di italiano (invalsi)Scritto matematicaScritto franceseScritto ingleseColloquio oraleAt the end of the three yearsthere are...Scritto italiano
  6. 6. The choiceProfessional schoolsTecnical schoolsHigh schoolProfessional coursesAnd after the exam...
  7. 7. The high schoolLicei-artistico-classico-linguistico-musicale ecoreutico-scientifico/ opzionescienze applicate-scienze umane/opzione economicosocialeIstituto tecnico-settoreeconomico:AmministrativoTuristico-settoretecnologico:MeccanicaTrasportiElettronicaInformaticaGraficaChimicaSistema modaAgrariaCostruzioniIstituto professionale-settore dei servizi:Servizi per l’agricolturaServizi soclosanitarioServizi dienogastronomiaServizi commercialiStage lavoro-settore industria eartigianato:Prodotti industrialie artigianaliManutenzione eassistenza tecnicaStage lavoroDopo 5 anni Maturità Studi universitariYou can quit the school at 16 years old
  8. 8. At the end of the high schoolWorkArt accademy andmusicconservatoryUniversitypossibilityEntrance testPolitecniciEx.engineeringmasterUniversity3+2 yearsbasic degreeP.H.D.master5/6 yearsprogramex. medicinespecialization
  9. 9. We have to study all over our life!